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Best Gap Year Internships for 2024

Best Gap Year Internships for 2024

Intern Abroad HQ offers the most impactful and affordable internships for gap year students, hosted out of 25 countries across the globe. Our gap year internship programs are available year-round and customized to meet your career goals or academic requirements.

Whether you’re seeking gap year internships after high school, college, or as part of a gap semester or career break, our intern abroad programs give you the chance to gain international work experience and cultural immersion as part of a transformative gap year experience.

Our fully-hosted gap year internships abroad are an exciting way to combine traveling with personal and professional development, enabling you to explore a career path and a new country at the same time!

If you’re looking for gap year opportunities without traveling abroad, remote internships are a very popular option, as you can build out your resume and gain international experience from home.

Does taking a gap year internship make you more employable?

Research shows that students who take a gap year get better grades with the positive effects lasting over the entire four years of college! And it’s not just academic performance that improves: 98% of students said their gap year helped them develop as a person and 96% agreed their self-confidence increased.

Employers favor applicants who have spent some time living or working with people from other countries. Completing an overseas internship or remote internship during your gap year demonstrates leadership, teamwork and the ability to work well in a cross-cultural setting. These transferable skills are seen as highly valuable in today’s competitive workforce.

Why Earn Academic Credit Through An Intern Abroad HQ Internship

Earn college credit through interning abroad

Watch the video to find out how you can earn college credit, travel the world, and have an international internship experience for less than $1,700 USD including your accommodation and credits! That’s less than your college tuition fees plus you get to travel. You’ll gain practical, hands-on experience, cut down on time in the classroom, and save money!

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Here's what recent interns are saying…

My experience was nothing less than amazing. I highly suggest working with Intern Abroad HQ and gaining knowledge and amazing experiences in another culture!

Having experienced this Environmental Conservation internship in Costa Rica, I feel more equipped to explore what I am interested in and who I define myself as a person. I feel more knowledgeable now that I have worked in this incredibly unique ecosystem, working to ensure that others can enjoy this natural marvel is also inspiring for my own interests. After this internship, I intend to use this experience as a part of my university application; in particular using the conservation internship placement as a case study for sustainable tourism.

I absolutely loved every second I was in the clinic. The nurses I worked with were very sweet, accepting, friendly, and more. Every single health care worker was very nice and willing to help.

This experience helped me to decide whether or not to attend law school in the future. Before the internship, I wasn’t sure but now, I’m positive that I want to pursue this career field!

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