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Intern Abroad HQ has relationships with hundreds of industry leading organizations around the world, which allows us to carefully select the perfect placement for you. Both our internships abroad and remote internships offer intellectually stimulating work that enables you to make a real impact.

To source the best placement opportunities around the world, Intern Abroad HQ collaborates with local professionals who live within the communities and cities where our internships are hosted. We collaborate with impact-led organizations and innovative growth companies who can offer our interns interesting career-enhancing work experience.

Our internship hosts are fully invested in your success and will include you on meaningful real-world projects, integrating you within their teams, and enabling you to benefit from a deeper, richer learning experience.

Here are just a few examples of the exciting internship placements we have sourced for our interns recently:
Animal Care & Wildlife Conservation Internships Abroad

Animal Sciences

Veterinary & Animal Care

  • A wildlife veterinary camp monitoring and protecting South Africa’s extraordinary large herbivores in the world renowned Gondwana Game Reserve

  • A veterinary practice in Guatemala that specializes in animal rehabilitation, emergency care, surgery and diagnosing conditions.

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Business Administration & Management Internships Abroad


Business & Start Ups

  • A high performance start-up incubator with programs across four European countries that kick start new businesses right from their inception

  • A startup sustainable shoe manufacturer designing sneakers for both urban and outdoor activities

  • A wearables and Internet of Things technology business specializing in phones, watches, and virtual reality

  • An innovative tech startup whose software provides customizable driving holiday itineraries in Asia

  • A cutting edge fintech startup with software that helps financial advisors become more efficient in providing objective advice

  • An online adventure tourism business with over 100 employees, offering rich vacation experiences for inquisitive travelers

  • A leading Asian travel consultancy that works with local governments, associations and tourism businesses to promote their tourist assets

  • An online gifting business that specializes in sporting experiences for those who love cycling, running, triathlon or swimming

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Event Management

  • An event company, based in Bali, focused on conferences, weddings, team building, production and gala dinner events. The company has many years of valuable experience dealing with local and international companies

  • A Spanish company with over 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Main activities include artist management, production and development of entertainment events. The company specializes in live music and organizing concerts with national and international artists throughout Spain, especially in Valencia and surrounding areas

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  • A community-based microfinance business that provides credit to low-income people in Africa who need seed capital to start their business

  • A microfinance organization that helps small entrepreneurs to start businesses and empowers women to gain financial independence in Costa Rica - read a Finance intern’s experience here

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Real Estate

See Real Estate internships

Sales & Marketing

  • A world-leading professional Spanish football club – watch a video of one of our marketing intern’s experience

  • An influencer marketing agency that represents of some of Spain’s most high profile celebrities

  • A digital marketing agency with 273 clients that specializes in UI/UX web design and development, search engine marketing, social media advertising

  • A through-the-line youth marketing agency that’s been running campaigns targeted at 18-24 year old consumers since 1998

  • A brand building design agency operating across three continents

  • A boutique sales, marketing and PR consultancy that works with some of Europe’s most sought after beauty brands

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Tourism & Hospitality

  • An online adventure tourism business with over 100 employees, offering rich vacation experiences for inquisitive travelers

  • A leading Asian travel consultancy that works with local governments, associations and tourism businesses to promote their tourist assets

  • A tourism company specializing in historic buildings, galleries and gastronomy

  • A luxury hotel and leisure club in the heart of the Irish countryside

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Creative Arts & Media Internships Intern Abroad HQ

Creative Arts & Media


  • An established fashion house in Bali that specializes in colorful and stylish swimwear design

  • Fashion tailoring at various ateliers in Prague, which could cover anything from classic dressmaking to costume design for dance and theatre (fashion design interns must be capable of sewing, in addition to designing concepts, and will be asked to note and include examples of the type of materials you’re capable of working with)

See Fashion internships

Graphic Design

  • An Institute of Marine Conservation which utilizes the support of interns to develop infographics, posters, animations, scientific illustrations and other related material to help raise awareness of environmental challenges and engage others to take action

  • A Communication Consultant studio operating out of Spain, which provides creative design solutions for a variety of clients with different marketing budgets

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Journalism & Media

  • A leading African newspaper group with six publications in English, covering politics, economy, education, sports, and entertainment or a magazine publisher that covers stories about youth culture and lifestyle, including sexuality, relationships, and HIV/AIDS

  • Project dissemination support for an international education consortium, which is working to develop an MSc course on Smart Maritime and Surveying Systems, as well as Electromobility. The internship is focused on content creation for social media but also grants interns the creative scope to learn about emerging technologies, such as Maritime/Marine, IoT measurements, Electromobility and remote monitoring

  • An English language magazine produced out of Valencia, Spain, which covers a wide range of subjects including food, nightlife, culture, history, sports, clubbing, live music, shopping and more. The publication is recommended locally, nationally and internationally by The Times, The Guardian, Time Out, Rough Guide, Lonely Planet, Let’s Go, Footprints,, El País and more

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Environmental Science Internships Intern Abroad HQ

Environmental Sciences


  • An Agricultural Consulting company, aimed at the development of geo-spatial innovative solutions and services for building and maintaining an Agricultural Information Management System

  • A Guatemala based coffee farming cooperative

See Agriculture internships

Environmental Conservation

  • Reserve management base camp in Africa’s world-renowned Kruger National Park, where lion, hippo, elephant, giraffe and buffalo roam free - see how one of our interns got on here.

  • A non-profit foundation that offers prizes and mentoring to organizations that have innovative ideas for solving any of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

  • A world-leading environmental research institute set inside a boutique hotel in the middle of a tropical forest - read one of our intern’s experiences here

See Environmental Conservation internships

Marine Biology

  • One of the world’s foremost marine conservation institutes that’s committed to researching and defending biodiversity across the Mediterranean – read a marine conservation intern’s experience here

  • A wildlife and ecological investment organization, based out of Sodwana Bay, South Africa’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the world-renowned coral reefs support some of the world’s most diverse fish and marine mammal communities

See Marine Biology internships
Health Science Internships Intern Abroad HQ

Health Sciences


  • A large healthcare facility in Tanzania, where comprehensive dental care is made as accessible as possible to the local population. Local staff may assist with basic oral hygiene, through to more complex orthodontic treatments

  • A clinic based at a public primary school within Cuzco, Peru. The age of patients typically ranges from kindergarten through 6th grade. The expected hours of assistance are from 8am to 1pm and interns are required to speak intermediate to advanced Spanish

See Dentistry internships

Food Science & Nutrition

  • Fair Trade food production companies operating out of Bali (e.g. chocolate, wine, cheese, yogurt) which source local ingredients, support local farmers and producers, and supply to premium markets

  • Nutrition internship placements in Arusha, Tanzania, based within regional clinics/hospitals, where patients with severe and complex cases of malnutrition are referred for care. Nutrition interns work alongside local nutritionists and doctors, who endeavor to treat adults and children who are suffering from the effects of long-term malnutrition

See Food Science & Nutrition internships

Medical & Healthcare

  • A network of hospitals that covers all medical specialities with recognized prestige in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and oncological pathology

  • A general practice primary health care center in the Peruvian Andes, which forms part of the Ministry of Health’s program for supporting the unemployed - read a Physician’s Assistant’s internship experience here

See Medical & Healthcare internships

Physical Therapy

  • A sports rehabilitation center that specializes in injury treatment, injury prevention and enhancing sports performance. It has an elite team of multidisciplinary professionals on board to help athletes, on an individual basis, to achieve their objectives and to overcome any obstacles they are facing. Other services include sports medicine and traumatology, orthopedic surgery, sports podiatry, sports physiotherapy, digital radiology, muscular- skeletal ultrasound, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, cardiology and sports rehabilitation

  • A youth physiotherapy center that specifically aims to treat children suffering from sensorimotor disorders of neurological origin. Ages of patients range from birth until high school age, with treatment also given to children born prematurely or to those children that don’t have a neurological disorder but suffer from developmental delays

  • A non-profit organization that takes care of people who are not able to be treated by health centers for financial reasons or otherwise. At the health centre, nuns take care of disabled women with physical and psychological problems. They offer clinical assistance, physiotherapy treatments as well as psychological interventions

See Physical Therapy internships
Social Science Internships Intern Abroad HQ

Social Sciences


  • A leading international educational center with a training program supported by advances in neuroeducation

  • A primary school in Arusha, Tanzania, which represents diversity in regard to tribal origins, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds

  • A foundation and education center in Arusha, Tanzania, which offers refuge and a safe place to receive support toward achieving their goals, such as completing higher education, enhancing employability skills, and gaining employment

  • A government accredited language school or private language school in Dublin, where interns provide administrative support to assist the academic teams

See Education internships

Law & Human Rights Support

  • A leading human rights not-for-profit organization that aims to empower people across Africa through education, training, bridging, and advocacy

  • A leading legal aid organization in Africa with the aim of promoting access to justice, especially for women and children

  • A non-profit foundation that offers prizes and mentoring to organizations that have innovative ideas for solving any of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

  • A legal tech startup that automates contract editing and signing

  • An African law firm that focuses on anti-corruption work and criminal defence

See Law & Human Rights Support internships


  • A psychology institute that helps people suffering from depression, drug dependency, family problems, sexual issues, and compulsive behavior

  • An innovative mental health service developing a virtual therapist to help patients manage stress, thought patterns and emotions from an App

  • A branch of multidisciplinary clinics in Cape Town, South Africa, which includes a team of psychologists, occupational therapists and social workers, who treat adolescents with mental health disorders and a variety of issues pertaining to troubled youth

  • Psychology clinics in Tanzania (Arusha and Zanziabar) which provide insight into how traditional cultural beliefs can challenge western approaches to health and wellbeing. Clinics may take a combined approach to psychological practice, including both contemporary Western philosophy (such as cognitive behaviour therapy), as well as various religious or cultural philosophies

See Psychology internships

Social Work

  • Community based organizations which provides support and resources to clients with diverse needs and backgrounds - read a remote Social Work intern’s internship experience here

  • An NGO supporting social projects and programs around entrepreneurship and health, and which also offers cooking classes

  • A non-profit that works with disadvantaged women and girls in India to build self-esteem, financial independence, and education

See Social Work internships
STEM Internships Intern Abroad HQ



  • An interior design company at the cutting edge of architectural trends

See Architecture internships

Computer Science & IT

  • An educational facility which conducts specialist project work for European engineering consulting companies, focused on unmanned vehicles, their electronics and electromobility systems

  • A blockchain technology company that has a partnership with IBM

  • A fascinating cyber security startup that protects cars from being hacked

  • A technology-led education company that creates educational materials, training itineraries and courses to promote STEM vocations

  • An export consulting business that uses technology and algorithms to evaluate international risks

See Computer Science & IT internships


  • A cutting-edge company that uses tech to produce 100% plant-based, biodegradable and toxic-free industrial materials from agricultural waste

  • A global tech company that designs and manufactures drones for emergency and rescue teams

  • A world leading biotech company whose mission is to improve clinical practice with the implementation of genome wide RNA analysis

  • An international education consortium, which conducts specialist project work for European engineering consulting companies. Projects may be related to virtual exercises/experiments for electric circuits, development of open source platforms, cyber security applications, remote data acquisition and more

See Engineering internships

”The internship provided me with a great deal of experience around conducting research, experience which I believe would be very beneficial to future jobs. I feel more empowered in my field because now I have some knowledge about the type of work I'd do in relation to environmental law. A major reason for participating in this internship was to determine whether or not environmental law was an area I'd like to explore, and I now know that environmental work is definitely something I could see myself doing.”

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