Why it’s worth paying for an internship

Why pay for an internship?

An internship is a terrific way to gain practical work experience and bolster your resume, especially for college students and university graduates seeking their first job. Choosing an internship abroad or international remote internship offers the additional benefits of gaining overseas work experience and broader cultural immersion, both of which will help you stand out to future employers.

While paid internships offer the lure of some additional income, they are hard to secure, highly competitive for applicants who have limited experience, and the application process takes time – especially if you’re applying internationally. They may also not be in your best interest – after all, free or paid internships are designed around what the organization wants, not what will give you the most value and support in boosting your professional development and contributing to your own sets of goals.

Instead, there are many good reasons to work with an internship platform that charges a fee for customized placement provision and support, such as Intern Abroad HQ.

If you’re a student, graduate or young professional seeking international work experience, here are eight reasons why paying a fee for Intern Abroad HQ to organize your whole internship experience will deliver more long-term value to you than opting for a free or paid internship:

1. We do the leg work of finding the perfect internship placement for you

Finding an internship overseas is hard. With Intern Abroad HQ, you won’t need to stress about whether you’ll secure an internship or not. We have year-round availability so there’s no waiting for a corporate program to start. With virtual internships, you can even choose whether to intern part-time or full-time.

2. With over 290 career-focused internship options, we have one that’s perfect for you

An internship is about more than just adding a company name to your resume; the greatest value comes from the actual work you do and how you can draw upon these experiences in the future. With so many different programs to choose from, you can find one that’s a perfect fit with your studies, academic requirements, personal interests and professional development goals.

3. Because you pay us, we have a service obligation to you

We track our success by the reviews our interns give us, so we’re motivated to ensure you have an unbeatable internship experience. Free internships, or ones that pay you, don’t have any accountability or obligation to ensure you get value from the experience. We provide you with ongoing support and guidance, from start to finish.

4. We work with companies and organizations who really value our interns

We work with hundreds of host organizations who are able to give our interns high impact work. That means they are invested in your success and will include you in meaningful real-world project work, integrating you within their teams, and enabling you to benefit from a deeper, richer learning experience.

5. All our internships are highly flexible and customizable

We work with our host organizations to design the internship around you: your interests, career ambitions and availability. You can intern abroad for full cultural immersion, or gain international work experience while remaining at home through a remote internship. Free or paid internships, on the other hand, are driven by what the organization wants.

Many employers place more value on soft skills (how you work and interact with others) than on functional expertise. Our guided reflection process is designed to deepen your self-awareness, expand your cultural intelligence, and enhance your personal development across areas that will set you apart from other capable candidates in job interviews.

7. If you’re looking to intern overseas, we’ll sort out your accommodation and meals

Arriving in a foreign city can be daunting, so our 24/7 in-country support will pick you up from the airport, organize your accommodation, help you stay safe, and guide you to excel in your internship. Most of our international internships also include meals and we’ll share our top tourist tips with you!

8. We’ll help you secure academic credit from your internship

Save $100s in tuition fees by making your internship part of your course. We’ll work with your academic institution to help arrange this – something that most free or paid internships don’t offer.

An internship is a value exchange

An internship is a value exchange: you offer your time and expertise to the host organization, and the organization in turn invests in your personal development. We believe that choosing a fee-based internship program ensures that value delivery is skewed towards you so you gain the maximum benefit from the experience.

With intern abroad program fees starting at just $1099 (approximately 1099), Intern Abroad HQ is the most affordable internship provider in the industry. We want our internships to be as accessible as possible, while also ensuring that our interns achieve the greatest return on their investment.

Applying for an internship with Intern Abroad HQ is easy - simply submit an application online for free. It takes just 5 minutes and there’s no obligation. When you’re ready to confirm your participation, we’ll source the best internship position for you.