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Here's my take on interning in Greece

Julia Hall joined a Media, Communications & Public Relations internship in Greece for 6 weeks. Here’s Julia’s take on her internship role and working abroad with a global team.

Interning at this Institute of Marine Conservation on the Greece Media, Communications & Public Relations program is certainly different than what I imagined. I imagined that I would be working in an office setting with a relatively small group of interns and that there would be constant supervision. However, I value my creative freedom and now that I have become more familiar with my role in media and communications, my responsibilities continue to pile up!

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As the mission of the organization is marine conservation, one of our main goals here as media interns is to raise public awareness in order to inspire change among locals and sea farers that pass the island. To describe my role, I work heavily with the social media team to inform the public about the impact of pollution (amongst other things) on the sea, its animals, and what they can do to help. I take photographs of interns participating in field work surveys, I write captions for posts, and I work on informative brochures and leaflets that are given to locals, fishermen, and tourists.

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These tasks are beneficial to the organization because utilizing social media and strategic communication to make the public aware of conservation issues are the key to establishing positive change. Working on these projects with the media team is enlightening and each day I find a new passion. Learning to appreciate the value of teamwork is crucial in any career and I feel that my experience in this internship is aiding that learning process.

The interns here are from all across the globe, so it was often challenging at the beginning to bond and connect. However, everyone I befriended was generous, kind, understanding, and genuine. For someone starting an internship position within a culturally diverse setting, I would say that good advice is to focus on communication. Building relationships and establishing connections with people will help push you out of your comfort zone and aid in productivity and teamwork skills. Although there can be creative differences when working with others who have different ideas and perspectives, seeking out conversations and experiences with other interns helped me to grow. I am also improving certain skills such as patience, cooperation, and leadership that will be beneficial in my future career.

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I have learned so much about other cultures and truly appreciate the value of diversity in the workplace environment. Being able to challenge each other on creative projects that have a great impact on the island’s inhabitants creates feelings of accomplishment. I believe that it benefits the organization as a whole by generating creative flow and character development.

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Internships in Greece are available year-round and are offered in conjunction with Intern Abroad HQ’s guided reflection program. There is a minimum duration requirement of 4 weeks and interns are required to have an adventurous and outgoing spirit, with a high level of initiative and independence. Come prepared to cooperate with other interns, contribute ideas, create projects, practice research and field work skills!

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