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International Internships in Psychology

Psychology internships are an integral part of many psychology students’ education - whether you’re an undergraduate student looking to gain practical experience or a graduate student wanting to get a headstart on your career. Even if a psychology internship isn’t part of your ciriculum, all students can benefit from the experience of being supervised by a licensed psychologist or psychology professional before beginning their careers. Especially considering that while many job opportunities exist for those with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, many of those positions require six months to a year of professional experience.

With over 13,000 openings for psychology professionals expected every year until 2030¹, there’s never been a better time to jumpstart your career with a psychology internship. Through Intern Abroad HQ, you’ll learn about psychological diagnoses and treatmentswhile improving access to mental health services worldwide.

Whether you’re seeking a career at the bachelor’s degree level or short-term employment before applying for graduate school, a psychology internship looks great on a resume or graduate school application. The hands-on training offered by international psychology internships provide each student with a real-world context to apply what they’ve learned.

Browse our international psychology internships and combine experiential learning with an overseas adventure! Can’t study abroad right now? Online psychology internships are also available with the flexibility and freedom of working from home and choosing your own hours.

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Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #10: Reduced Inequalities

Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #10: Reduced Inequalities

Our Psychology internships help provide support to marginalized populations, including women, children, refugees, indigenous populations, disabled people, and those with mental health conditions.

Many employers favor candidates who have experience that aligns with their organization’s ethics. Our internships enable you to gain practical experience in your career field, while supporting global sustainable development.

Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #10: Reduced Inequalities

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”This internship role exposed me to a wide range of mental health care professions and research topics that allow me to determine areas of potential interest for career opportunities. My most significant learning points were that improving someone’s life in a small way (even just offering a listening ear) can greatly affect the course of their life in a positive way and empowering them to improve their mental health and their situation in life.”

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