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Explore our Medical internships and gain hands-on medical experience in beautiful surroundings around the world. Intern Abroad HQ’s affordable Medical internships enable you to cultivate cultural intelligence, expand your global network and polish your practical skills by joining a pioneering organization of experienced medics abroad.

Our global Medical internships combine experiential learning with an overseas adventure and can be customized for students, graduates and young professionals to meet specific career goals or academic requirements.

Whether you’re interested in midwifery, medicine, radiology, pharmacy or nursing, these internships allow you to work alongside experienced medical professionals to improve access to and quality of healthcare services for local populations.

Explore our Medical internships below and get ready for your next adventure!

Abroad internships

Health and Medical Internships in Costa Rica

Healthcare in Costa Rica

Internship abroad in San Ramon, Costa Rica

Healthcare internships in Costa Rica are based in clinics or hospitals, where interns assist and shadow local doctors and nurses. Specific placements are tailored for interns’ experience, internship length and Spanish language proficiency, but all provide the chance to see healthcare in action in a small Costa Rican town and learn from experienced local professionals.

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Medical internships in Athens

Medical in Greece

Internship abroad in Athens, Greece

Medical internships in Greece offer valuable learning experiences in public and private hospitals and clinics with state-of-the-art technology and modern healthcare practices. Interns shadow and assist local medical professionals and rotate through a range of medical departments to gain practical knowledge and broad experience in European healthcare.

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Healthcare internships in Guatemala

Medical in Guatemala

Internship abroad in Antigua, Guatemala

This medical internship is highly customizable to your experience, with placements for pre med or senior students available. Learn from local doctors and nurses, shadowing them and assisting in rural clinics, schools, elderly homes or on disability programs.

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Midwifery in Peru

Internship abroad in Cusco, Peru

Midwifery internships in Peru provide a privileged opportunity to gain experience assisting at birthing homes and clinics for new and expecting mothers. Interns are placed with local midwives, supporting and assisting them as they work with expecting mothers at various stages of their pregnancies, as well as with new mothers and infants.

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Physician’s Assistant Internships

Physician’s Assistant in Peru

Internship abroad in Cusco, Peru

Physician’s Assistant internships in Peru are perfect for medical students wanting a first-hand experience of healthcare in the stunning city of Cusco. Interns are placed in clinics, shadowing and assisting local doctors and nurses in a range of departments, including general health, psychology, gynecology, dentistry, and laboratory.

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Public Health Internships in Cape Town

Public Health in South Africa

Internship abroad in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is rich in opportunities for students who seek knowledge that will enhance their professional development, while also giving back to local communities. Public health interns assist alongside qualified healthcare professionals, at placements which can include ethnically and culturally diverse public health projects or community medical clinics.

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Medical Internships in Spain

Medical in Spain

Internship abroad in Valencia, Spain

Medical internships in Spain include placements at private hospitals and clinics, as well as non-profit health centres. Perfect for pre-med students looking to gain international healthcare experience.

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Emergency Trauma and Surgery Internships in Tanzania

Emergency Trauma and Surgery

Internship abroad in Arusha, Tanzania

This is an incredibly rare opportunity for medical students to experience emergency medicine, including surgery. Emergency surgery interns are placed in hospitals and clinics in Arusha, and observe both simple and complex procedures being carried out. You’ll work closely with local surgeons with trauma systems, International Red Cross and field experience all across Africa.

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General Health & Medicine Internships abroad

Medical in Arusha

Internship abroad in Arusha, Tanzania

Medical internships in Tanzania offer a broad scope to be placed within a clinical area/hospital, while gaining the opportunity to work directly alongside qualified, licensed medical professionals in your department.

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Medical Internships in Zanzibar

Medical in Zanzibar

Internship abroad in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Gain real-life experience alongside practicing medical professionals in Zanzibar’s main hospital. Interns can request placements in a wide range of medical departments, experiencing healthcare in a unique African setting and enjoy the wonders of Zanzibar in your free time.

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Midwifery Internships abroad

Midwifery in Tanzania

Internship abroad in Arusha, Tanzania

All new mothers and their babies should receive the utmost care and support at such a special time in their lives. Healthcare facilities in Tanzania are often under-resourced and under-staffed. Midwifery interns contribute through assisting local professionals in busy maternity and delivery wards, while providing loving support to expecting mothers and women with their newborns.

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Nursing Internships abroad

Nursing in Tanzania

Internship abroad in Arusha, Tanzania

Nurses bind healthcare systems with communities around the world, by working in partnership with them to promote and protect wellbeing. Nursing interns in Tanzania use their internationally transferable skills to work directly with patients within a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and assistants, collaborating together to care for others.

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Ophthalmology Internships in Tanzania

Ophthalmology in Tanzania

Internship abroad in Arusha, Tanzania

Ophthalmology interns in Tanzania have the opportunity to assist within an eye clinic and observe medically trained professionals as they work with patients who have ophthalmological complaints, such as cataracts and glaucoma.

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Pharmacy Internships in Tanzania

Pharmacy in Tanzania

Internship abroad in Arusha, Tanzania

Pharmacies in Tanzania are important outlets for the provision of medicines, information and counselling, as well as referral to health facilities. Pharmacy interns work in local hospitals to support the pharmacy teams in their crucial work of dispensing medication and educating patients about the importance of medication compliance.

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Radiology Internships in Arusha

Radiology in Tanzania

Internship abroad in Arusha, Tanzania

Life saving diagnostic radiology and imaging services are not easily accessible for many Tanzanians living in rural areas. Although these services are increasingly available within cities, most of the technology is not modern or advanced. Radiology interns work alongside local teams to observe, gain insight into local practices, and share their knowledge and skills where appropriate.

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