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Online Internships For High School Students

Online Internships For High School Students

Trying to work out what career path you want to take? Looking for high school internships to support your college application? Or perhaps you’re wondering how to bridge the gap between finishing high school and starting college or university?

Intern Abroad HQ specializes in offering impactful and affordable remote high school internships for high schoolers aged 16-18 that will breathe life into your studies. Our virtual internships for high school students are designed to enable teens to explore their chosen career field and gain sought-after practical experience.

Virtual internships for high school students are a fantastic opportunity to develop the cultural intelligence, self-awareness, and international exposure that employers and universities look for. By interning online with Intern Abroad HQ, you’ll gain international exposure through a host organization overseas without having to travel.

Our remote internships for high school students are available year-round hosted out of diverse countries across the globe. Choose from a range of career fields, including Environmental & Marine Science, Law & Human Rights, Marketing & Communications, Business, Social Work, Finance, Education, Agriculture, and more.

Intern Abroad HQ takes the hassle out of trying to land an awesome online high school internship program. We organize everything for you, from sourcing and securing an excellent placement with an international host organization, to a personalized online orientation and coaching from start to finish. You’ll also come away with a portfolio of your experiential learnings and an international reference letter, so you can ace those job and college interviews!

If you’re over 18 then you’re eligible to join any of our 180+ internship programs, both abroad and remotely.

Best Virtual Internships For High School Students

Data Analysis & Machine Learning Remote Internships - Greece
Remote Internship hosted out of Greece

Specialized remote internships out of Greece, where you’ll use technical programming software to learn about nanomaterial analysis & more!

Hosted out of Greece
Environmental Policy Remote internships From Greece
Remote Internship hosted out of Greece

Join a highly respected NGO on a virtual environmental policy internship in Greece. Get real environmental policy experience and help develop conservation strategies.

Hosted out of Spain
Finance remote internships out of Spain
Remote Internship hosted out of Spain

Virtual Finance Internships out of Spain, customized to suit you! Assist companies with investment analysis, conduct financial research and manage budgets.

Hosted out of Tanzania
Finance and Business Consulting out of Tanzania
Remote Internship hosted out of Tanzania

Put your finance and business experience to good use on this virtual finance and business consulting internship working with real clients in Tanzania.

Hosted out of Greece
Graphic Design & Marketing Remote internships From Greece
Remote Internship hosted out of Greece

Engage audiences with your design and marketing skills, helping conservation efforts in Greece. Propel your career and promote worthy environmental causes!

Hosted out of India
International Business remote internships out of India
Remote Internship hosted out of India

Customizable remote business internship, hosted out of India. Assist with business research, mentoring start-ups, IT engineering and more.

Hosted out of Tanzania
Example Internship online internships out of Tanzania
Remote Internship hosted out of Tanzania

Remote internships in journalism offer insight into print publications, graphic design, best practice for journalism and media production.

Hosted out of Greece
Example Remote internships From Greece
Remote Internship hosted out of Greece

Virtual internships in marine conservation in Greece.Remote interns study marine environments, assess real data and help marine conservation strategies

Marine Mammals Research & Conservation Remote internships From Greece
Remote Internship hosted out of Greece

Virtual internship in marine conservation, researching dolphin populations and behavior. Intern with dolphin researchers and help dolphin conservation in Greece

Hosted out of Tanzania
Accounting & Finance remote internships out of Tanzania
Remote Internship hosted out of Tanzania

Microfinance internships enable interns to make a difference, while gaining experience in finance, business, accounting and entrepreneurship.

Hosted out of Tanzania
Remote Sustinable Farming internship out of Greece
Remote Internship hosted out of Tanzania

Put your sustainable farming experience into practice and help to upskill local farmers, alongside an agricultural training school in Tanzania.

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Why Earn Academic Credit Through An Intern Abroad HQ Internship

Earn college credit through interning abroad

Watch the video to find out how you can earn college credit, travel the world, and have an international internship experience for less than $1,700 USD including your accommodation and credits! That’s less than your college tuition fees plus you get to travel. You’ll gain practical, hands-on experience, cut down on time in the classroom, and save money!

Best high school programs abroad with Volunteer HQ

Best high school programs abroad

Looking to gain practical experience abroad as a high school student? Our sister organization International Volunteer HQ offers a range of exciting volunteer abroad opportunities for teens.

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Hear from recent high school interns…

That experience alone made me feel amazing, I really loved being able to communicate with them and just be able to talk to them.

My internship was a wonderful whirlwind. Over a five-week journey I helped a Spain-based company expand its influence into the U.S. by analyzing the American market in relation to the company’s mission and coming up with strategic plans to conduct the expansion

The outcomes from doing this internship have greatly benefitted me in many aspects, the main outcome being gaining more confidence in communicating… . It also gave me a good insight into the importance of the career I plan on doing and the impact that it will have on people, which has ultimately made me more confident in wanting to pursue this type of path in future.

My internship was much deeper than I had originally anticipated, and I acquired much more knowledge than I initially expected. Being able to participate in numerous therapy sessions has helped me to understand psychology in a whole new light beyond the psychology course that I am presently enrolled in.

I feel more empowered in my field as this internship has shown me what exactly it is I enjoy about my chosen field. I especially liked that I had control over the extent of my creativity during the internship itself.

I signed up for this remote internship during my second semester of my Freshman year of university. I was pushed beyond my limits in an international journalism field, and this is exactly what environment I wanted to be immersed in as an intern exploring my interests.

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