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Business International Internships

Gain a unique insight into global markets in an international business setting with internships in Accounting, Microfinance, Event Management, Real Estate, Tourism, Trade, Hospitality, Sales and Marketing.

Intern Abroad HQ’s diverse range of Business internships offer the unique opportunity to work on real world projects within startups, NGOs and other cutting-edge companies around the globe. Your Business internship is supplemented by expert guidance, wrap-around support and our exclusive experiential learning curriculum.

Whether you’re looking for Business internships for college students, high school students or graduates, internships for Business majors are available both abroad and remotely. With year-round start dates, flexible durations and the most affordable fees, these internship programs can be customized to meet your academic requirements or career goals.

Discover our diverse range of Business internships to match your desired career field or academic major below!

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Event Management

Nurture your organizational, public relation, promotion and project management skills in some of the world’s most sought after destinations. Whether you’re interested in organizing parties, ceremonies, conventions, tours or corporate events - these internships abroad are sure to make your resume shine.

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Gain real world financial experience across international economies and make your resume stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re interested in working in a commercial business setting, international trade, accounting or microfinance organizations - we’ve got remote and overseas internships available.

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Real Estate

Gain real world experience managing property, land and investors in some of the most stunning parts of the world. Whether you’re interested in the financial side or selling property, this internship abroad is an excellent opportunity to get a taste of the real estate industry and immerse yourself in a new culture.

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Tourism & Hospitality

What better way to gain experience in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry than to go abroad and immerse yourself in the sector? This is a unique opportunity to work with travel agents, advisors, tourism managers, restaurants and hotels in some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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