Whether you are interning remotely or abroad with Intern Abroad HQ, we offer a unique Experiential Learning Curriculum that takes your learning beyond your placement and deepens its long term value to both your personal and professional development.

What is Experiential Learning?

The experiential learning approach requires you to think critically about your hands-on experiences. It accelerates and deepens your learning by encouraging you to ask yourself analytical questions, and undertake the self-reflection needed to develop as a fully rounded and self-aware individual. The process invites lifelong learning though a cycle that’s dedicated to growth. Here’s how: What is Experiential Learning

  1. Experience: You are actively involved in your experiences, exercising your abilities and learning through doing

  2. Reflect: You reflect on your experiences to critically assess them, gaining enhanced awareness and insight

  3. Conceptualize: You seek to learn from your experiences by identifying opportunities for improvement and growth

  4. Apply: You put newfound learning and insight into action, by using your decision making and problem solving skills to enhance future experiences

Why is Experiential Learning important to us?

At Intern Abroad HQ, we believe experiential learning maximizes the value of your internship and promotes professional maturity. Employers want to hear about what you learnt on your internship and how you handled diverse situations, rather than just a list of what you did.

Within the context of a job interview, reflection-based exercises can help students and young professionals to overcome articulation challenges, by arming them with insight into what employability traits are desirable and how they can highlight examples of their own relevant competencies and strengths.

Our curriculum provides a solid foundation to build out specific examples of how interns relate to and exercise their soft skills. It can be challenging to articulate your learning journey or talk about your strengths. This structure enables interns to leave their placements with ample material that they can use to boost their resume, put together a strong job application or obtain course or academic credit from college.

How does our Experiential Learning Curriculum work?
Weekly Reflection Themes

Weekly Reflection Themes

Once a week, interns are sent their weekly reflection module. This includes the theme, an introduction, learning objectives, and thought-provoking questions for both personal and professional development considerations.
Journal Entries & Feedback

Journal Entries & Feedback

Interns submit their journal entries in response to the weekly reflections. The Internship Program Manager reviews these and is available to provide feedback and guidance.
Completed Portfolio

Completed Portfolio

Upon successful completion of the internship, each intern will receive a portfolio of their experiential learning reflections, to serve as a permanent documentation of their experience. This includes a certificate of internship completion, alongside a summary of their internship goals, skill development focus areas, highlights, and a compilation of reflection work.
How do our weekly guided reflections support this?

Our guided weekly reflections help interns put this approach into action, encouraging them to explore their experiences in a meaningful way.

Each weekly reflection module introduces thought-provoking questions on a specific theme, such as cultural diversity, problem solving, communication, professional identity, time management or other important issues. Our approach enables interns to link their unique placement experience back to the universally recognized skills that are imperative to career-readiness, such as resilience, compassion and self-awareness.

These reflective journaling exercises enable interns to understand how their personal experiences are connected to the development of confidence, essential skills, inner-strength and cultural intelligence.

What are the professional development themes?

Intern Abroad HQ’s proprietary experiential learning curriculum reflects on the following professional development themes, over a maximum of 12 weeks:

  • Culture Shock & Settling In
  • Am I Making a Difference? Managing Expectations
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Approaches to Problem Solving
  • Communication & Information Literacy
  • Perceptions of Time and Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Professional Identity
  • Priming for Success
  • Professional Resilience
  • Ownership & Accountability
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Re-Entry Phase