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I feel that I have grown a lot personally in terms of being more independent, culturally aware and being more open to new ideas and proactive at everything I do. It was also an extremely eye-opening experience to me, as I was so close to the sustainability issues that are often discussed in lecture rooms but rarely experienced first-hand like I have in Bali. Seeing with my own eyes and experiencing these problems, realizing that sustainability issues are impacting real human lives and communities instead of reading it from the media or hearing about them from another person really puts things in perspective, and gives me the motivation to do something about it.
Elizabeth Lo
Nationality: British
Age: 21
Destination: Bali
Project: NGO Management & Administration

Intern Abroad HQ gave me the opportunity to see the world in a safe and affordable way! I couldn't imagine my internship without this company, not only was the experience amazing but so was the support. I am so grateful to have the pleasure to use this company and I hope anyone who wants to educate abroad takes the chance to do so.
Francesca Solano
Nationality: South Carolina, USA
Age: 20
Destination: Bali, Indonesia
Project: Event Management & Public Relations

My primary goals for this internship were to gain more experience working in the field, learn more about the Mediterranean climate and fauna. I would say that I definitely learned more about the Mediterranean fauna and the marine mammals. I also learned a lot about the water quality of Samos and how this related to the water quality standards put in place by local government and the EU.During my internship in Greece, I worked with the Microplastics team to quantify the number of microplastics found in bottled drinking water and the public water system. We also conducted a chemical analysis on water collected from the public water systems. With the Marine Conservation team, I worked with the artificial reef team to assess the biodiversity of fish found around the artificial reef and control sites. With the Terrestrial Conservation team, I worked with the golden jackal (Canis aureus) project studying their diet through scat analysis. My recommendations for future interns are to come into this program with an open mind and a willingness to learn and try new things. Ask questions always, whether it be about projects or the local community - there is always room to learn new things!
Sheldin Wilks
Nationality: Michigan, USA
Age: 20
Destination: Greece
Project: Laboratory Research & Microplastics

I had a wonderful time in Cusco, Peru where I worked in a small clinic near the Plaza De Armas. The program is very involved with your social life and helping you settle in to your homestay and work place. I learned so much in the 9 weeks I was there and enjoyed every last second. You can’t beat these prices and this program placement. I would recommend to anyone!
Isidra Garza
Nationality: New Mexico, USA
Age: 20
Destination: Cusco, Peru
Project: Physician's Assistant

My time spent abroad on my placement in Dinokeng, South Africa was one of the most rewarding experiences I could have asked for. Everyone is kind and welcoming getting there, and all your questions beforehand will quickly be answered by Intern Abroad. Highly recommend, I will cherish my time from this summer forever.
Sophie Gartenstein
Nationality: New York, USA
Age: 20
Destination: Dinokeng Game Reserve, South Africa
Project: South Africa Environmental Internship - Dinokeng Game Reserve

If I were to describe my Media internship in Greece in two words it would be - "valuable experience". It gave me everything I needed in a way I did not expect. I applied for my internship about six months before the departure date and throughout this whole time, I've been in contact with Dallas Boyd from Intern Abroad HQ, who has been a huge support and patiently answered all my questions and made sure I was prepared to leave. I came to Greece with a lot of expectations about how will it work and was originally disappointed with the reality. However, it turned out to be a benefit because I had to learn how to adjust and mainly how to work independently which I'm certain will be useful in the future. The host organization in Greece were very friendly, they are doing amazing work, and I felt proud to be part of them - even for just 4 weeks. I came to intern in Greece to specialize in Photography and to boost my portfolio with wildlife and nature images, but I ended up doing so much more than that. I got to document all the amazing surveys other people were doing which helped me learn more about conservation etc. I photographed dissections going on in the lab, which has definitely been a new experience for me. I edited a video for the conservation institute and I helped to improve their website and re-organize their image library. I felt like I was really making a difference and getting experience in my field which was the whole point of the internship. I'm very grateful that Intern Abroad HQ are making these internships affordable and helped me get the experience I needed. I would definitely consider this organization if I were to do some other internship in the future.
Hedvika Michnova
Nationality: Czech Republic
Age: 20
Destination: Greece
Project: Media, Communications & Public Relations

I spent 6 weeks interning at an NGO in San Ramón, Costa Rica. The work was challenging yet very rewarding and fostered spiritual, professional, and personal growth. I am so appreciative to have had this amazing opportunity and to have met such fantastic people. The memories made and the life lessons that I acquired will remain with me forever. I really enjoyed staying with a host family. This helped me to work more on my Spanish and become further acquainted with the culture. By the end of my time in Costa Rica, my host family became a second family to me. I would make the decision to intern through Intern Abroad HQ a million times over. Signing up is a very easy and organized process and the organization provides amazing support before, during and even after your time interning.
Kelsie Gronauer
Nationality: Mississippi, USA
Age: 21
Destination: Costa Rica
Project: Microfinance & Women's Empowerment

My experience through Intern HQ was wonderful! I interned for 6 weeks in Cusco at a local clinic, with the Physician’s Assistant Internship. The entire process, from application to completion, was smooth and understandable, and I knew that I had support with my internship the entire time. I learned so much in Peru and got so many opportunities to develop personally and professionally. Getting to practice my Spanish in a medical context and meeting people from all over the world were added benefits! It was really great to be able to experience a foreign environment in a safe and unique manner. It was really interesting to see how healthcare worked in Peru, and the internship lined up with my career goal of being a pediatrician. I worked from Monday through Friday from 8-12 or 1, and the rest of the time, I was free to explore Cusco and hang out with different people that I had met through volunteering dinners and the various activities of the week. Intern HQ provided me with an invaluable experience that I will always treasure.
Anna Chiang
Nationality: Berkeley, USA
Age: 19
Destination: Cusco, Peru
Project: Physician's Assistant

My two month public health internship in Cape Town, South Africa was unique, adventurous, and unforgettable. I made a significant impact in the health field at my internship location during the day and experience the beauty of South Africa during the rest of the day/weekends. My accommodations were a one minute walk from town, which allowed me to maximize everyday enjoyment in the city. It was convenient living near the grocery store, coffee shops, the local bar/pub, clothing stores, and restaurants. I followed all safety procedures and did not experience unfortunate events. The assurance of safety allowed me to enjoy activities in the city, such as hiking table mountain, shopping at the water front, watch the sunset with friends, wine tasting, swimming at camps bay, and dancing on Long Street. I also met a lot of other international students and local students that accompanied me during my activities. My new friends made every event unforgettable and left unique memories. I also went on adventures that I have never done at my home country such as shark diving, go on a safari, pet a cheetah, bungee jumping off the world’s tallest bungee jump bridge, tandem paragliding, and kayaking. It’s amazing how much I was able to accomplish while working an 8-4 job. This was truly an experience of a life time.
Aaron Menz
Nationality: San Diego, USA
Age: 27
Destination: Cape Town, South Africa
Project: Public Health

Considering my long-term goal is to become a PA, this internship provided me with some entry-level medical experience. Although it was in a different country, it was valuable to see how medicine is practiced differently between two countries (U.S and Peru). Learning how to evaluate patients, do physicals, checkups, vitals, vaccinations and teach patients how to improve their health, I believe is a valuable step forward to my long-term goal. I used my skills that I had learned from back home to help with medical treatments and diagnosis. This knowledge provided me the ability to help the medical staff, however there were many times that I had to learn different ways of how to do things based on the Peruvian medical system. Every time something was performed by the medical staff I carefully observed and sometimes would note that things were done differently in the U.S and they were interested to know how.
Anjeza Hoxhallari
Nationality: Massachusetts, USA
Age: 22
Destination: Cusco, Peru
Project: Physician's Assistant

Thanks to my experience as an intern, I’ve never felt more knowledgeable of the field I hope to enter professionally. I’m certain the knowledge and experience I gained from working around the center will be acknowledged by future employers and those I work with. I hope that knowledge continues to grow throughout my final year in university and afterwards. I have gained learning in the practical side of my college major, working in the laboratory and working intimately with patients, which is crucial to a career in the medical field. For example, I gained experience performing blood analysis, urine analysis and stool analysis. I shadowed nurses in triage and assisted with taking blood samples. I have accomplished all of my goals and learned a lot about a culture I was unfamiliar with. This included improving my Spanish skills and increasing my knowledge of Cusco’s culture and history.
Mario Caballero
Nationality: Virginia, USA
Age: 21
Destination: Cusco, Peru
Project: Physician's Assistant

My experience with Intern Abroad HQ was nothing less than amazing. It was an eye opening and life-changing experience for me. Going into the program I had originally planned on volunteering but when I heard you could intern I realized I wanted to do that instead. My plan is to go into Occupational Therapy and this internship was the perfect opportunity and experience for that. Working with underprivileged children and learning disabilities was something I haven’t done before. Seeing how happy they were to be shown love and support from not only the therapist but other volunteers and interns like myself, was a great feeling. Of course, there were some difficult times while I was there, such as communication and transportation because they are much different than what I am used to from back home. However, if you aren’t a little uncomfortable while traveling in another country and immersing yourself in another culture then you wouldn’t be doing it right  It can be scary and overwhelming but what you learn and who you meet in the end is so worth it! I highly suggest working with Intern HQ and gaining the knowledge and amazing experiences in another culture!
Kayla Myott
Nationality: Michigan, USA
Age: 24
Destination: Cusco, Peru
Project: Physician's Assistant

The whole experience became something that I will always keep in my heart, it was just an amazing opportunity that I will never forget. The internship was a great experience for me to try different specialties in a short-term period, which helps me to pre-select what would give me joy to work on in the future. I am already missing the clinics a lot. I feel more confident, I feel more skilled, and have acquired knowledge that I know I can use in future.
Ana Pereira
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 23
Destination: Cusco, Peru
Project: Physician's Assistant

While in Guatemala for 6 weeks, Intern Abroad HQ allowed me to combine my program work with their experiential learning program. The guidance provided through the Intern Abroad HQ program provided fresh structure and insight and the reflections on things like culture, communication, problem-solving and expectations really helped with my adjustment period and ability to think outside the box. I'd definitely recommend this approach to anyone else looking to intern abroad!
Samuel John
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 30
Destination: Guatemala
Project: Environmental Conservation

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