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Available year-round
Available year-round
Choose from multiple start dates, available every month. Two-week minimum durations are available for introductory experiences.
Professional development
Professional development
All internship programs include weekly guided reflection tasks, designed to foster personal and professional development and address re-entry challenges.
Diverse disciplines
Diverse disciplines
Browse our destinations to find the program that's right for you. Filter options by categories and review associated career paths.
International network
International network
Expand your horizons through experiential learning, networking and cultural exchange. Gain the global outlook necessary to thrive in an interconnected world.
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Intern Reviews

I would intern through Intern Abroad HQ a million times over. Signing up is easy and organized and they provide amazing support before, during and even after your time interning.
Kelsie Gronauer
Nationality: Mississippi, USA
Age: 21
Destination: Costa Rica
My Public Health internship in Cape Town was unique, adventurous, and unforgettable. I made a significant impact at my internship and experienced the beauty of South Africa.
Aaron Menz
Nationality: San Diego, USA
Age: 27
Destination: Cape Town, South Africa
Learning how to evaluate patients, do physicals, checkups, vitals, vaccinations and teach patients how to improve their health, I believe is a valuable step forward to my long-term goal.
Anjeza Hoxhallari
Nationality: Massachusetts, USA
Age: 22
Destination: Cusco, Peru
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Affordable Program Destinations

Intern Abroad in Bali with Intern Abroad HQ

Intern in Bali

The Indonesian island of Bali is known for stunning scenery, diverse arts and vibrant culture. As an internship destination, Bali offers opportunities within a thriving tourism economy and insight into sustainability challenges.

Intern Abroad in Costa Rica with IAHQ

Intern in Costa Rica

Frequently cited as the happiest place on earth, intern abroad in Costa Rica to experience the "pura vida" lifestyle. Costa Rica's rapidly developing economy offers diverse opportunities, in one of the world's most beautiful destinations.

Intern Abroad in Greece with IAHQ

Intern in Greece

Located within the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea has a rich history and precious ecosystem. Interns in Greece are based in Samos, where they lend their valuable assistance to scientific research and environmental protection.

Intern Abroad in Guatemala with IAHQ

Intern in Guatemala

Visually stunning with incredible natural, cultural and historical attractions, internships in Guatemala provide a true Central American experience. Gain insight into indigenous culture, history, and modern development challenges.

Intern Abroad in Ireland with Intern Abroad HQ

Intern in Ireland

Affordable internships in Dublin, Ireland, are available from just two weeks. From the Silicon Docks and Digital Hub, to the Spire of Dublin and Temple Bar, Europe’s most effervescent city bustles with opportunity and good cheer.

Intern Abroad in Tokyo, Japan

Intern in Japan

Internships in Tokyo are truly eye-opening. Set your competencies and experience apart within an unforgettable city and culture. Gain a fresh professional perspective, where the possibilities are seemingly endless!

Intern Abroad in Cusco Peru with IAHQ

Intern in Peru

Based in the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, internships in Cusco offer something for everyone. The fascinating city maintains a strong cultural identity, while also offering modern comforts. Living in Cusco is absolutely a "must do".

Intern Abroad in South Africa - Cape Town

Intern in South Africa Cape Town

Cape Town has it all! Awesome vistas, adventure sports, arts, culture, and more. The humming city offers great climate, well-developed infrastructure, and professional urban internships.

Intern Abroad in South Africa - Environmental Internships

Intern in South Africa Environmental Internships

Diverse internships are located in Dinokeng Game Reserve, Kruger National Park and Sodwana Bay. An active internship with educational lectures provides the conservation experience of a lifetime!

Intern Abroad in Spain

Intern in Spain

Want to find out why Valencia is Spain’s finest Mediterranean city? Then don’t miss our affordable internships in Spain! Focus on professional development while soaking up the beaches, architecture, cuisine and more.

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