Top Dental Internships Abroad

Whether you’re looking to boost your candidacy for medical school applications and interviews, already in dental school, or keen to expand your horizons as a recent graduate, international dental internships are priceless for both personal and professional development.

Intern Abroad HQ offers meaningful and affordable dental internship opportunities year-round. You can shadow and learn directly from professionals, build confidence, and gain insight into your career - all while expanding your global perspective and experience!

Helping the world to smile

While not everyone loves taking a trip to the dentist, the giving and receiving of a smile is universally appreciated! In areas where oral health education, preventative care and adequate nutrition is lacking, dentistry interns can observe and assist with medical campaigns, health education and general check-ups. These treatments can make a real difference in people’s lives – giving everyone something to smile about!

Shadowing and working alongside local professionals, aspiring dentists gain eye-opening insight into the challenges of providing healthcare within underdeveloped communities, where resources are often limited. Due to lack of preventative care and early diagnosis, interns may encounter oral conditions that are infrequently seen in their home location, improving first-hand knowledge of diverse dental maladies and their treatments.

Opportunities to sink your teeth into

When you step out of your comfort zone, you will be exposed to diverse cultural, political, socio-economic, historical and environmental contexts - along with their unique challenges. Intern Abroad HQ provides professional guidance to reflect broadly on these internship experiences, providing valuable opportunity to think critically and engage in real-world learning beyond the classroom…

Health & Medical Internship Placements in Guatemala

Health & Medical internships in Guatemala provide opportunity to assist local dentists at rural medical health posts, gaining comprehensive insight into the general field of healthcare and medicine. Rural health posts serve the most underprivileged populations who, due to very limited access, may only see a dentist a handful of times during their lives. Interns with a background in dentistry can assist with prevention campaigns and help with basic dental hygiene workshops in rural schools.

  • Two start dates available every month
  • Internship fees start from only US$1,045 (based on the minimum duration of 4 weeks)
  • Fees include airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 support

Dentistry Internship Placements in Peru

Dentistry internships in Peru allow participants to develop their career insight and confidence by shadowing local dentists at clinics, engaging in dental hygiene activities, general health checks and treatments, and prevention education.

  • Start dates available every Monday
  • Internship fees start from only US$790 (based on the minimum duration of 4 weeks)
  • Fees include airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 support

Ready for an internship? Here’s the drill!

Dentistry internship placements in both Guatemala and Peru require interns to speak Spanish at an intermediate level. The internships are suitable for participants who have completed their 3rd year of undergraduate education, in a relevant field. This means that your Bachelor’s Degree needs to have included pre-med school prerequisite studies, such as Biology (i.e. General Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology), Chemistry (i.e. Inorganic and organic with lab, Biochemistry), General Physics, Social Sciences (i.e. Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Communications), and Humanities (i.e. English). Dentistry internship applicants who are already in a professional dental school program are also welcome to apply!