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International Internships For College Students

International Internships For College Students

Do you have sufficient practical experience to secure your dream job when you finish university? It’s widely agreed that employers prioritize candidates who have real-world experience. That’s why it’s essential to support your theoretical knowledge with experiential learning.

Intern Abroad HQ’s overseas and online internships for college students are the most affordable, hassle-free, and effective way to bridge the gap between your studies and kickstarting your career.

We understand how time consuming and stressful it can be to find the perfect student internship, especially when you have certain goals and academic milestones in mind. That’s why we organize everything for you - from understanding your needs and securing an awesome placement, to customizing your internship to meet your specific goals and fit around other commitments you may have.

Whether you’re seeking an internship for your first or final year as a college student, we can help you satisfy practical learning requirements or gain course credit for your degree. We build a customized internship plan and provide you with dedicated support and guidance to support you in fulfilling experiential learning hours.

Our diverse range of international internships for psychology students, law students, those studying environmental science, medical, business, and STEM internships for high school, undergraduate & graduate students in computer science, technology, engineering & Mathematics means we’ll have an internship program that’s perfect for your ambitions!

Intern Abroad HQ’s internship opportunities for college students are safe, impactful, flexible, and available with year-round start dates. We help students get their foot in the door and build the employability skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive job market.

Both our overseas and remote internships for college students include an exclusive Experiential Learning Curriculum, which helps you develop the cultural competencies, self-awareness, and job-ready skills that employers favor. You’ll complete your internship with a record of these written reflections, which will help you articulate your strengths in future job interviews!

Why Earn Academic Credit Through An Intern Abroad HQ Internship

Earn college credit through interning abroad

Watch the video to find out how you can earn college credit, travel the world, and have an international internship experience for less than $1,700 USD including your accommodation and credits! That’s less than your college tuition fees plus you get to travel. You’ll gain practical, hands-on experience, cut down on time in the classroom, and save money!

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Here’s what recent college student interns are saying…

Thanks to my experience as an intern, I’ve never felt more knowledgeable of the field I hope to enter professionally.

With this internship, I will be able to expand my experience in marine related science, as well as increase my knowledge on how marine populations are surviving in this world.

This internship allowed me to get the experience I needed. I feel more empowered now because I know I can actually do work that is required of me when I get a job.

During my time here I was able to see how the therapists and staff navigated various situations and obstacles when it came to administrative tasks in the clinic. I felt extremely welcomed and accepted at my placement. They cared that I felt comfortable during my time working there and were genuinely interested in learning about my culture and background, as well as helping me learn about and acclimatize to theirs.

My favorite outcome was being able to observe the CEO educating local Tanzanian farmers about agriculture and how to improve their production. I think passing on this knowledge and enriching the youth is a very important step towards achieving sustainable agriculture.

This internship was my first real taste into the business world and I loved every second of it. From the get-go, this has been a real dream come true. The internship provided much needed work experience, which not many University students are able to have, and a reference from the wonderful Fabrizio.

I enjoyed everything in the internship - it was 100% worth it, I learned a lot and met new people that were amazingly helpful. From day one, I was made to feel like I’d always been part of the team. They taught and helped me in all ways - I honestly cannot find any substandard points to comment on, because this team gave me everything they could.

I think the most rewarding part of my stay is knowing that I helped contribute to the creation of useful content for the reserve. It is nice to leave knowing your work will assist them in the future. The highlight for me personally - outside of enhancing my GIS skills - is seeing the animals first-hand. As someone who does not frequent zoos or other such establishments, it has been incredible to see these animals in the flesh.

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