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Our Values & Ethics

Our Values & Ethics

At Intern Abroad HQ we are committed to placing you in an internship that delivers long-term value and enriches your life beyond your project work. We’re also passionate about doing this in a sustainable way that enhances the amazing world we live in.

These are the values and the ethics that we live by:


We are committed to providing safe, reliable and ethical internship programs that deliver long term value to interns and communities around the world. That’s why so many of our internship programs are driven by social or environmental impact.

  • We value transparency

    We’re open about how we operate, honest in our communications, take on constructive feedback, and always ensure that expectations are realistic from the start.

  • Our B Corporation certification holds us to the highest ethical standards

    Our internal business operations are certified as 100% carbon neutral and our impact on interns, host organizations and the planet is regularly audited as part of our B Corp commitment.

  • We prioritize working with partners that do good

    We only work with host organizations and suppliers that hold similar values to us and are actively aiming to have a positive impact on the world around them.

Intern Abroad HQ values - Responsible


Our internships give you the opportunity to make a visible impact through relevant project work. We believe that the place just beyond your comfort zone is where the magic happens – and our global internships are designed to get you there.

  • We carefully select host organizations that value our interns

    We have relationships with hundreds of industry-leading organizations around the world, both large and small, who are able to give you interesting, high impact internship placements. They commit to integrating and supporting you within their teams to ensure you benefit from a deeper, richer learning experience.

  • Our internships are built to serve you and be mutually beneficial

    Our host organizations are fully invested in your success. They include you in meaningful real-world discussions and projects so you learn about their industry, culture, and clients. This approach is focused on mutual collaboration and cultural exchange, getting you closer to your desired learning outcomes and dream career.

  • Our experiential learning curriculum enhances the impact of your internship

    Our guided written reflections deepen your self-awareness, expand your cultural intelligence, and enhance your personal and professional development across areas that will set you apart from other candidates in future job interviews.

Intern Abroad HQ values - Impactful


We keep our internships as affordable as possible to ensure they embrace diversity and are inclusive of people from all backgrounds. Our affordable Program Fees enable a broad range of participants to gain essential career experience while experiencing different cultures, attitudes and ways of thinking.

  • Our affordability makes our programs more accessible

    We understand that every dollar is hard-earned. We work tirelessly to ensure our internships remain accessible to people from all walks of life.

  • Our remote internships were designed with inclusivity at their core

    Our virtual programs provide personal development opportunities to those who may not have the time, resources, or desire to intern abroad. These online internships enable participation from anywhere in the world, and either full time or part time around other work, study, or family commitments.

  • Our internships are multicultural

    Our programs are based out of 26 countries across the globe. Whether you intern remotely or abroad, you’ll get to collaborate and learn alongside professionals from all over the world, helping you to develop the cultural intelligence, communication, confidence, and teamwork skills that are integral to a resilient career.

Intern Abroad HQ values - Accessible


Innovation drives not just the internship programs we offer, but also how we serve our interns. We’re always evolving, asking for feedback, and seeking smarter ways to help interns achieve their goals.

  • We partner with world leading, innovative organizations

    Unlike other internship providers who only work with large corporations, we collaborate with nimble, entrepreneurial host organizations, both large and small. We only work with companies who are leaders and innovators in their industries and who are driven by social or environmental impact. We’ve found this approach provides more exciting, creative, and inspiring placement opportunities.

  • We lead the industry with fresh ideas

    We reacted quickly to the Covid-19 pandemic by launching remote internship programs from within our existing portfolio of diverse internship placements. These remote options include a range of unique placements you won’t find anywhere else.

  • We find innovative ways to help you achieve your goals

    From finding the perfect host organization and customizing your placement to providing job references long after you’ve completed your internship - we’re motivated by your success. We use creativity, technology and innovation to help you achieve your ambitions.

Intern Abroad HQ values - Innovative
Intern Abroad HQ is carbon neutral and certified Zero Carbon Business Operations.

Intern Abroad HQ’s operations are Carbon Neutral

Intern Abroad HQ is proud to be certified Zero Carbon Business Operations. Since April 2019, we have measured and offset the carbon footprint of our business operations to ensure these have no negative impact on the climate. The solar panels in our head office provide most of our electricity requirements and we have purchased certified carbon credits with Ekos to offset non-renewable head office energy consumption and business travel undertaken by our staff.

These certified carbon credits are sourced from projects that grow and protect forests in our home country, New Zealand, as well as other neighbouring Pacific Islands. These projects help to deliver climate resilience, waterways protection, erosion control, biodiversity conservation and community economic development.