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My Physician's Assistant internship in Cusco

Anna Chiang from University of California, Berkeley, joined our Physician’s Assistant internship in Cusco, for 6 weeks. Learn more about how Anna provided health and medical support in a local clinic, adapted to life in Peru, and her advice for future interns.
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Microfinance & Women's Empowerment Internship in Costa Rica

Kelsie Gronauer joined our Microfinance & Women's Empowerment internship in Costa Rica, for 6 weeks. Learn about she juggled two internship placements, adapted to life in Costa Rica, and her awesome advice to future interns who are passionate about making a difference.
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Environmental Conservation Internship in Costa Rica

Nikki Maruya joined an Environmental Conservation Internship in Costa Rica. Learn more about interning in the great outdoors, exploring biodiversity, activities in conservation, and navigating the Spanish language!
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My Public Health Internship in Cape Town

Aaron Menz joined a Public Health internship in Cape Town, South Africa, for 8 weeks. Learn more about Aaron’s take on interning in the field, his internship activities, and advice for future interns abroad!
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My Media Internship In Greece

Kristin Dickerson joined the Media and Communications internship team in Greece for 6 weeks. Here’s Kristin’s take on life as an intern, internship activities, what it's like interning within a multi-cultural environment, and her advice for others.
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Here's My Take On Interning In Greece

Considering an internship in Greece? You'll need to be passionate about conservation, have an adventurous and outgoing spirit, and be ready to get stuck into dynamic and creative activities. Come prepared to cooperate proactively, use your initiative, practice research and field work skills...
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What To Expect On An Environmental Internship In South Africa

Want a future job in conservation? Learn more about what an Environmental Internship in South Africa involves - from learning how to pick up bird calls and track animals, to camera trapping, data collection and more!
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What I Learned During My Internship In Peru

Join our 2017 Intern Abroad HQ Experience winner as she discusses her NGO internship role, learning outcomes, challenges and advice for future interns in Peru.
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Internships in Cape Town - South Africa 2018

Intern Abroad HQ offers internships in Cape Town, starting from 2 weeks. Internships are spread throughout Cape Town and placements are available in Business, Education, Healthcare, Law and Tourism...
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The Best Conservation Internships in Africa

Ready to combine the excitement of an African safari with active professional development? These affordable Environmental Conservation internships in South Africa are not to be missed...
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