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International Career Change Internships

International Career Change Internships

Stuck in a job you don’t like? Looking for a change in career? You’re not alone! Did you know that 29% of people decide to change industries after their first job post-graduation?

Changing careers isn’t a bad thing! Hiring managers prefer candidates with a broad range of experience because they have more diverse skills and have shown they can adapt easily to different situations and challenges.

If you want to test drive a different profession, or get the hands-on experience needed to be a credible candidate in a different field, then an international internship is a great option.

Intern Abroad HQ’s internships for career changers enable you to try out a job without any commitment and build highly transferable skills that will give you a competitive edge, whatever career direction you decide to take.

Whether you’re wondering how to change your career or looking to build credibility through practical and relevant experience, Intern Abroad HQ’s overseas and remote internships can help you find your passion, gain international exposure, and build the confidence and soft skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive workforce.

Intern Abroad HQ’s global internship programs are the most affordable, flexible, and impactful way to get the experience needed to change your career path. We organize everything for you, which takes the hassle out of trying to secure an internship in a new field that you may not have prior experience in.

Both our overseas and remote internships for college students include an exclusive Experiential Learning Curriculum, which will help you articulate your strengths and industry experience during future job interviews. You’ll also come away with professional references in your chosen field, a deepened cultural understanding, and a stronger sense of what you want to do next — and how you’ll get there!

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Here’s what recent career change interns are saying…

This internship contributed to my long term goals because I would like to pursue a path or career in corporate sustainability - the relevant experience gained will help me for the future.

This Social Work internship provided insight into potential therapeutic professions, as well as my own capabilities within. I feel more empowered and confident having an idea of my role and gauging my experience level.

I was tasked with. My favourite memory from the internship was after I presented the project management manual I have been assigned to compile. I remember feeling a sense of pride, since I had worked really hard on it, researching, and learning all kinds of new things. It was very satisfying to complete it and be recognized for my work.

My role as a law intern for a marine conservation institute contributed greatly toward my primary career goal of attending law school to study environmental law. Prior to starting this internship, I was very confident that environmental law was what I wanted to study and pursue my career in. However, I did not have any law background, nor any experience in environmental studies. Having studied international relations and foreign policy, there are certainly similarities, but I definitely needed something to assure myself that this is what I could see myself dedicating my life to. This internship has been amazing in this respect as it was somewhat of a crash course introduction into law and policy and how we can use it to protect the natural world.

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