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Here are just a few examples of the fascinating organizations our interns have been placed into, across some of the most sought after career fields

Our Host Organizations

Intern Abroad HQ has a global portfolio of leading companies and organizations that host our interns. This enables us to place you with a host organization that aligns with your unique interests, academic requirements and career goals.

Our placements give you the opportunity to gain meaningful international work experience that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. These sought-after global experiences cultivate in-demand professional skills to truly accelerate your career.

Our team of global internship professionals are highly experienced in connecting students and graduates with innovative, impact-led host organizations, who offer life-shaping, career-enhancing internship placements.

We support students with their individual goals.

Our unique portfolio of internship hosts is dedicated to supporting students and graduates with their individual goals:

  • Test drive a career field to help steer your future studies or career choice
  • Develop your resume with relevant experience and build a professional network
  • Experience cultural immersion that builds confidence and character
  • Fulfill academic requirements or gain course credit through experiential learning

How interns are matched to a placement within their field

We’ll work with you on a customized level to ensure your specific internship details are suitable, however, your placement is not secured until you have confirmed your participation by paying the deposit.

1. Apply online for free

If you haven’t already done so, apply for your desired internship. This enables us to receive your formal expression of interest and review your suitability.

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2. Secure your internship

Once you’re accepted, confirm your participation as soon as possible by paying a deposit of $499 USD. The value of this deposit is subtracted from your total internship program fee.

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3. Get matched with a host organization suited to you

As soon as you’ve paid your deposit, you are guaranteed a placement and we can start the personalized process of matching you with a host organization or company within your chosen internship field. When placing interns, we always consider important individual details such as:

  • Your relevant skills, experiences, and studies
  • Your particular placement preferences
  • Any academic requirements you might have
  • Your availability and chosen internship dates

4. Get guaranteed flexibility with free changes

Even after paying your deposit, you can still change your start date, destination or internship later for free. Our flexible booking policy outlines this in more detail.

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Please note: We receive high interest from applicants for internship placements - especially during peak season dates. Our placements are allocated on a first come, first served basis which is why we recommend paying your deposit as soon as you can to secure your first-choice placement.

Learn more about the experiences of other interns within your career field:

Animal Sciences

Explore Animal Science internships

Intern Abroad HQ’s range of Animal Science internships cater to interns who are passionate about animal rights, wildlife conservation, veterinary care, husbandry, and more.

Animal Sciences placements range from interning at a local vet clinic or animal shelter, to zoological parks and wildlife hospitals.

Animal Science internships are available in the following fields:

Explore Animal Science internships

”This internship was the start of my dream to be a traveling vet one day. I got the experience of a lifetime and made amazing friends. I got to assist with consults, surgeries, performing ultrasounds, x rays, bloodwork, urine work, and other lab tests. I was responsible for administering medications and injections and taking care of in-patients. This role allowed me to be more adaptable and really highlighted my problem-solving skills. My most memorable moment was participating in my first surgery ever! Literally everything I learnt I can now use towards my goal.”


Explore Business internships

Intern Abroad HQ’s diverse range of Business internships offer the unique opportunity to collaborate on real world projects and learn from experienced professionals within your chosen field.

Business internship placements are available across startups, NGOs, tourism companies, marketing agencies, real estate, event planning, and other innovative companies around the globe! Interns are invited to state industry preferences, so that we can customize your placement details accordingly.

You can define your area of interest within business by choosing an internship from one of the following sub-categories:

Explore Business internships

”My internship experience allowed me to travel and meet new people with different cultural backgrounds, enhancing my job ready skills and cultural intelligence! It enhanced my professional abilities such as report writing, time management, teamwork and language abilities. I learned how to write competitor analysis reports and this helped me to have a better understanding of customers' needs.”

Creative Arts & Media

Explore Creative Arts & Media internships

Intern Abroad HQ’s Creative Arts & Media internships empower you to explore your creative talents, develop strong communication skills and gain experience on real world projects within some of the world’s most vibrant organizations and cultures.

Arts & Media placements are available across creative agencies, magazine and newspaper publishers, fashion houses, communications consultancies, museums and galleries, theaters, and more! Interns are welcome to state industry preferences, so that we can customize your placement to your unique interests and talents!

Define your area of interest by choosing an internship from one of these sub-categories:

Explore Creative Arts & Media internships

”I feel so much more empowered in the field of journalism, both in the development of new skills, but also in having my work published and aired by a well-established radio station. This station recognized my work ethic and potential, and allowed me to bring my visions to life. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and the ways it has helped me feel more motivated, established and confident in my abilities.”

Environmental Sciences

Explore Environmental Science internships

Intern Abroad HQ offers a broad range of placements for interns passionate about environmental and marine conservation, sustainability, agriculture, viticulture, and more! These internships are carefully selected to enable you to gain theoretical, research, and fieldwork experience.

Environmental Science placements are available in some of the world’s most biodiverse destinations. Host organizations include: leading environmental and marine research institutes, non-profits, national park reserve camps, ecological investment organizations, agricultural consulting companies, and more!

Environmental Science internships are available in the following fields:

Explore Environmental Science internships

”My expectations were exceeded upon arrival, as I was able to meet such an amazing group of people and supervisors! I'm extremely pleased to have been given the opportunity to undertake so much practical work. This internship reinforced core skills which will be necessary for future research and conservation work, including teamwork, public speaking and other people skills. It also taught me underwater teamwork and cooperation skills, which are difficult to acquire and strengthen.”

Health Sciences

Explore Health Science internships

Intern Abroad HQ’s wide range of Health Science internships cater to interns wanting to gain practical experience in medicine, nursing, dentistry, nutrition, physical therapy, sports science, emergency services, midwifery, gynecology, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physician’s assistant, and much more!

Health Science placements are available in leading hospitals, practices, and clinics around the world. Interns are required to have some Spanish language skills in Peru, Costa Rica and Guatemala, but all others are suitable for English language speakers.

Your qualification level, experience, abilities, and areas of interest will all be considered when placing you. In most cases, interns have scope to learn from a wide range of departments.

Explore internship sub-categories within the field of Health Sciences:

Explore Health Science internships

”I conducted my Medical internship in a top private hospital with cutting-edge technology in Athens. It was one of the most impressive organizations I have ever seen in healthcare. I had the chance to observe one of the best hematologists in Europe at work, they were an amazing supervisor, teaching me a lot! I gained a lot of new clinical and hands-on experience. Everything I learned will be useful in my future career and help me to complete my medical degree.”

Social Sciences

Explore Social Science internships

Intern Abroad HQ’s Social Science internships are perfect for interns who are passionate about social advocacy, human rights, mental health or teaching, and want to gain practical experience in their field.

Social Science placements are available in human rights NGOs, psychology institutes, mental health services, law firms, legal aid foundations, education centers, psychology clinics, community-led organizations, and more!

Your qualification level, experience, abilities, areas of interest, and any academic requirements will all be considered when placing you.

Explore internship sub-categories within the field of Social Sciences:

Explore Social Science internships

”The remote Introduction to Counseling Skills internship has empowered me with more experience and confidence to pursue this field. I learnt a lot from practice and new experiences, along with useful tips from my supervisor.”


Explore STEM internships

Intern Abroad HQ’s STEM internships are ideal for those wanting to intern alongside world-leading scientists, engineers and programmers and gain relevant, real world experience in their chosen field.

STEM placements are available in tech startups, architectural firms, interior design companies, engineering consultancies, international education consortiums, leading biotech companies, blockchain companies, cybersecurity startups, export businesses, global tech companies, and more!

STEM internships are available in the following fields:

Explore STEM internships

”I chose this Engineering internship based out of Thessaloniki, Greece on the basis that I have a passion for innovation, design and problem solving. I learnt so much and was taught the basics of mechanical engineering tools, which I think will be incredibly useful later on in my mechanical engineering degree. This has been my first time traveling alone and it has allowed me to mature so much!”

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”The internship provided me with a great deal of experience around conducting research, experience which I believe would be very beneficial to future jobs. I feel more empowered in my field because now I have some knowledge about the type of work I'd do in relation to environmental law. A major reason for participating in this internship was to determine whether or not environmental law was an area I'd like to explore, and I now know that environmental work is definitely something I could see myself doing.”

Combine a travel bucket list destination with career development