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Faculty & University Partners

Faculty & University Partners

Increase student mobility on your campus with short-term international internships and volunteer projects. For more than 16 years, International Volunteer HQ and Intern Abroad HQ have been partnering with universities around the world to increase access to low cost international educational opportunities.

330+ volunteer projects across 40+ countries worldwide
230+ in-country and remote internships across 21+ countries
Customizable group programs with flexible start dates
Academic credit is available on all programs through our School of Record

All internships are conducted in English, or the local language if preferred

The quality and reputation of our international internships and volunteer programs has led us to be awarded the Top Rated Intern Abroad Organization for both 2021 and 2022 by GoAbroad and the Top Volunteer Abroad Provider for the last four years running by Go Overseas.

We are trusted by hundreds of universities worldwide

Every year we facilitate international internships and volunteer trips for thousands of high school, college, and university students. These are some of the organizations whose students we have hosted:

Clemson University Logo.Coastal Carolina University Logo.Howard University Logo.Florida A&M University Logo.North Dakota State University Logo.Randolph-Macon College Logo.Schiller International University Logo.Teesside University Logo.Warren Wilson College Logo.

The world's top rated provider in 2023, 2022, and 2021

GoAbroad Top Rated Provider 2023 - Intern Abroad HQ
GoAbroad Top Rated Organization 2022 - Intern Abroad HQ
GoAbroad Top Online Program 2022 - Intern Abroad HQ
GoAbroad Top Rated Organization 2021 - Intern Abroad HQ
The PIEoneer Awards 2022 Real Life Learning Award highly recommended - Intern Abroad HQ
The PIEoneer Awards 2022 Sustainability International Impact Award highly recommended - Intern Abroad HQ

If you’re seeking affordable and accessible ways for your students to gain practical career experience and enhance their employability, please get in touch to schedule a call with our Campus Partnerships Team today!

Remote Internships with Intern Abroad HQ.

Remote Internships

In addition to our 200+ intern abroad programs, we also offer affordable remote internship programs for both individuals and student groups. These programs can include academic credit and are customized to meet the unique academic requirements of your students.

Students can choose from 67 career-focused remote internship programs worldwide, hosted out of Spain, Italy, Greece, Japan, Ireland, Tanzania, South Africa, Czech Republic, Israel, Guatemala, Morocco, Argentina, India, USA and Jamaica.

All Intern Abroad HQ internships are conducted in English, or students can participate in the language of the host organization if they want to practice foreign language skills.

Explore remote internship opportunities

Campus Staff Resources

Every year, hundreds of faculty members trust Intern Abroad HQ and International Volunteer HQ to deliver their volunteering programs around the world. Our tailored approach starts with understanding the needs of your academic institution by providing detailed estimates and custom itineraries. Our low cost fees and flexible payment schedules make interning or volunteering abroad highly accessible for students.

From the moment you make an inquiry with Intern Abroad HQ, our dedicated Group Support team will work with you to help your planning, including:

  • Understanding your budget constraints
  • Finding a destination and placement best suited to your group’s preferences, skills, and objectives
  • Arranging any custom accommodation requirements
  • Developing weekly schedules (interning, accommodation, meals, trips, etc.)
  • Organizing local transportation
  • Booking tours

We’ve facilitated more than 1,000 trips for student groups with a wide range of special interests and skills, ranging in size from 8 group members up to 100. We are happy to customize a site visit for your faculty and staff to help them plan programming for your students at any of our destinations. Please email or schedule a call with us to set up your custom familiarization trip with us today.

Contact our campus team

Students seeking academic credit for their internship experience may utilize IVHQ/Intern Abroad HQ’s School of Record with the University of Montana and Warren Wilson College to help facilitate credit transfer. This School of Record provides oversight of the academic process and experience, including review of syllabi, evaluating course offerings, and ensuring academic quality.

Students enroll in an equivalent course at the School of Record, complete coursework and assignments as outlined in the course syllabus, and will be issued a transcript by the School of Record. This transcript will be provided to the student’s home university. Students are encouraged to discuss their academic needs and obtain course approval prior to enrolling in the School of Record program. IVHQ/Intern Abroad HQ’s School of Record is the University of Montana and Warren Wilson College.

Intern Abroad HQ offers two different ways in which you can gain academic credit on one of our international internships:

  • We support interns to apply for academic credits via their home academic institution. This can save students the cost of expensive third-party tuition fees.
  • We can assist interns to enroll through our own School of Record programs through the University of Montana and Warren Wilson College. This is available across all our internship destinations and career fields.

Learn more about Academic Credit

Every university affiliating with Intern Abroad HQ or International Volunteer HQ is eligible to award students scholarships driven by their own vision for diversity, equity and inclusion.

For institutions who partner with us, we offer our Affiliates the choice between one of the following reward options that best serves the university and students:

1) Affiliate Scholarship Program, or
2) Intern Abroad HQ Ambassador Program

Please note, we are only able to offer our Affiliates one of these programs, not both together.

For more information, please contact the Campus Team.

Learn more about scholarships

Representatives from IVHQ and Intern Abroad HQ support program promotion on university campuses by:

  • Connecting with institutions on Terra Dotta, Via TRM, and Handshake
  • Creating custom marketing materials
  • Hosting virtual info sessions
  • Tabling during study abroad and career center events

Contact the Campus Team to let us know how we can best support your current marketing efforts.

We know that having resources available on campus is the best way to reach students. Please feel free to download and print the resources below to share with students in office or electronically.

Find us on

Intern Abroad HQ on Terra Dotta.
Intern Abroad HQ on Via TRM.
Intern Abroad HQ on Handshake.

Get in touch with our Campus Team

Fill out the quick form below to get customized program recommendations for your students and let us know how we can support student mobility on your campus, or email us at

We get 5 star reviews from faculty, students, and staff

Intern Abroad HQ has been our primary international internship provider since 2018. They have proven to be one of the best in terms of value and placement options in various countries, for a variety of majors and career interests. It is a relief for me and the university to know that our students will be given a robust pre-internship orientation and placement supervision, and if a problem should arise, they will work on it until a suitable solution is found. Robert Bulsza
Director of Internships and Service Learning Career Services Center
Coastal Carolina University

In partnership with Intern Abroad HQ we developed a Semester in Cuzco: Internship & Spanish Language Immersion. While abroad, students can earn up to 12 credits while they take Spanish courses and complete a semester-long internship. While there are many language schools and companies to consider when planning a study abroad, Intern Abroad HQ stood out for their professionalism and willingness to accommodate our program’s needs. Dr. Iliana Portaro
Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of Languages and Philosophy
Southern Utah University

Intern Abroad HQ has been an active partner of Northeastern since 2017. In the past 4 years this agency has offered exceptional onsite programs to Northeastern students that meet the standards of experiential education in our university. The agency’s employers offer interdisciplinary assignments of high quality and appropriate duration and the support services (meals and lodging, orientation, reflections) are of excellent value. Aspa Papanastasiou
Associate Director, Global Partnerships, Employer Engagement and Career Design
Northeastern University

How to get started

1: Schedule a call with us

Book in a time that suits you to chat with our dedicated Campus Team based in the United States. We will be in touch within the next business day.

Schedule a call

2: Share your objectives, logistics & desired learning outcomes

We will follow up with additional resources and/or create a custom proposal to meet your budget, needs, and intended goals.

3: Let us know your university’s requirements

We’ve worked with hundreds of universities and have extensive documentation available to satisfy university travel policies, including health and safety management, risk mitigation, insurance information, and individualized agreements (MOUs).

4: We assist your students to prepare for the experience

Our team of experienced professionals offer support throughout the application, payment, pre-departure, and feedback process. You can be sure your students are in good hands!