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Internship Abroad Scholarships with Intern Abroad HQ

Internship Abroad Scholarships

In addition to providing the world's most affordable international internships, Intern Abroad HQ occasionally offers scholarship opportunities.

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Intern Abroad HQ is an affordable way to see the world and accelerate your career.

Looking for the most affordable way to intern abroad?

We take pride in offering low cost remote and overseas internship programs and were recently recognized as the top intern abroad provider for 2021 by GoAbroad. We regularly review our Program Fees to ensure they remain as affordable, accessible, and inclusive as possible so that we can maximize the number of people able to gain practical and relevant career experience.

Intern Abroad HQ’s overseas internship programs start at just $1129 (approximately 1129) for 2 weeks, with accommodation, meals, airport pickup, and 24/7 in-country support all included. Free or paid internships with other companies do not include local accommodation, meaning they may not be as affordable or safe as the options we provide. You can also intern remotely with us for as little as $1099 (approximately 1099) for 3-5 weeks.

Other internship providers charge a lot more. So how is Intern Abroad HQ able to offer high quality, fully hosted internships at such affordable prices? Find out here.

How to reduce the expense of interning abroad.How to reduce the expense of interning abroad.

Find inexpensive fully-hosted internships abroad

Paying to join an Intern Abroad HQ internship program allows us to organize the whole trip for you, ensuring that your placement and accommodation have been vetted by us and keeping you safe through our 24/7 support. It also puts money back into the local community and economy in a sustainable way. Find out why it’s worth paying for an internship here.

There are plenty of ways you can make your internship abroad extra affordable – or even offset the entire cost of your trip – while still benefiting from the reassurance of Intern Abroad HQ’s support.

How to reduce the expense of interning abroad:

  • Choose one of Intern Abroad HQ’s most affordable programs – our Program Fees start from just $23 per day.
  • Choose a short-term internship, as this will significantly reduce your living costs abroad.
  • Consider a destination that’s geographically closer to you, to find the most affordable flights.
  • Plan in advance, to lock in the most economical program fee and a competitive flight itinerary.
  • Speak with your academic advisors to understand what financial assistance may be available to students.
  • Maximize the value of your experience by working with your advisors to gain academic credits from the internship.
  • Create an online fundraising campaign - we recommend GoGetFunding
  • Fundraise through bake sales, yard sales, or organize a ticketed event!

What Funding is Available?

There are thousands of universities, institutions, and organizations around the world that offer intern and study abroad scholarships. It’s worth asking your university or college if they offer any grants and researching other schemes as a way to reduce or eliminate the cost of interning abroad.

A range of national level scholarships can enable students of limited financial means to study or intern abroad. Here are just a few of the larger scholarship and funding resources you can explore:

Internship finding in the USA

Gilman Scholarship

The U.S. Department of State’s Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program enables students of limited financial means to study or intern abroad. Award recipients are chosen by a competitive selection process. To be eligible for the Gilman Program, applicants must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant during the time of application.

Pell Grant

Federal Pell Grants are awarded to undergraduate students who display exceptional financial need and have not earned a bachelor’s, graduate, or professional degree. A Federal Pell Grant, unlike a loan, does not have to be repaid.

Internship finding in Canada

Queen Elizabeth Scholarships

The Queen Elizabeth Scholars Program is Canada’s project-based scholarship program that aims to grow young Canadians into global citizens. Many Canadian universities have QES funding available to assist students with the cost of international internships.

Students interested in accessing QES funding should contact the Study Abroad or Global Mobility office at their university.

Internship finding in Australia

OS Help

OS Help is a loan for students, who will be studying full-time overseas. This study must also count towards the course requirements for the Australian course you are enrolled in. OS-HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as airfares, accommodation and other travel or study expenses.

Students may receive one loan per six-month study period up to a total of two OS-HELP loans.

New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarships

New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarships are open to eligible Australian undergraduates currently studying at Australian universities to support study, internships, mentorships, practicums and research in 40 host locations across the Indo-Pacific region. Students interested in this scholarship program should contact their university’s study abroad / international liaison office.

Internship finding in New Zealand

Prime Minister’s Scholarships

Announcement: Applications are now open for the New Zealand Prime Minister’s 2024 Scholarship. Deadline to apply is July 19, 2024.

The Prime Minister’s Scholarships is funded by the New Zealand Government to support New Zealanders on learning experiences abroad. It offers flexible funding to support both short and long-term internships. These opportunities are not exclusive to students, and are open to all New Zealand citizens and permanent residents over the age of 18. Secure your internship and apply for the scholarship.

Internship finding in the United Kingdom

Turing Scheme

The Turing Scheme is the UK’s global programme for studying, working and living abroad, offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for personal and professional development for students. Many UK universities have Turing Scheme funding available to assist students with the cost of international internships. Additional support is available for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Students interested in accessing Turing Scheme funding to help with their internship should contact the Study Abroad or Global Mobility office at their university.

Global Wales Discover

Global Wales Discover provides funding to Welsh undergraduates at Welsh Universities. Run by the British Council and funded by the Welsh Government and Global Wales, the programme offers physical and virtual opportunities for students to spend between two and eight weeks studying, working or volunteering in a number of countries around the globe. Students should contact their institution’s international office to see if their university is eligible or contact

Taith programme

Taith is a Welsh government-supported programme enabling people in Wales to study, train, volunteer, and work all over the world. The programme will run from 2022 to 2026 and aims to fund 15,000 people to go on international exchanges over the first four years. Funding is open to students, volunteers, and staff in education settings of all kinds, including schools, youth organizations, vocational training, adult education, and universities.

Internship finding in the European Union


The Erasmus+ program gives students in higher education in EU Member States the opportunity to take part in an internship in another European destination. These internships are also referred to as “traineeships” and need to be between two and twelve months duration and give you experience in your chosen academic field. These opportunities are also open to recent graduates. Learn more here and explore Intern Abroad HQ’s recommendations for Erasmus+.

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