Remote Data Acquisition & Control Using LabVIEW - remote internships out of Bulgaria

Remote internships which focus on “Remote data acquisition and control using LabVIEW’’ are hosted out of Sofia, Bulgaria, where Technical Consulting Services are provided for research and development projects, used for various educational projects.

This internship involves programming hardware for remote operation. A software programmer has to think creatively to overcome challenges which can arise when systems are not operating optimally. Code analysis and optimisation can be a very time consuming process and this opportunity benefits interns who wish to become creatively involved in software generation and analysis for academia.

Remote interns can expect to learn the basics of data acquisition using NI LabVIEW and NI DAQ devices. Tasks will contribute in a large scheme of “Internet of Things” (IoT) implementation in re-shaping the teaching techniques in academia. Interns assist with code generation, testing and debugging, with the goal of improving software so that it becomes user-friendly and versatile.

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Eligibility Requirement

Interns must have a strong understanding of computers and their use, along with a basic knowledge of statistics and experience in Python or LabVIEW Programming. This internship is conducted in English.

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