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Intern Abroad in Costa Rica with Intern Abroad HQ

Costa Rica Internships

Intern in Costa Rica with Intern Abroad HQ and discover beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and wildlife. Choose from a wide range of short-term internship programs in Costa Rica, including Marine Biology, Environmental Conservation, Women’s Education, Special Education, Healthcare, Physiotherapy, Veterinary, Media & Advertising, and Microfinance. With affordable fees and top rated programs, Intern Abroad HQ offers the best internship opportunities in Costa Rica for students, graduates, career changers, and gap year travelers!

  • Program Fees from $1499 for 2 weeks
  • Includes arrangement of your placement, airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, and 24/7 in-country support
  • Accommodation in homestays

  • Internships are based in Manuel Antonio and San Ramon de Alajuela

  • Internships begin on the first and third Monday of each month

Explore internships in Costa Rica
Fully hosted experience from $1499
Includes accommodation & meals
Start dates every other Monday
Intern for 2 weeks to 24 weeks
Spanish language lessons available
Get job-ready with our Experiential Learning Curriculum
Internships align with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Internship opportunities

Coral Restoration
Manuel Antonio
Coral Restoration internships in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Internship Abroad in Costa Rica

Intern with a local Marine Conservation organization in Manuel Antonio. Upskill as a conservationist and contribute toward the preservation of precious ecosystems.

Environmental Conservation
San Ramon
Environmental Conservation Internships in Costa Rica
Internship Abroad in Costa Rica

Support local conservationists on sustainability projects in Costa Rica’s unique cloud rainforests and reserves. Basic Spanish language skills required.

San Ramon
Health and Medical Internships in Costa Rica
Internship Abroad in Costa Rica

Healthcare internships in Costa Rica are suitable for healthcare students from pre-med level and up. This is a Spanish-speaking internship.

Marine Biology
Manuel Antonio
Marine Biology internships in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Internship Abroad in Costa Rica

Gain Marine Biology experience alongside a Marine Conservation NPO in Costa Rica. Enhance your PADI skills and support the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Media & Advertising
San Ramon
Media and Advertising Internships in Costa Rica
Internship Abroad in Costa Rica

Customized media and advertising internships are perfect for those interested in advertising and media. This is a Spanish-speaking internship.

San Ramon
Microfinance Internships in Costa Rica
Internship Abroad in Costa Rica

Assist local entrepreneurs in fields including lending, marketing, financial literacy, planning, accounting and more! This is a Spanish-speaking internship.

Physical Therapy
San Ramon
Physical Therapy Internships in Costa Rica
Internship Abroad in Costa Rica

An ideal internship to gain experience, supporting patients with treatments under the guidance of professionals. This is a Spanish-speaking internship.

Sustainable Business & Tourism
Manuel Antonio
Sustainable Business & Tourism internships in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Internship Abroad in Costa Rica

Intern with a nonprofit to assist with business and growth strategy, while learning about the key pillars of sustainable development.

Veterinary & Animal Care
San Ramon
Animal and Veterinary Care
Internship Abroad in Costa Rica

Veterinary internships provide placements with vet clinics, assisting local vets and supporting treatment. Basic Spanish language skills required.

What recent interns said about their experience

Camila Flores Rodriguez
January 2024

I loved my time in Quepos, Costa Rica! My favorite part of the experience was probably getting to know so many people from the area and from around the world. And also getting to explore the natural wonders of this country. This experience was also a great opportunity that allowed me to see the work nonprofits do from up close and consequently get a better understanding on how they work. Would recommend it if you want to learn more about this field and about other countries at the same time. Especially for people that have either graduated college or that are in their last years.

Sarah Waldner
November 2023

I enjoyed everything - the nature, the animals, the exercises, my host family and all the trips I did. Because of that I gained personal growth and learned new skills.

James Baxter
August 2023

I'm writing this 4 months into my 6 months on the Sustainable Business and Environmental Tourism Internship in Quepos, Costa Rica and I can safely say I've made the best choice I could have. The internship has been really interesting and I've been supported well throughout. Intern Abroad provided weekly reflection reviews for the first 12 weeks which really make the experience useful in developing my own professional skills. On arrival, travel was arranged for me and the accommodation has been fantastic throughout with lovely food. I feel like I've really immersed myself in the culture and helped make a difference to the company while learning a bit more about the business practices needed for a charity.

Helena Friedrich
July 2023

My internship wasn’t what I imagined it to be, it was way better! The school where I was doing my internship was open to children from underprivileged backgrounds. Being involved in a school that is able to help children in need, with free time activities, sports, painting and baking was incredible. I got to know how open minded and welcoming people from Costa Rica are. Costa Ricans are unbelievably friendly, hospitable and relaxed, fitting the "pura vida“ way of life. It was so easy for me to connect with everyone, despite the language barrier. I feel more empowered to help people all over the world. The internship really opened my eyes, that we have to help people to make a change.

Lowie Verbeke
July 2023

The people I have had the opportunity to work with were even more open and interested in my involvement than I could imagine. Their welcoming and supportive nature made it easier for me to settle into my new environment and adapt to my role. My internship role instilled in me a proactive mindset, encouraging me to seek opportunities to contribute and take initiative. The people in the local community exhibited a strong sense of warmth and emotional openness. They shared their experiences, traditions, and stories, making me feel welcomed into their culture. I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful host family I had the privilege of staying with. Their support went above and beyond, and I am truly thankful for their significant contributions to my experience. Their warmth and assistance were incredible.

Ignas Draugelis
June 2023

I think the freedom to pursue a research task of my own was the most enjoyable part. It showed me how that process is started off; even though I didn't write a paper for it, I was able to make a hypothesis, collect data, analyze the data, and make a presentation about my findings and future research.


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