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Summer Internships Abroad for College Students

If you’re looking for an affordable hands-on experience that’ll inspire your ambitions, a short-term internship program with Intern Abroad HQ might be right for you! International internships can boost your resume, offer global citizenship experience, and real-world professional insight. Read on to find you what you can expect as an intern abroad.

Affordable internships that’ll set you apart

Time can be an expensive and limited commodity, especially for students. Students looking for internships abroad shouldn’t have to pay through the nose for quality programs and support. That’s why Intern Abroad HQ offers affordable internships that are as accessible as possible. The opportunities are flexible, high-impact, and entry-level, without requiring a long-term commitment that can be hard to schedule and expensive. We keep fees low and make sure that internship participation contributes toward meaningful community outcomes, local employment, and the best results for personal and professional development.

Affordable summer internships for medical students

New skills and resume building

Intern Abroad HQ internships are based on experiential learning and all programs include an expertly structured reflection program. What does this mean for you? A proactive approach enables you to draw meaning and critical thinking from your experience, so that instead of just going abroad and seeing what happens, we equip you with the ability to articulate why your experience is important and how it’s going to contribute to your value in the workforce. Plus, upon completion, you’ll also receive a professionally compiled portfolio to demonstrate your achievements - so you’ll walk into that next job interview more prepared! We designed this approach specifically for the acquisition of desirable employability and life skills. Every week, we will add focus and purpose to your learning journey by providing themes and ideas that’ll empower you to become an effective global citizen. Sounds pretty good, right!

Reflection program for an internship abroad

Relevant international exposure

An internship abroad offers an invaluable glimpse into a field of interest that you want to learn more about and align your career with. Regardless of whether you’re pursuing relevant study or beginning a job pursuit, having spent time observing, shadowing and interacting directly with professionals will unlock your potential, mind-set and opportunities. Internships put students in control of their professional development by allowing them to engage, ask questions, and work “hands on” within diverse real-world environments.

Wildlife conservation internship in Costa Rica

Desirable disciplines and destinations

Looking for an internship abroad that best matches your course credit requirements and field of interest? Intern Abroad HQ offers programs in a variety of specialty fields, such as education, health, environment, conservation, business, marketing, and micro-finance. Internships in Costa Rica provide opportunities within a rapidly developing economy and one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Intern in Guatemala for a beautiful Central American experience, in the visually stunning region of Antigua. Internships in Cusco, Peru cover a wide range of disciplines, including a variety of health and medical specialities that are advantageous to career insight.

Internship destinations abroad

Responsible internships and top support

Our experienced Internship Manager will ensure you feel personally supported, from planning your experience through till the successful completion of your internship abroad. When you’ve confirmed your participation, we’ll support you with comprehensive pre-departure information, including details on learning principles, program structure & requirements, tips on getting the most out of your experience, program overview, general destination information, packing list, travel information, media resources, safety and responsible practice guidelines. We are committed to making the experience as user-friendly and efficient as possible, so we provide a full service, including trusted providers for flights, travel insurance, academic up-skilling options, and in-country orientation.

To intern abroad, the first step is to submit a non-obligatory application via the Intern Abroad HQ website. Internship programs have rolling admission dates, so applications are responded to as they’re received. We look forward to hearing from you!


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