Custom Motorcycle Product Design Remote Internships out of India

The founder of this exclusive company runs a custom motorcycle garage out of Jaipur, India. Having fallen in love with bikes from a young age, the founder launched his dream in 2009, after studying Mass Communication in Ottawa, Canada. Since then, the team has been busy constructing custom orders which are especially commissioned. All custom motorbikes are designed using 3D modelling software and AutoCAD, as well as 3D printers and other automated machines which produce specialist parts. Expert craftsmen and artisans may also contribute to company designs, using materials such as leather or brass.

Tasks that remote interns can expect to collaborate with include:

  • 2D design and sketching
  • 3D design and print
  • Collaborating on visuals and idea realization
  • If interested, there is additionally scope to aid with promotional work, marketing and PR

Please note that this remote internship is only available for longer term internships - up to 250 hours, either 8 weeks (full time) or 12 weeks (part time).

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Eligibility Requirement

The internship is suitable not only for students and graduates from subjects such as automobile engineering, automotive/transportation design and mechanical engineering, but also for bike enthusiasts without any academic background, who wish to gain experience within the field of their passion.

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