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Don’t have a lot of time or cash to spare? No problem! You can still foster your professional development without needing to spend months on an expensive, time-consuming internship.

Intern Abroad HQ offers affordable high impact internships, which provide tangible and specific outcomes - even if you’ve just got a few weeks to spare. You’ll combine experiential learning and career insight with reflection tasks that are directly related to personal and professional progression.

So, what are you waiting for? In this guide, we’ll outline what you need to know for planning for an adventurous, successful and rewarding internship experience abroad!

The Complete Guide for Short-Term Internships Abroad

How beneficial are short-term internships?

Internships provide the scope to find your feet in an unfamiliar situation, put theory to the test within your chosen field, network and confront real-world challenges. Intern Abroad HQ takes advantage of these opportunities by adding a complementary learning program, which is designed to unleash potential, build confidence and inspire autonomous thinking. Desirable skill-sets are explored, week by week, as specific reflection tasks provide an intellectual outlet for analysis and transformational learning. This program enables short-term interns to focus on cross-cultural competency and global citizenry development, from as little as two weeks.

Educational internships abroad in Guatemala

How tricky is the application process?

The Intern Abroad HQ application process is non-obligatory but it’s the first important step toward making things happen and receiving further guidance. Internship programs have rolling admission dates, so applications are responded to as they’re received. This means that are no deadlines to worry about and you’ll receive practical advice about what will best work for your budget and schedule. Check the requirements to join an internship program.

Short term internships in Costa Rica

What can I expect from Intern Abroad HQ?

  • Once your application has been received, you’ll be invited to secure your spot by paying your registration fee of US$299. This enables Intern Abroad HQ to facilitate the internship for you.
  • We help interns prep by getting to know you a little better (over Skype), receiving an updated copy of your resume and a quick survey, which outlines your goals and motivations. This helps determine the best internship placement for you. We’ll also provide a comprehensive information booklet to help you prepare.
  • Prior to departure, a program fee payment is due which covers the expenses of the local organization who’ll be hosting your stay abroad. This covers essential costs such as your airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, internship placement, food and 24/7 support. The cost of the program fee depends on the destination and duration that you choose - see the complete list of program fees online.
  • During your internship, you’ll receive weekly reflection modules from your Intern Abroad HQ Internships Manager. Each will introduce a relevant theme, learning objectives, and provide specific prompts to inspire your reflective journaling. This structured program stimulates focused personal development and professional competency building.
  • After returning, conclude your experience with a final reflection to facilitate the re-entry process and assimilate your learning.
  • Intern Abroad HQ provides interns with documentation and certification of their internship and learning journey, which may be used to support a resume and demonstrate professional competency.

Teaching English internship in Guatemala

What are the limitations of a short internship?

Although short-term internships will stimulate a level of awareness, learning and immersion that’s not typically experienced on vacations or volunteer abroad programs, it’s important to be aware of limitations and maintain realistic expectations about your plans.

Interns should always come prepared with an open mind to learn first and are unlikely to see grand changes occur on a project or placement within a short span of time. Within a short timeframe, you may find that you’re primarily dedicated to learning the ropes and observing professional staff, as – depending on the nature of the internship - not all internship placements are immediately “hands on” to begin with.

Use this time for your own growth and experience - be proactive and take an interest in the culture and your surroundings. Ask questions! The local professionals are a wonderful resource to provide guidance and insight into their own experiences, professional perspectives and culture.

To maximize your time abroad, you might choose a destination close to home, to minimize travel time (and expenses). We also recommend booking tourism activities in advance, so that if your free time is limited, you won’t miss out on the things you want to see and do.

Short term internship programs abroad

The options for short term internship programs can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled our top opportunities that accept applicants from a minimum duration of just two weeks. If you’re able to commit to an internship for at least 4 weeks or more, we recommend that you browse the rest of our exciting options online.

  • Agriculture: Available in Guatemala
  • Animal & Veterinary Care: Available in Costa Rica and Peru
  • Environmental Conservation: Available in Costa Rica and Guatemala
  • Kindergarten: Available in Peru
  • Physician’s Assistant: Available in Peru
  • Special Needs / Childcare: Available in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru
  • Teaching English / Education: Available in Guatemala
  • Wildlife Conservation: Available in Costa Rica
  • Youth Development & Education: Available in Peru


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