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Internships in Guatemala

Guatemala Internships

Intern in Guatemala with Intern Abroad HQ and discover volcanic landscapes, baroque architecture, and a warm, vibrant culture. Choose from a wide range of short-term internship programs in Guatemala, including Medical, Physical Therapy, Environmental Conservation, Veterinary & Animal Care, Microfinance, Hospitality & Tourism, and Coffee Production. Interns are required to have beginner - intermediate Spanish language proficiency for these internships. With affordable fees and top rated programs, Intern Abroad HQ offers the best internship opportunities in Guatemala for students, graduates, career changers, and gap year travelers!

  • Program Fees from $1756 for 4 weeks
  • Includes arrangement of your placement, airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, and 24/7 in-country support
  • Accommodation in homestays

  • Based in the beautiful city of Antigua and around Santa Lucia Milpas Altas

  • Internships begin on the first and third Monday of each month

Fully hosted experience from $1756
Includes accommodation and meals
Start dates every other Monday
Intern for 4 weeks to 24 weeks
Spanish language lessons available
Get job-ready with our Experiential Learning Curriculum
Requires a minimum of beginner Spanish

Internship opportunities

Coffee Production internship in Guatemala
Internship Abroad in Guatemala

Help farmers produce world-class coffee in Guatemala. Assist in and out of office for a complete coffee experience. Basic Spanish language skills required.

Tourism & Hospitality
Internship Abroad in Guatemala

Gain hands-on experience by assisting hotels or tour providers with all aspects of their business! Basic Spanish language skills required.

Healthcare internships in Guatemala
Internship Abroad in Guatemala

Suitable for students at pre-med level and up. Shadow and assist medical staff in clinics, schools, and/or elderly homes. Spanish language required.

Internship Abroad in Guatemala

Gain experience with financial education organizations in Guatemala, which support small business owners. This is a Spanish-speaking internship.

Physical Therapy internships in Guatemala
Internship Abroad in Guatemala

Gain hands-on physical therapy experience under the guidance of local professionals in Guatemala. Basic Spanish language skills required.

Animal and Veterinary Care
Internship Abroad in Guatemala

Gain hands-on veterinary experience alongside professional vets to treat domestic and farm animals. Basic Spanish language skills required.

What recent interns said about their experience

Rayyaan Kazi
June 2023

My experience in Guatemala has been eye-opening, revealing cultural and lifestyle differences that made me reflect on my own norms and values. The organisation I interned with aims to help children and adults with disabilities. I had the opportunity to work in the microfinance section of the company, which focused on the economic empowerment of the local community through supporting and growing their small businesses. As an intern, I helped to develop comprehensive business plans for various small businesses and marketing initiatives. I developed various skills which can be applied to my future career, such as practical experience in project management. I learnt to navigate challenges, identify and analyse problems, and develop effective strategies to overcome them.

Jordan Sandoval
June 2023

This experience has given me a taste of what veterinary medicine is like in other countries and has helped me solidify that this is something I want to do in my career going forward. My internship role involved obtaining vitals on incoming patients, doing physical exams on them and relaying my findings to the veterinarian, and helping with vaccinations. This internship has helped me improve my Spanish, not only in a general sense, but also in a medical sense. One of the biggest pieces of advice I would give to someone beginning a similar internship is to do some research ahead of time on the culture you are going into so you have a little bit of an idea on their practices. I would also say to be open to trying new things included in the culture.

Thomas Keena
March 2023

My internship abroad in Guatemala has been an amazing experience from start to finish and I would do it all over in a heartbeat. If in doubt, stop thinking about it and just do it! I advise all future interns to keep their mind open. A willingness to learn and an openness to change are essential when working in a culturally diverse setting. Not only will the locals appreciate your efforts, but it will also develop your own character and teach you about yourself. I can say with 100% certainty that I deeply appreciate and cherish the experience I have had in Guatemala. It has made me come face-to-face with myself and it has shown myself how resilient I truly am. It has made me find a new family on the other side of the world.

Ashleigh Garrett
August 2019

I highly recommend interning in Guatemala. The people there are so kind, and the support staff is always there if and when you need them. The entire time I felt welcome, which made the adjustment from my home to there a lot smoother. Additionally, this opportunity taught me a lot. Leaving Guatemala, I felt that I gained knowledge in their culture, language, and way of living. I also felt more confident in adapting in an unknown setting and that I can be independent in a foreign country. Ultimately, this trip is worth every cent because what you can gain from it you can’t gain any other way.

Samuel John
August 2017

While in Guatemala for 6 weeks, Intern Abroad HQ allowed me to combine my program work with their experiential learning program. The guidance provided through the Intern Abroad HQ program provided fresh structure and insight and the reflections on things like culture, communication, problem-solving and expectations really helped with my adjustment period and ability to think outside the box. I'd definitely recommend this approach to anyone else looking to intern abroad!


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