Intern Abroad HQ offers international internships across a diverse range of career fields in 24 destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific, Central America, and South America. As an international intern, your skills and interests are matched with a relevant placement organization to ensure you can gain career-relevant international experience that translates to your college degree or career path.

Whether you want to intern abroad or join one of our remote internship programs from home, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your cross-cultural competency, gain invaluable international work experience and make a valuable contribution to your placement organization. Our internship opportunities can be taken at any time and we offer you the most flexible and affordable programs available.

As a division of International Volunteer HQ, we are the world leaders in delivering impactful international experiences with an alumni community of more than 113,000 program participants.

Animal Sciences

Gain hands-on experience with animals in incredible destinations around the world where pets and wild animals lack access to care. Whether you are studying veterinary science or simply have a passion for animal welfare - explore the animal care internships for you and make an impact abroad.


Gain a unique insight into global markets in an international business setting with internships in Accounting, Microfinance, Event Management, Real Estate, Tourism, Trade, Hospitality, Sales and Marketing. Remote and overseas options available within startups, NGOs and other cutting-edge companies.

Creative Arts & Media

Explore your creative talents, develop strong communication skills and gain experience on real world projects with Journalism, Media, Fashion and Graphic Design internships. Remote and overseas options are available within some of the world’s most vibrant organizations and cultures.

Environmental Sciences

Preserve precious ecosystems and learn sustainable practices in some of the world’s most beautiful locations on Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Agriculture and Conservation internships. With remote and overseas options available, you can gain both practical and theoretical experience.

Health Sciences

Get hands-on international experience in your chosen field while exploring healthcare practices across different cultures. Whether you’re a student or graduate in Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Food Science, Nutrition or General Healthcare - we’ve got an internship for you.

Social Sciences

Enhance your people skills, deepen your cultural intelligence and make a difference to communities around the world with Psychology, Law, International Relations, Social Work and Education internships. Remote and overseas options are available for those passionate about human rights, mental health and education.


Enhance your global perspective while interning on innovative projects with world-leading scientists, engineers and programmers. With remote and overseas internships available in the fields of Computer Science, IT, Architecture and Engineering - this is an exciting opportunity to get your foot in the door and kickstart your career.