Internships in Rome

Internships in Italy are located in Rome, where nearly 3,000 years of global influence have earned it’s moniker as the Eternal City. Considered the birthplace of western civilization, the city’s attractions are infamous, awe-inspiring, visually stunning and seemingly endless. There’s no better place to intern abroad, if you’re looking for an epic European internship experience that’s both personally enriching and professionally outstanding.

Intern Abroad HQ offers an affordable combination program, including an internship placement in Rome, accompanied by Italian language lessons. Programs are available from a minimum duration requirement of at least 8 weeks for intermediate Italian speakers (B1 and B2 or higher) and 10 weeks for beginners. The Italian language lessons are included in the chosen internship duration. This academically focused approach builds cultural context, confidence and language competency prior to the commencement of the internship. Exciting internship fields include architecture, cultural and artistic heritage, international law, human rights, ecology and more.

At a glance...

    • Programs available from 8 weeks
    • Monthly start dates
    • Program fees from US$5,725
    • Includes meals & accommodation
    • Includes Italian language lessons
    • Experiential Learning Curriculum
    • 24/7 in-country support
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Internship opportunities

Agriculture & Production Internships in Italy

Agriculture & Production  

Internship abroad in Rome, Italy

Agriculture internships in Italy involve contributing to seasonal production tasks on farms around Rome, as well as gaining skills in other agricultural ventures such as food analysis laboratories and food production companies. Interns gain hands-on farming experience and broader skills in production harvesting, laboratory data analysis and business development.

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Architecture & Design internships in Italy

Architecture & Design  

Internship abroad in Rome, Italy

Exciting Architecture and Design internships for students looking to gain experience, build portfolios and contribute to real life projects in Italy. With placements in studios, website agencies and graphic design agencies in Rome, interns assist with project design work and a range of rendering and graphic design tasks.

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Cultural & Artistic Heritage internships in Italy

Cultural & Artistic Heritage  

Internship abroad in Rome, Italy

Cultural internships that are perfect for history or arts students, or anyone interested in a career in museums or art galleries. Interns benefit from a broad scope of creative placements, helping to plan and organise exhibits, events and cultural activities in artistic associations, galleries and museums.

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Law and Human Rights Internships in Italy

Digital Marketing  

Internship abroad in Rome, Italy

Exciting Digital Marketing internships offering hands-on experience within the marketing and communication departments of Italian brands, as well as specialist marketing, communications and graphic design agencies. Interns mostly focus on online advertising, digital communications strategies and social media marketing.

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Environmental Conservation & Ecology internships in Italy

Environmental Conservation & Ecology  

Internship abroad in Rome, Italy

Learn about the impact humans are having on the environment, and the effect of environmental conservation techniques. Customized internship placements are available in analysis laboratories, public offices for environmental protection, environmental product companies, national parks, and associations for ecology and environmental protection.

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Human Rights internships in Italy

Human Rights  

Internship abroad in Rome, Italy

Human Rights internships in Italy have a range of placements in human rights organizations and NGOs, learning from experienced lawyers and advocates. Internship roles are customized to best suit you. Activities can involve research, data analysis, reporting, event planning, social media development, marketing and more.

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Sales and Trade internships in Italy

Sales & Account Management  

Internship abroad in Rome, Italy

These Sales & Account Management internships in Italy offer the chance to build hands-on experience assisting with business development strategies, helping to conduct market research, assist vendors run promotional strategies, or undertake fiscal, administrative and accounting activities.

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Social Work internships in Italy

Social Work  

Internship abroad in Rome, Italy

Social Work interns gain skills and experience helping disadvantaged individuals and communities in Italy. Intern in local, national, or international associations, helping to raise awareness, organize fundraising, promote economic and social welfare and assist underprivileged people in a range of ways.

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Sustainable Tourism Internships in Italy

Sustainable Tourism  

Internship abroad in Rome, Italy

Sustainable Tourism interns in Italy are based with sustainable tourism operators and associations. Interns help to develop engaging experiences for visitors, as well as support positive relationships with the authorities in Rome who oversee responsible tourism operations. Interns engage with planning for local and international tourists, enabling them to explore world-famous attractions, while minimizing their impact on the local environment and society.

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All Intern Abroad HQ programs include a guided reflection course, which combines personal development with professional competency building. Interns receive weekly reflection modules to complete during their program, which foster the acquisition of essential soft skills for employability and a resilient career. Each reflective journaling task introduces a new topic, presents learning objectives, and provides specific prompts that inspire and guide the learning process.

Intern Abroad HQ does not award grades for the completion of our internship programs, but interns can be supported to independently arrange academic credit through their home educational provider. Upon completion of the internship duration and reflection course, interns receive a portfolio as documentation of their experience. This includes a certificate of internship completion, alongside a summary of the internship goals, skill development, highlights, and a compilation of the reflection work.