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Info for Faculty & University Staff

Information for Faculty & University Staff

Are your students looking for safe and affordable international internship options? Intern Abroad HQ partners with a wide range of universities around the world to provide their students with access to over 240+ top-rated in-country and remote internship programs across 22 destinations.

The quality and reputation of our internships led us to be named the Top Rated Intern Abroad Organization for 2021 by GoAbroad.

We’re here to help students bridge the gap between their studies and securing the job that they’ve been dreaming of. Our experience and scale allows us to offer internships that:

  • Are as affordable, accessible & inclusive as possible

    Our programs start at just $20/day for a fully organized internship abroad with accommodation and meals included, and we have a strong diversity and inclusion mission. Read more...

  • Are customized to meet each student’s individual needs

    Year-round start dates, flexible durations, part-time options, and personalized placement plans that are tailored to academic requirements and career goals. Read more...

  • Deliver tangible experiential learning & cultural immersion

    Reflections-based learning curriculum, accommodation with host families, and language lessons available. Read more...

  • Are safe, reliable & supported

    Comprehensive health & safety, risk management, Covid-19 protocols, and responsible travel policies in place. Read more...

  • Support ethical & responsible travel

    We’re a Certified B Corporation, Climate Neutral, and our internships align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Read more...

If you’re seeking an internship partner for your organization or students, please get in touch to schedule a call with our Campus Partnerships Team.

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We get five-star reviews from faculty

In partnership with Intern Abroad HQ we developed a Semester in Cuzco: Internship & Spanish Language Immersion. While abroad, students can earn up to 12 credits while they take Spanish courses (beginning-advanced levels) and complete a semester-long internship. While there are many language schools and companies to consider when planning a study abroad, Intern Abroad HQ stood out for their professionalism and willingness to accommodate our program’s needs. Dr. Iliana Portaro, Associate Professor of Spanish
Department of Languages and Philosophy
Southern Utah University

Intern Abroad HQ has been our primary international internship provider since 2018. They have proven to be one of the best in terms of value and placement options in various countries, for a variety of majors and career interests. It is a relief for me and the university to know that our students will be given a robust pre-internship orientation and placement supervision, and if a problem should arise, they will work on it until a suitable solution is found. Robert Bulsza, M.A., LPC
Director of Internships and Service Learning
Coastal Carolina University Career Services Center

Intern Abroad HQ has been an active partner of Northeastern since 2017. In the past 4 years this agency has offered exceptional onsite programs to Northeastern students that meet the standards of experiential education in our university. The agency’s employers offer interdisciplinary assignments of high quality and appropriate duration and the support services (meals and lodging, orientation, reflections) are of excellent value. Aspa Papanastasiou, Associate Director
Global Partnerships Employer, Engagement and Career Design
Northeastern University

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Why so many organizations choose Intern Abroad HQ as their internships provider:

1. We are the most affordable

Our overseas internship fees cover the cost of your students’ accommodation and meals during their internship, which ensures these have been sourced and vetted by us. Students participating on free or paid internships have to source and pay for their local accommodation themselves, meaning these may not be as affordable or safe as the options we provide. Interning through us could actually cost your students less than a free internship elsewhere!

Internship destination Price for 2 weeks (incl. accommodation) Price for 4 weeks (incl. accommodation) Price for 12 weeks (incl. accommodation)
Greece US$152/day US$111/day US$77/day
Bali US$40/day
Costa Rica US$99/day US$72/day US$35/day
Czech Republic US$83/day US$51/day
Guatemala US$57/day US$31/day
Ireland US$120/day US$73/day
Italy US$97/day
Japan US$39/day
New Zealand US$52/day
Peru US$71/day US$47/day US$30/day
Spain US$167/day US$104/day US$60/day

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2. We organize everything including accommodation

From sourcing, securing, and customizing each student’s internship placement to sorting out accommodation that we’ve vetted in advance, arranging their airport pick up, and providing 24/7 local support – our team arranges everything. We can also attend campus events upon request to talk to your students first-hand.

See how it works

3. We work to develop student employability

Whether students choose to intern abroad or remotely with Intern Abroad HQ, our Experiential Learning Curriculum is included for all. Through using proactive experiential learning exercises, we provide interns with tangible tools and support that build character and self-awareness, along with personal and professional development.

Learn more about our Experiential Learning program

4. Our internships work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Are you looking for internship options that support your university’s commitment to the SDGs? Our internship programs are designed to work towards one or more of these goals, giving students the opportunity to develop career experience, while participating in efforts which address vital social and environmental issues.

Learn more about our ethics

5. We’re Climate Neutral and a Certified B Corporation

As a certified B Corporation since 2015, our impact on interns, local communities, and the planet is regularly audited and held to the highest ethical, social, and environmental standards. Our business operations have been certified as 100% carbon neutral since 2019 and we were the first global internships provider to declare a Climate Emergency. Our approach creates enhanced awareness of the need for sustainable travel and responsible community engagement.

Learn more about our B Corp commitments

6. We have comprehensive safety & risk management policies

Intern Abroad HQ’s programs adhere to comprehensive risk management and health & safety requirements. All of our placements and accommodation have been vetted by our local teams and are regularly audited. We also give faculty the opportunity to visit our internship programs as part of university requirements and familiarization trips.

Read our Risk Management Policy

7. We enforce additional Covid-19 protocols

Our experience of hosting interns throughout the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-22 means we know how to keep everyone safe. We’ve always followed best practice and industry-leading health and safety procedures, and all of our local teams implemented enhanced procedures to minimize risks from Covid-19. This includes evidence of a negative PCR test for all interns upon arrival, plus strict disinfecting and physical distancing.

See our health and safety measures

8. We work with your students to gain academic credit

Our internships enable students to satisfy practical learning requirements and gain course credit. We work with your students to build a customized internship plan that will meet course credit requirements and ensure that our interns can fulfill their experiential learning hours.

Learn more about course credit

9. We champion diversity, accessibility, and inclusion

Intern Abroad HQ’s low cost fees, flexible programs, and commitment to diversity enables students of all backgrounds to secure an international internship. We’re proud to have helped students of 72 different nationalities, including those from minority and LGBTQ+ communities, to gain relevant career experience in just the last 12 months. All of our teams adhere to a strict Non-Discrimination Policy.

See how we deliver on diversity

10. We follow responsible travel practices

We think it’s important to consider what it means to travel responsibly and to identify the potential ethical issues that can arise when taking on an internship abroad. That’s why we have clear codes of conduct for working with children and vulnerable adults, animal welfare, selecting care facility placements, making donations, and cultural exchange.

Learn more about our responsible practices

11. Our internships contribute towards strong career outcomes for students

My primary focus during the semester abroad internship program was to improve my Spanish. I’m working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish so this program was perfect for me. The program allowed me to live abroad and gain cultural experience as well as improve my Spanish speaking abilities.

I conducted my Medical internship in a top private hospital with cutting-edge technology in Athens. It was one of the most impressive organizations I have ever seen in healthcare. I had the chance to observe one of the best hematologists in Europe at work, they were an amazing supervisor, teaching me a lot! I gained a lot of new clinical and hands-on experience. Everything I learned will be useful in my future career and help me to complete my medical degree.

My favorite outcome was being able to observe the CEO educating local Tanzanian farmers about agriculture and how to improve their production. I think passing on this knowledge and enriching the youth is a very important step towards achieving sustainable agriculture.

This internship experience made me more sure of my self-learning ability, and I believe that in the future if I encounter a problem I have never seen before, I will use logic to analyze it.

I’d say the experience was just what I needed. It taught me so much about communication, patience, and compassion. I now feel more empowered to be successful within my field, as this internship has given me tools that I didn’t know I was missing. It shook me out of my comfort zone, and it made me look at everything differently. I have an edge now, and I feel empowered to use it and make a difference within my field.

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