International Internships in Sales & Marketing

Looking for Marketing internships that will enable you to use your flair for creative writing, social media, public relations or content creation to make an impact? Intern Abroad HQ’s affordable Marketing internships enable you to cultivate cultural intelligence, expand your global network and polish essential soft skills by joining a pioneering organization of experienced professionals.

Our global Marketing internships are customized for students, graduates and young professionals to meet specific career goals or academic requirements. Learn about international markets and gain invaluable experience running global marketing campaigns on remote and overseas internship programs with exciting organizations and agencies.

We offer Sales & Marketing internships abroad for those who want to combine experiential learning with an overseas adventure, as well as remote Marketing internships for those who prefer the flexibility and freedom of working from home and choosing their own hours.

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Abroad internships

Marketing & Sales Internships in Bali

Marketing & Sales in Bali  

Internship abroad in Bali, Indonesia

Sales & Marketing interns contribute to Bali’s three biggest industries - food production, tourism and hospitality. With a wide range of customized placements available, interns help local companies to stand out from their competitors with fun, unique and attractive campaigns and sales strategies.

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Intern Abroad HQ Marketing Internships in Prague

Marketing in Czech Republic  

Internship abroad in Prague, Czech Republic

Marketing internships in Prague provide customized experiences within marketing and communications departments in a range of companies. Interns learn social media, SEO, and digital communications skills while experiencing one of Europe’s most popular tourist cities.

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Sales & Marketing internships in Dublin - Ireland

Sales & Marketing in Ireland  

Internship abroad in Dublin, Ireland

Excellent internship opportunities in Ireland, for those interested in brand management, marketing strategy, digital marketing, distribution and sales. Sales & Marketing internship placements are customized to suit you, with opportunities to learn about consumer behavior, marketing strategy, market research and more.

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Law and Human Rights Internships in Italy

Digital Marketing in Italy  

Internship abroad in Rome, Italy

Exciting Digital Marketing internships offering hands-on experience within the marketing and communication departments of Italian brands, as well as specialist marketing, communications and graphic design agencies. Interns mostly focus on online advertising, digital communications strategies and social media marketing.

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Sales and Trade internships in Italy

Sales & Account Management in Italy  

Internship abroad in Rome, Italy

These Sales & Account Management internships in Italy offer the chance to build hands-on experience assisting with business development strategies, helping to conduct market research, assist vendors run promotional strategies, or undertake fiscal, administrative and accounting activities.

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Marketing & Communications Internships in New Zealand

Marketing & Communications in New Zealand  

Internship abroad in Auckland, New Zealand

Perfect internships for Marketing & Communications students, with opportunities available in a wide range of fields. Interns can focus on advertising, media, branding and more, with customized internships that help to promote brands, products and services both within New Zealand and internationally Internship placements in New Zealand can be with both for-profit and nonprofit businesses and organizations..

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Marketing & Communications Internships in Peru

Marketing & Communications in Peru  

Internship abroad in Cusco, Peru

Marketing and Communications internships in Peru involve hands-on promotion of a wide range of companies, including tourism agencies, hostels, hotels and NGOs. Interns can help with digital marketing, content creation, social media and communications to support businesses to grow and boost their visibility both locally and internationally.

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Marketing & Communications Internships in Cape Town

Marketing in South Africa  

Internship abroad in Cape Town, South Africa

A Marketing internship in South Africa is customized to suit you, and can include development of sales strategies, brand management, online content, social media marketing, market analytics, research and more. Come ready to be dedicated, proactive, and creative!

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Marketing, Design & Communications Internships Abroad

Marketing & Communications in Spain  

Internship abroad in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is Spain’s innovation hub, where co-working spaces are homes to dozens of exciting startups and modern businesses. Marketing & Communications interns assist these companies in private, NGO and tech sectors by producing high quality social media, PR, digital and design content that helps to engage audiences and build their brands.

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Sales and trade Internships abroad

Sales & Trade in Spain  

Internship abroad in Valencia, Spain

Develop your sales experience and assist with international business growth in a range of industries. These are customized business internships for anyone with an interest in international trade, business development and communications. Interns assist with adapting sales content for international markets, supporting international business departments, and more.

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Cultural Arts Internships in Zanzibar

Cultural Arts in Zanzibar  

Internship abroad in Zanzibar

Support local artisans to make quality crafts and provide business advice to help them market and sell their products. Foster craft making skills, wider business and financial understanding, improved English and computer literacy, to build successful ventures and market products with quality packaging, promotion and networking.

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Remote internships

Remote internships in Sports Management out of Argentina

Sports Management  

Remote Internships out of Argentina

Gain experience in the highly sought-after field of sports management, supporting a top professional football club in Argentina and an international sports charity. Interns help with day-to-day operations, marketing and communications, and liaison between your placement and international partner clubs to find opportunities for further growth.

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Marketing Remote Internships out of Czech Republic


Remote Internships out of Czech Republic

Develop practical marketing skills from home, contributing to innovative campaigns and strategies for companies based in Prague. Internships are personalized to your own interests, with placements in a wide range of industries, gaining hands-on experience in social media, SEO, and digital communications.

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Social Media & Digital Marketing Remote internships From Greece

Social Media & Digital Marketing  

Remote Internships out of Greece

Social Media & Digital Marketing interns assist an international education consortium with the promotion of engaging content to students, academics and other industry stakeholders, keeping them informed of exciting new research projects, opportunities and events. Internships may involve social media content creation, graphic design, newsletter communication and SEO development.

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Remote Internships in Marketing for NGOs out of Guatemala

Marketing for NGOs  

Remote Internships out of Guatemala

Help local NGOs in Guatemala to raise funds and awareness in the community, allowing them to provide services to disadvantaged people. Interns assist with marketing and social media management, producing content and running fundraising campaigns that directly benefit locals.

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Digital marketing remote internships out of Ireland

Digital Marketing & SEO  

Remote Internships out of Ireland

Give your marketing career a boost by gaining practical skills and experience in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization on this remote internship. Interns are placed in media companies, where you have the opportunity to contribute to real-life client campaigns. Learn about SEO principles, build content for websites, and manage social media accounts to engage audiences and boost the visibility of clients online.

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Communications & Digital Marketing Remote Internships out of Italy

Communications & Digital Marketing  

Remote Internships out of Italy

Develop real-world digital marketing and communications skills by collaborating with local professionals in marketing agencies, PR companies and NGOs in Italy. Remote marketing interns help to create original online and social media content, develop and implement communications plans and work with influencers to grow brand awareness.

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Business marketing remote internships out of Jamaica

Business Marketing  

Remote Internships out of Jamaica

Support local entrepreneurs and small enterprises, helping them to overcome challenges and identify new opportunities to grow their business. Interns focus on brand development, marketing and sales, helping start up and established businesses to cement themselves in their communities and build sustainable and successful business systems.

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Marketing & Communications remote internships out of Japan

Marketing & Communications  

Remote Internships out of Japan

Boost your career prospects by developing your Marketing & Communications skills working with exciting start-up companies in Japan. Many placements have a global mindset, and focus on foreign markets and international sales. Remote interns can learn about social media marketing, content, SEO, business development and more!

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Marketing & Media remote internships out of Morocco

Marketing & Media  

Remote Internships out of Morocco

This remote internship in Marketing and Media offers the chance to contribute to advertising campaigns and news stories for widely respected publications in Morocco. Assist with written or video content, support social media campaigns and help with marketing strategies – all from home!

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Marketing & Communications remote internships out of Spain

Marketing & Communications  

Remote Internships out of Spain

Collaborate with innovative, modern businesses in Valencia on customized virtual internships in Marketing & Communications that suit your own skills and interests. Gain experience in developing impactful marketing content, social media campaigns, online advertising, and creative design projects across a range of industries, all while interning from home!

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