Internships in Prague

Intern Abroad HQ offers affordable internships in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. Available year round, beginning every Monday and starting from just 4 weeks, internship fields include Business & Commerce, Administration, Marketing, Design, I.T and Education. We take a customized approach to arranging internships in Prague and matching each intern to their best placement opportunity within their chosen field.

Internships in the Czech Republic are located in the beautiful capital of Prague, one of Europe’s most important cultural centers. Featuring world-class museums, hundreds of concert halls, year round festivals and an impeccably preserved historical core, the destination allows you to be completely immersed in an exquisite city, where the history at your fingertips goes back a millennia.

At a glance...

    • Entry level programs from 4 weeks
    • Start dates every Monday
    • Intern fees from US$1,310
    • Accommodation included
    • Reflective learning course
    • Language lessons available
    • 24/7 in-country support

Internship opportunities

Intern Abroad HQ Administration internship in Prague


Internships in Prague that are focused on administration offer scope to work with a range of companies, ranging in size from small businesses to larger corporations. The internship role may typically be based within the reception or involve administrative support which is provided to departments such as marketing, communications, or personal assistant activities.

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Intern Abroad HQ Business and Commerece internship in Prague

Business & Commerce

Business and Commerce internships in Prague offer a diverse range of placements across industries such as manufacturing, retail, tourism, hospitality, and more. Interns can expect various types of activities across different departments, be it related to customer service, working with suppliers, finance, and management.

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Intern Abroad HQ Design internship in Prague


Design internships in Prague are very broad, so interns should be prepared to submit their design portfolio to showcase their specific field of interest and expertise - for example, related to graphic design, fashion, 3D modeling, etc. Note that fashion design interns must be capable of sewing, in addition to designing concepts, and should note (include examples) of the type of materials you’re capable of working with.

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Intern Abroad HQ Education internship in Prague


If you’re passionate about private education and eager to work with adult learners, or even gain insight into the operational running of an academic institution or language school, then these placements will be a great asset to your acquisition of real-world experience.

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Intern Abroad HQ Information Technology internship in Prague

Information Technology

IT internships in Prague offer a broad range of placements, from working with dynamic modern start-up companies, to developing skills and experience within larger, international firms. If you’re looking to sharpen your abilities in the real-world, this field offers the opportunity to gain insight into programming, testing, UX, and other essential aspects of the field.

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Intern Abroad HQ Marketing internship in Prague


Marketing internships in Prague offer placement opportunities within the marketing and communication departments of various companies and organizations. Activities tend to have a focus on social media, SEO, and digital communications, so a confident understanding of these mediums is required.

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All Intern Abroad HQ programs include a guided reflection course, which combines personal development with professional competency building. Interns receive weekly reflection modules to complete during their program, which foster the acquisition of essential soft skills for employability and a resilient career. Each reflective journaling task introduces a new topic, presents learning objectives, and provides specific prompts that inspire and guide the learning process.

Intern Abroad HQ does not award grades for the completion of our internship programs, but interns can be supported to independently arrange academic credit through their home educational provider. Upon completion of the internship duration and reflection course, interns receive a portfolio as documentation of their experience. This includes a certificate of internship completion, alongside a summary of the internship goals, skill development, highlights, and a compilation of the reflection work.