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Top Nursing Internships Abroad

Ever wondered how to intern abroad as a nurse? If you’re looking for nursing internships abroad - whether you’re a registered nurse or seeking nursing internships for college students - Intern Abroad HQ offers diverse nursing opportunities that promote experience, career insight, cultural exchange and professional development.

Nursing abroad programs provide the opportunity to give back within communities, while also gaining cross-cultural experience that’ll enrich your career and capacity as a healthcare professional. Our international team provides support while nursing overseas for personal and academic development. Keep reading to discover diverse nursing placements abroad!

What nursing internships are available?

Intern Abroad HQ offers a variety of nursing abroad programs which are suitable for both qualified and student nurses. If you’re ready to continue investing in your education, or even wanting to explore sub-specialties of nursing to improve your scope of practice, these placements are designed to improve professional resilience, connect participants with peers and mentors, and expand perspectives to provide a more global outlook toward patient care.

General Health & Medical Internships

Internships for pre-med students include opportunities in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Peru. The Health & Medical internship programs in Guatemala and Costa Rica require participants to commit to a minimum duration of 4 weeks and speak intermediate Spanish.

Nursing students with basic Spanish skills may apply for the Physician’s Assistant program in Cusco, Peru (the minimum duration requirement is just two weeks).

In these destinations, nursing interns observe local doctors and nurses, shadowing daily routines and assisting with a variety of tasks. These nursing placements typically include scope to assist with basic patient care and triage nursing, taking vitals and patient histories, dressing wounds, administering vaccinations, and helping with medical preparations.


International internships for nursing students

Midwifery Internship

Both nursing students and registered nurses may secure a midwifery internship placement abroad in Peru, which provides a special insight into ancestral techniques and the opportunity to work alongside and assist local medical professionals. Participants must speak Spanish at an intermediate level.

Nutrition Internship

If you have an interest in public health internships, as well as nursing, then a nutrition internship placement could be right for you. Interns assist alongside community NGO initiatives which provide rural outreach and campaigns, monitoring and surveillance, as well as educational initiatives and assistance to empower families.

Special Needs Care Internship

Anyone with an interest in disability support may lend their experience and background in nursing to a Special Needs Care focused internship placement, which aims to combine daily support with insight into career paths related to care, therapy and social work.

International midwifery internships for nursing students

Resume building for nurses

To lead an enriching career in healthcare, nurses need to know that they should never be afraid to ask questions! Attributes such as punctuality, assertiveness, and professional resilience are essential skills for medical professions. When you complete nursing abroad programs with Intern Abroad HQ, your program includes guided reflection tasks which are designed to build professional capacities related to these skills, cultural intelligence, and more. Not only does nursing overseas provide hands-on experience, but it also provides opportunity to focus on desirable resume-building skills that’ll be an asset through nursing school and into the future.

How to intern abroad as a nurse

Internships for nursing students during summer are still available and it’s not too late to schedule your program, for this year. Nursing abroad programs offer rolling admission dates with flexible durations and the most affordable fees to enable your success.

Three easy steps to intern abroad!

  1. Browse our destinations and choose an internship program.
  2. Complete the free application (we’ll get back to you within 2 working days)
  3. Register to secure your placement (a registration fee of US$299 applies)

Once your internship has been confirmed, your Internships Manager will be your point of contact prior to departure, to guide you through preparations, providing dedicated information and support.


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