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Intern Abroad in Bali with Intern Abroad HQ

Intern in Bali

Our internship opportunities in Bali cover a wide range of disciplines. Whether you're passionate about Engineering, Business, Marketing, Food Science, Finance or Fashion, you'll find affordable internships to boost your interest, experience and knowledge.

Intern Abroad in Costa Rica with IAHQ

Intern in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Internships are available in Veterinary Care, Women's Empowerment, Environmental Conservation, and more. Most placements are based in the Central Valley, which is an ideal base to visit other parts of the country from.

Intern Abroad in Greece with IAHQ

Intern in Greece

Greece Internships are available in Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Conservation, GIS Mapping, Environmental Law, Media, Microplastics Research, and more. Placements are based in Samos Island and surrounding islands within the Aegean Sea.

Intern Abroad in Guatemala with IAHQ

Intern in Guatemala

In Guatemala, internship programs include Agriculture, Microfinance, Physiotherapy, Medical and more. Based just outside of the Antigua area, home-stay accommodations provide excellent opportunity for community and cultural integration.

Intern Abroad in Ireland with Intern Abroad HQ

Intern in Ireland

Gain a two-week internship experience in Tourism Operations or join longer-term programs in Marketing & Public Relations or Hotel Hospitality. Friendly Irish homestay accommodation ensures affordability, while placements are based in the city-center.

Intern Abroad in Tokyo, Japan

Intern in Japan

Japan is a dream destination for seeking both professional growth and personal development. Business and Education internships in Tokyo offer interns an incomparable experience within one of the world’s most fascinating and livable cities.

Intern Abroad in Cusco Peru with IAHQ

Intern in Peru

Cusco internships cover a wide range of disciplines, including a variety of health and medical specialities. Most home-stay accommodation is situated within close proximity to the historical center - so there's no excuse for not attending the weekly salsa lessons!

Intern Abroad in South Africa - Cape Town

Intern in South Africa Cape Town

Whether you’re passionate about law, education, health, or business, there’s a wide range of internships to choose from in South Africa’s most entrepreneurial city. Come with energy to learn and make new friendships that'll last a lifetime.

Intern Abroad in South Africa - Environmental Internships

Intern in South Africa Environmental Internships

Whether you're interested in habitat management, research, marine conservation, or ecology, environmental internships provide an excellent platform to boost your understanding of how scientific careers come to life.

Intern Abroad in Spain

Intern in Spain

Valencia is the perfect destination to intern in Europe. Considered an international influencer in the fields of commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and the arts, you’ll find a flexible and affordable internship that’s right for you.

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