International Internships in Tourism & Hospitality

What better way to gain experience in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry than to go abroad and immerse yourself in the sector? Intern Abroad HQ’s affordable Tourism internships enable you to cultivate cultural intelligence, expand your global network and polish essential soft skills by joining a pioneering organization of experienced professionals abroad.

Our global Hospitality internships combine experiential learning with an overseas adventure and can be customized for students, graduates and young professionals to meet specific career goals or academic requirements.

This is a unique opportunity to work with travel agents, advisors, tourism managers, restaurants and hotels in some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Explore our Tourism & Hospitality internships below and get ready for your next adventure!

Abroad internships

Media & Communications Internships in Bali

Tourism & Hospitality Management in Bali  

Internship abroad in Bali, Indonesia

Tourism and hospitality are two of Bali’s biggest industries, and play a large role in making the island a must-see on many travelers bucket lists. Interns can be placed in a wide range of tourism companies, hotels, visitor attractions, restaurants and more, helping to grow businesses through marketing or improve customer experiences.

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Tourism & Hospitality

Hospitality & Tourism in Guatemala  

Internship abroad in Antigua, Guatemala

This entry-level Hospitality and Tourism internship offers real world insight into the colorful travel industry in Guatemala. Gain hands-on industry experience, with placements that suit your preferences with hotels or tour operators, helping with all aspects of their daily business.

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Irish Hospitality Internship in Dublin

Hospitality & Hotel Management in Ireland  

Internship abroad in Dublin, Ireland

Irish hospitality is famous all over the world, and on these rewarding Hospitality and Hotel Management internships you’ll gain hands-on experience contributing to the lively, vibrant industry in and around Dublin. Intern in a range of high quality hotels, restaurants or bars, helping to serve customers and contributing to their operations and marketing alongside experienced professionals.

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Tourism Operations internship in Dublin Ireland

Tourism Operations in Ireland  

Internship abroad in Dublin, Ireland

This tourism internship offers an incredible mix of sightseeing and career development. Interns are placed with tour companies in Dublin, taking part in excursions and identifying areas of improvement. Assist with social media marketing and customer service for leading tourism operators, and experience Ireland’s most popular attractions while you do it!

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Tourism & Hospitality Internships in Cape Town South Africa

Tourism & Hospitality in South Africa  

Internship abroad in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has been named by both the New York Times and the British Daily Telegraph as “the best place in the world to visit”, so it’s the perfect place to complete a Tourism & Hospitality internship. Gain experience in hotels, restaurants or a range of South African tourism companies to set up your global career!

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Tourism & Hospitality Internships in Zanzibar

Tourism & Hospitality in Zanzibar  

Internship abroad in Zanzibar

Gain hands-on experience in one of Africa’s most popular tourism destinations. These are highly customized internships, with placements in hotels, resorts, boutique accommodation, restaurants, tourism operators, or even with water sports companies as a surf or diving instructor. Enjoy stunning Zanzibar and help fellow tourists to do the same!

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Intern Abroad HQ places students, graduates and young professionals into affordable internships abroad and innovative remote internships you can do from home.

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Our internship abroad programs are available year-round with minimum durations starting at 2 weeks. We offer flexible start dates to work in with your schedule. Whether you’re looking for a summer internship abroad or if you’re in between opportunities and would like to grow your global experience, we can customize an internship to match your unique motivations.

Our remote internships programs are also available year-round with customizable scheduling. You can choose from a range of online program options, ranging from 100 hours up to 350 hours. These internships are completed 100% online so you can work from home or anywhere in the world. See how it works.