International Internships in Education

Want to find internships for Education majors or gain real world career experience with international Teaching internships? Learn to manage a classroom, support disadvantaged communities and improve access to education around the world with Intern Abroad HQ’s affordable Education and Teaching internships. These international internship programs enable you to cultivate cultural intelligence, expand your global network and polish vital soft skills by joining a pioneering organization of experienced teachers and education specialists.

Our global Education internships combine experiential learning with an overseas adventure and can be customized for students, graduates and young professionals to meet specific career goals or academic requirements.

Whether you want to find internships in Education working with women, children, young people or provide special needs support, you’ll gain insight into culturally diverse education practices and styles of learning on these exciting internships abroad.

Explore our Education and Teaching internships below and get ready for your next adventure!

Abroad internships

Special Education

Special Education in Costa Rica  

Internship abroad in San Ramon, Costa Rica

Special Education internships are suited for people who are patient, cheerful and motivated! Intern in special education centers, assisting local staff with all manner of teaching and care duties. While the nature of this work can be challenging, it’s also deeply rewarding, and provides insight into careers in disability support, caring, therapy and social work.

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Women's Education

Women's Education in Costa Rica  

Internship abroad in San Ramon, Costa Rica

Helps vulnerable Costa Rican women overcome tough situations and empower themselves through education and psychological support. Interns support local organizations that work in the community to educate women, helping them to overcome individual challenges and boosting their employment opportunities.

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Intern Abroad HQ Language Education internship in Prague

Language Education in Czech Republic  

Internship abroad in Prague, Czech Republic

Perfect internships for those wanting to gain experience teaching English abroad! Language Education interns assist in public schools and/or language schools in Prague, teaching English to students who range in age. Interns assist local teachers to prepare and host lessons, tutor individuals and even assist with school management tasks.

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Education Administration internships in Ireland

Education Administration in Ireland  

Internship abroad in Dublin, Ireland

Education Administration internships are perfect for anyone looking to gain experience in education management. With placements in Dublin schools, you’ll learn about the broader picture of education beyond the classroom. Interns assist international students and local teachers, help with recruitment, marketing and general management.

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Education internship in Japan

Youth Development & Education in Japan  

Internship abroad in Tokyo, Japan

Assist hard working parents in Japan by interning in after-school centers, providing supplementary education to children, playing games and giving them valued exposure to the English language. Interns can also assist in schools and kindergartens, helping students between 3-14 years old.

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Special Education Internships in Cusco

Special Education in Peru  

Internship abroad in Cusco, Peru

Special Education interns play an important role in supplementing the education and development of disabled students in Peru. By assisting local teachers at a specialist school, interns help to provide dedicated support and care for students, some of whom require close attention, helping with their needs and encouraging a fun learning environment.

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Youth Development & Education Internships in Cusco

Youth Development & Education in Peru  

Internship abroad in Cusco, Peru

This Youth Development and Education internship in Cusco has a broad scope for interns to assist young people with a range of learning and activities. Interns can help in the classroom, with tutoring, role-modelling, playing games or tending to specific developmental needs. This is a highly customizable internship working with young people in ways that benefit both you and them!

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Youth Development and Education Internships in Cape Town South Africa

Youth Development & Education in South Africa  

Internship abroad in Cape Town, South Africa

This is a fantastic teaching internship, where interns can work with students of all ages, in areas where they need the most support. Interns can be placed in primary or secondary schools, helping teachers in classes, or in community centers, organizing and delivering recreational activities.

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Youth Development & Education Internships abroad

Youth Development & Education in Spain  

Internship abroad in Valencia, Spain

Youth Development & Education internships in Spain offer a broad scope of opportunities for interns seeking practical experience as a teacher, mentor or youth worker. Internships are customized to suit you, with options to assist teachers, work one-on-one with students, or help NGOs that support students that range in age from 5-18.

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Pre-School Childrens Education Internships in Tanzania

Pre-School Children's Education in Tanzania  

Internship abroad in Arusha, Tanzania

Pre-School Children's Education internships focus on supporting children to reach their full educational potential as early as possible. The pre-school provides a learning environment with childcare and development support for the young children. All classes are taught in English.

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Women's Education Internships abroad

Women’s Education in Tanzania  

Internship abroad in Arusha, Tanzania

Women’s Education interns join a foundation in Tanzania that is dedicated to helping girls and young women achieve their potential and life goals. Interns contribute to community programs that provide at-risk women with increased access to housing, education, job training and mentoring, helping to improve their situations and outlook for the future.

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Youth Development and Education Internships abroad

Youth Development & Education in Tanzania  

Internship abroad in Arusha, Tanzania

Education internships in Tanzania provide hands-on teaching experience in schools, helping to educate students from 1-13 years old to reach their full potential. Interns assist with implementing a thorough curriculum across a wide range of subjects, with support from experienced local teachers.

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Remote internships

Remote Internship in Education Support out of Tanzania

Education Support  

Remote Internships out of Tanzania

Gain practical educational experience remotely on this virtual internship in primary and secondary schools out of Tanzania. Remote education interns assist a mentor teacher in Tanzania, giving you valuable feedback on how your approach to teaching resulted in learning for students of all ages.

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Remote Internship in Girls Education Support out of Tanzania

Girls Education Support  

Remote Internships out of Tanzania

This internship in girls education is a unique opportunity to support bright and talented teenage women in leadership academies in Tanzania. Interns work one-on-one with girls, building strong relationships and helping to support their education. Gain understanding of social issues and empower young women to fulfil their potential.

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