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International Graduate Internships

International Graduate Internships

Looking for an international internship after graduation to give you the experience needed to land your first job after university? Intern Abroad HQ’s overseas and online internships for college graduates enable you to build the practical experience and cultural competencies needed to land the job you’ve studied so hard to get!

We understand how time-consuming and stressful it can be to find a post graduate internship that meets your specific career goals. That’s why thousands of interns a year choose to arrange their international internship through Intern Abroad HQ. We organize everything for you, from sourcing and securing the perfect placement to customizing your internship objectives and schedule to meet your requirements.

Whether you’re seeking medical, business, environmental, or mental health internships for graduate students, you’ll get to build relevant career experience and cultural intelligence, plus you’ll come away with an international reference that will make you stand out to future employers.

Securing a great graduate job is highly competitive. Intern Abroad HQ’s international graduate internship programs cultivate the job-ready skills you simply can’t get at home, such as cultural intelligence, self-awareness, and international exposure.

All of our internships for graduate students are available with year-round start dates and provide an affordable, safe, and flexible solution for recent grads who want to get a head start on their career. They also include our exclusive Experiential Learning Curriculum, which is designed to give you the soft skills needed to stand out in today’s job market. At the end of your internship you’ll receive a record of these written reflections, which will help prepare you for all those job interviews!

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Here's what recent interns are saying…

Best decision I’ve ever made! This internship led directly to a job just two weeks after my internship! I strongly recommend anyone to participate in this program!

My remote Psychology internship has been dynamic and informative. My expectations were exceeded the more involved I became in the development and elaboration of complex international projects.

My internship was a wonderful whirlwind. Over a five-week journey I helped a Spain-based company expand its influence into the U.S. by analyzing the American market in relation to the company’s mission and coming up with strategic plans to conduct the expansion

One thing is clear - my internship has been so exciting and positive for me! It has helped me grow on a personal and a professional level. My supervisor was very nice and keen to help me with everything I needed support with.

The internship provided me with a great deal of experience around conducting research, experience which I believe would be very beneficial to future jobs. I feel more empowered in my field because now I have some knowledge about the type of work I’d do in relation to environmental law. A major reason for participating in this internship was to determine whether or not environmental law was an area I’d like to explore, and I now know that environmental work is definitely something I could see myself doing.

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