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Best International Business Internships

Business internships include a broad range of disciplines for you to explore! Whether you’re looking for finance, tourism, hospitality, or internships related to international development, Intern Abroad HQ offers options that are both high impact and pleasingly affordable.

International business internships provide invaluable opportunity to up-skill yourself in communication, cross-cultural intelligence, networking and career insight. There’s simply no substitute for real-world experience in diverse settings, so check out Intern Abroad HQ’s top picks for the Best International Business Internships!

Top Business Internships Abroad


Although small communities around the world are bustling with local businesses, support is often needed to ensure that their enterprises can sustainably thrive. Intern Abroad HQ provides opportunities for Microfinance interns in Guatemala, where interns gain professional experience working alongside a microfinance institute, serving clients in indigenous communities (more than half of whom are women). Interns lend their skills to share tactics for successful budgeting, planning, marketing, and business growth. In addition to providing financial support, the institute also performs social performance management, through financial literacy programs and poverty monitoring indicators, and can help with the coordination of commercial activities. If this sounds right for you, you’ll need to apply for at least 4 weeks and speak intermediate Spanish - we’ll help you with the rest!

Microfinance & Women’s Empowerment

Want to work alongside some real Wonder Women? Intern Abroad HQ offers the unique opportunity to combine a Microfinance internship with a focus on Women’s Empowerment in Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, small cooperatives play an important role in the economy, providing income, jobs and services to many families. As written in The Economist, “Forget China, India and the internet: economic growth is driven by women”! This business internship program takes a unique and comprehensive approach, by combining microfinance support for women with awareness promotion related to issues such as self-esteem, abuse, violence, bullying, sexual and emotional health. Activities may involve group counseling sessions, workshops, or outreach programs to schools. If you’re looking for a business internship that can really make a difference, then make sure you lock this holistic internship into your calendar.

Microfinance and Women's Empowerment Internships Abroad

NGO Support

Internships in NGO Support match a wide range of interests and the nature of work that interns can assist with is equally varied. Whether you have undergraduate experience in communications, languages, international development, business, finance, or perhaps you have a skilled trade that could be taught to others, business internships through NGO work are all about initiative. The NGO-based internships offered in Cusco, Peru are focused on addressing social, economic and health challenges. Therefore, there is a broad scope of activities that may shape your internship role and provide a well-rounded experience over time. While there is always administrative work to be done, including marketing, computer support, fundraising, and management, community outreach activities are also undertaken, providing valuable field experience, cultural insight and increased awareness of developmental issues.

NGO Support Business Internships Abroad

Tourism & Hospitality

If you consider yourself a “people person”, want international experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, and if you love being based where there’s loads of cool things to see and do, then this business internship is up your ally! Entry-level internships are available in Guatemala, from a minimum duration of just 4 weeks, and you don’t have to be fluent in Spanish to participate. If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth, then the Tourism & Hospitality program in Peru, provides business internship opportunities for Spanish speakers from a minimum duration of 5 weeks. Whether you’re studying tourism, international business, or even marketing, communications, and graphic design, business internships in Tourism & Hospitality make “learning by doing” as fun, social and relevant as it gets.


Here’s a business internship that you won’t need a white collar for - but hiking boots and a sense of adventure are a must! If you’re into the outdoors and looking to combine a passion for the environment with the travel industry, then this opportunity in the historic heart of Peru is for you. Intern Abroad HQ offers a unique eco-tourism internship in Cusco, which is focused on sustainable and responsible trekking of the Salkantay path. Internship activities range from office and business support to overnight camping at eco-domes within the field, which are set up to provide clean, sustainable accommodation and organic gardens. If you’re ready to use your Spanish, learn some Quechua, and gain insight into real-world heritage protection in one of the world’s most touristic destinations, this is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Tourism internships in Peru

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