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If you’re looking for a unique and engaging opportunity that will stand out on your resume, and won’t cost you the earth, then check out these incomparable internships that are sure to pique interest in your experience. While working to directly sharpen and enhance your professional and personal employability skills, you’ll also gain a real-world adventure like no other!

Affordable internship opportunities abroad

Conservation in one of the most biologically intense environments on the planet

Costa Rica is world famous for its unparalleled ecological diversity, hosting nearly 6 percent of the planet’s biodiversity. Often referred to as a world leader in responsible environmental policy, it’s without a doubt the optimal destination for reputable internships related to conservation, biology, sustainability and eco-tourism. Intern Abroad HQ offers internship programs focused on both Environmental and Wildlife Conservation, which immerse participants within projects, working alongside local experts. In addition to assisting with ongoing conservation efforts, intern activities can also involve environmental education and field research. Get ready to open your mind, be proactive, learn from the best, and explore some of the world’s most awe-inspiring locations!

Intern abroad in Costa Rica

Get off the beaten path in Cusco

Feeling intrepid? Take the path less travelled and you may indeed find that it makes all the difference. Peru’s Inca Trail must be booked months in advance due to limited daily access; however, the alternative Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu is readily accessible to travelers. Intern Abroad HQ offers a unique eco-tourism internship in Peru, that’s focused on preventing the environmental degradation of this sacred path. Interns assist an agency with 25 years of expedition guiding experience, working to ensure that heavy tourism traffic along the route leaves a minimal ecological footprint. The program is not for the faint-hearted; activities range from office support to overnight camping at eco-domes within the field, which are set up to provide clean, sustainable accommodation and organic gardens. Brush up on your Spanish, wrap your tongue around some Quechua, and gain insight into heritage protection solutions in one of the world’s most touristic sites.

Eco-tourism internship in Peru

Share a journey of creative empowerment

The Nobel Peace Prize-winning success of the Grameen Bank micro-finance organization has inspired other community development associations around the world. Join a Microfinance or Agriculture internship program in Guatemala and learn how local associations are unleashing potential and independence within their communities. The Microfinance internship provides the privileged opportunity to collaborate with a team, working to offer microcredit services and entrepreneurship support in rural indigenous communities. As illiteracy and poverty rates are often high, there is also scope to assist with financial literacy programs, poverty monitoring indicators, and the organization of commercial activities (such as handicraft fairs). If agriculture and sustainability are your forte, the Agriculture internship is ideal for insight into improved land management.

Intern Abroad in Guatemala

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