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Internships in Bali

Bali Internships

Intern in Bali with Intern Abroad HQ and explore stunning beaches, lush rice terraces, ancient temples and volcanoes. Choose from a wide range of internship programs in Bali, including Event Management, Marketing & Sales, Media & Communications, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Fashion & Textiles, Food Science & Technology, Finance & Trade, Architecture, and Civil Engineering. With affordable fees and top rated programs, Intern Abroad HQ offers the best internship opportunities in Bali for students, graduates, career changers, and gap year travelers!

  • Program Fees from $2834 for 8 weeks
  • Includes arrangement of your placement, airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, and 24/7 in-country support
  • Accommodation in shared lodging with private bedroom and bathroom

  • Based in the beachside areas of Seminyak and Canggu, or the central hub of Ubud

  • Internships begin twice a month

Fully hosted experience from $2834
Includes accommodation with private room
Start dates every Monday
Intern for 8 weeks to 24 weeks
Explore beaches, rice paddies, markets & volcanoes
Get job-ready with our Experiential Learning Curriculum
Suitable for English language speakers

Internship opportunities

Architecture Internships in Bali
Internship Abroad in Bali

Intern placements in small teams of architects in Bali. Assist in specialist fields of architecture. Work on real-life residential and commercial projects.

Civil Engineering & Architecture Internships in Bali
Internship Abroad in Bali

Customized placements provide experience with real-life engineering projects. Receive guidance under the supervision of local professionals.

Event Management Internships in Bali
Internship Abroad in Bali

Event Management Internships where you plan and deliver real events. Work on conferences, weddings, parties, sports events & group retreats in beautiful Bali!

Fashion and Textiles Internships in Bali
Internship Abroad in Bali

Intern as a designer on these Fashion Internships in Bali, or intern with fashion houses to identify new trends, brand directions and marketing strategies.

Finance and Trade Internships in Bali
Internship Abroad in Bali

Customized internships in a range of finance and trade roles in Bali. Accounting, finance, or business internship placements to suit your skills.

Food Science and Technology Internships in Bali
Internship Abroad in Bali

Customized Food Science Internships assist sustainable production and supply of food, quality assurance or eco-friendly packaging in beautiful Bali!

Hotel Management Internships in Bali
Internship Abroad in Bali

Contribute to Bali’s world class tourism & hospitality sector, with customized internship placements within a range of accommodation providers.

Marketing & Sales Internships in Bali
Internship Abroad in Bali

Customized Marketing & Sales internships provide experiences designed to suit your skills. Intern in diverse sectors, including tourism, and more.

Media & Communications Internships in Bali
Internship Abroad in Bali

Media & Communications internships can include PR, strategy, content, multimedia and more. Internships in Bali are customized for your interests.

Real Estate Management Internships in Bali
Internship Abroad in Bali

Real Estate Management interns learn about Bali’s growing real estate industry, which especially thrives within the main touristic areas of the island.

What recent interns said about their experience

Regina Rubio
September 2023

My internship made me grow a lot and develop amazing skills as I was expected to deliver professional results. I got to design a textile from scratch, learned to sew, attended fashion mentoring, fittings, meetings, and even a fashion show. I grew so much as a person in these last two months that I can’t even imagine saying no to this opportunity. Besides my personal growth, I got to build great networks too.

Diana Guzman Rivera
June 2023

I am extremely grateful to my coworkers and supervisors, I believe they truly made my experience all that more meaningful. We were all able to build a beautiful relationship both inside and outside the office and it made it easier to collaborate on projects, share new ideas, ask tough questions, etc. This internship contributed to both my personal and professional development in the sense that as it was an experiential learning experience I was able to gain a worldwide perspective through the work I was doing.

Emily Karatzia
June 2023

I enjoyed meeting the other interns because that gave me the opportunity to travel around Bali and other islands with trustworthy and friendly people while also balancing my time and work I put into the internship. This internship has definitely contributed positively to my personal and professional development as I have learned practical skills in my career field and I am now confident enough to show that I am passionate about working in accounting and finance.

Cruz Mike
May 2023

I had always been fascinated with the Hospitality industry in films or when I had traveled, I was always amazed at how neat and professional the workers seemed. Especially the Bartenders, I thought it so cool to be able to make amazing cocktails and the stories that come along with them. I do plan on expanding my knowledge further on Bartending in the future.

Ndivhuo Mabuda
May 2023

What I enjoyed the most was meeting other interns in different fields from different countries at the accommodation and during excursions. Also, meeting clients at the internship placement and learning more about the wants and needs in the industry.

Valentina Rasori
October 2019

I had the time of my life and I will never forget my internship in Bali. I met amazing people and had a great time while doing a compulsory internship for my university! What I really liked about Intern Abroad HQ is that they helped us with everything from the visa to insurance and accommodation. The only negative point is the electricity I had to pay for which no one advised us about. Apart from that I had a great summer!


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