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Environmental Conservation

International Internships in Environmental Conservation

Are you looking for Environmental internships that enable you to make an impact in protecting our planet, fighting climate change and conserving wildlife? Intern Abroad HQ’s affordable Conservation internships enable you to cultivate cultural intelligence, expand your global network and polish essential soft skills by joining a pioneering organization of experienced environmentalists.

Whether you’re interested in wildlife conservation, reserve management, ecology, practical or theoretical experience - our global Environmental Science internships are customized for students, graduates and young professionals to meet specific career goals or academic requirements.

We offer Environmental internships abroad for those who want to combine experiential learning with an overseas adventure, so explore our Environmental Science & Conservation internships below and get started today!

Explore internships in Environmental Conservation
Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #15: Life on Land

Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #15: Life on Land

Around 1 million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. Our Environmental Conservation internships use regenerative techniques to combat deforestation, conserve biodiversity, and protect wildlife.

Many employers favor candidates who have experience that aligns with their organization’s ethics. Our internships enable you to gain practical experience in your career field, while supporting global sustainable development.

Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #15: Life on Land

Environmental Conservation Internship Opportunities

Environmental Conservation
San Ramon, Costa Rica
Environmental Conservation Internships in Costa Rica
Internship Abroad in Costa Rica

Support environmental conservation in Costa Rica’s unique cloud rainforests and reserves. Help local conservationists on sustainability projects that matter!

Environmental Conservation
Antigua, Guatemala
Environmental Conservation internship in Guatemala
Internship Abroad in Guatemala

Interns support local reserve staff in strengthening and promoting training programs on environmental issues and sustainable development.

Environmental Science
Auckland, New Zealand
Environmental Science Internships in New Zealand
Internship Abroad in Auckland

Contribute to managing and conserving New Zealand’s famous pristine environment, while interning to learn practical conservation techniques.

GIS Specialization for Environmental Conservation
South Africa - Reserves & National Parks, South Africa
GIS Specialization for Environmental Conservation at Gondwana Game Reserve in South Africa
Internship Abroad in South Africa - Reserves & National Parks

Interns will learn how to use GIS software, collect GIS data on the ground, and apply data and skills to solve real-world African conservation issues.

Reserve Management & Research at Kruger National Park
South Africa - Reserves & National Parks, South Africa
Internships at Balule Game Reserve at Kruger National Park
Internship Abroad in South Africa - Reserves & National Parks

Intern in Kruger National Park, where Reserve Management & Research interns develop reserve research while assisting with wildlife conservation efforts.

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”This program was the most amazing trip I’ve ever taken. My stay in South Africa went way above my expectations. I received more value than I expected. The program was always very organized and we knew what was expected of us. I learned a lot about nature and wildlife.”

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