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Course Credit and Academic Requirements

Course Credit and Academic Requirements

How to obtain course credit and meet your academic requirements on Intern Abroad HQ internships

You can save thousands of dollars in tuition fees by gaining course credit from your college or university when completing an internship abroad or remote internship program with Intern Abroad HQ. Our team has years of experience in supporting our interns to successfully apply for academic credits and we already have arrangements in place with a wide range of institutions around the world.

Each academic institution has a unique policy for granting internship credit and as an intern you are responsible for discussing academic credit options with your university or college in advance. Requirements often include one of more of the following:

  • Completing a certain number of internship hours
  • Having an internship supervisor sign off your participation
  • Completing the Experiential Learning Curriculum during your internship to develop material to submit to your university academic advisor
Merline Kpadea from Michigan, USA - Remote Finance & Business Consulting intern out of Tanzania

“Before COVID-19 started, I knew that I had to do an internship in order for me to graduate on time. I applied to more than 30 companies for internships and then began to receive rejection emails. I was so worried because I really wanted to graduate on time, so I started doing research and found Intern Abroad HQ. I made the decision to use them and that was the best decision I ever made - my internship experience with Intern Abroad HQ was great!”

How to gain course credit on your internship:

The process to gain academic credit typically follows these steps:

1. Enquire with Intern Abroad HQ

Contact Intern Abroad HQ’s University and Academic Support Team using the form below and share your university, field of study and required internship details. The team will respond within 24 working hours to confirm if we have an existing credit program in place with your university.

2. Contact your Academic Advisor

Contact your university academic advisor as they will be in the best position to advise specifically what steps to take regarding how credits can be earned. Communicate these requirements to our team, or put us directly in touch with your advisor, so we can help you to progress.

3. Apply and Register

Apply and register for your chosen Intern Abroad HQ internship. Ensure you share any academic paperwork that you’ll need taken care of.

4. Pursue your Goals

Prepare for and join your internship! Our Experiential Learning Curriculum can typically help contribute towards supporting material which may be required for your course credit and complement your education as a whole. Interns take away from our programs a record of their weekly reflections, providing a tangible demonstration of their learning journey.

Academic and Course Credit Enquiry Form

What faculty and interns have to say:

”I interned through Intern Abroad HQ in Peru for a semester study abroad through my university. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life! It has been my dream to study abroad since I was in middle school and through this program, I was able to live that dream. Intern Abroad HQ did a great job at organizing everything pre-departure as well as checking up on the group of us throughout our time in Peru. Within the first week, the staff already felt like my family away from home. My host family was absolutely incredible. They were the kindest, self-less, and most inspiring people I have met. They made me feel right at home and never made me feel like I was just another student at the dinner table. Leaving them was so hard and I cannot wait for the day I can go back.”

”I had the time of my life and I will never forget my internship in Bali. I met amazing people and had a great time while doing a compulsory internship for my university!”

”I conducted my Medical internship in a top private hospital with cutting-edge technology in Athens. It was one of the most impressive organizations I have ever seen in healthcare. I had the chance to observe one of the best hematologists in Europe at work, they were an amazing supervisor, teaching me a lot! I gained a lot of new clinical and hands-on experience. Everything I learned will be useful in my future career and help me to complete my medical degree.”