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Why you should intern abroad

If you’re considering internship opportunities, you might be comparing the value of an internship at home, versus a more unique internship abroad.

We believe that packing your bags and interning abroad offers a more rounded experience that can enhance your employability.

Let’s check out how taking your internship overseas can work to maximize your career!

You can go when you want, where you want

Choosing to take on an internship at home means that you may run the risk of trying to juggle it alongside other commitments. If your schedule’s already a little tight, attempting to multi-task various study, work, family, and internship activities makes it hard to perform to the best of your ability in all areas.

When you decide to intern abroad, you can avoid spreading yourself too thinly by planning to schedule it flexibly. Rolling admission dates ensure that internships are available year-round, with minimum duration requirements from just 2 weeks. Why not plan to enjoy the experience and receive the best outcome from the effort you’ve invested?

Affordable internships overseas

Super affordable and easy to plan

So you might be thinking… can I afford to intern abroad? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just stay home and look for something to get involved with locally? Wouldn’t it be easier logistically?

Well… not necessarily!

Intern Abroad HQ, works directly with local organizations to pass on the most affordable internship opportunities, working also to base programs in destinations where the cost of living is relatively low. Since prices are also kept down with scales of economy, providing transparent and discounted fees, you might be surprised to discover just how accessible and affordable international internships are!

Internship fees are also designed to be as comprehensive as possible, so that you’re aware from the outset of what’s included. Since they cover the big-ticket items, such as meals and accommodation, any extra expenses in-country (such as wanting to buy ice cream or go bungee jumping in the weekend) are usually at your discretion (but we can provide some helpful budgeting recommendations!)

If you’re thinking that arranging an overseas internship could still be a bit daunting, we’ve got that covered for you too - as fellow travelers, we’ve designed a process that’s as user-friendly as possible. Not only will you have 24/7 support in-country, you’ll also have complete pre-departure guidance from an Internships Manager, who’s on-hand to help with planning and organization, every step of the way - that includes helping to answer any questions before you decide to confirm your participation. Too easy!

Affordable international internships

You’ll be supported every step of the way

It’s important to carefully review internship offers at home to understand how the position will be supported and accomplish what you’re looking to achieve. International internships are designed to promote accelerated learning, offering:

  • Enhanced accountability and intern-oriented services
  • Assistance with obtaining course credit
  • Internship role descriptions
  • Specific learning goals
  • Guided experiential learning activities
  • External reviews, social media forums and networking opportunities
  • Comprehensive risk and responsibility policies
  • Pre-departure guidance and 24/7 in-country support

Intern Abroad HQ provides a guided experiential learning framework, which helps all interns to critically evaluate their time abroad, linking their internship experiences back to specific employability skills.

The more engaging an internship experience is, the better equipped you’ll be to face professional pursuits – whether that means building a great resume, articulating your strengths in a job interview, or being able to relate to others better within the workplace.

Experiential internships abroad

You’ll increase your employability

Regardless of whether you intern abroad for two weeks or 6 months, it’s an experience you’ll want to highlight on your resume. Don’t sell yourself short! Interning abroad differentiates your experience by fostering essential personal and professional skills that can’t be explored unless you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone. Interning abroad, versus staying at home, makes it possible for you to develop and demonstrate:

International Real-World Experience

International internships often offer entry-level opportunities, that are perfect for exploring a field of interest and learning more about the type of career you’d like to have. Heading overseas broadens your concept of how an industry can operate within different environmental, historical, political, and socio-economic contexts. Working alongside local professionals brings your classroom learning to life, while exposing you to professional opinions and knowledge which may push the boundaries of your own understandings.


It takes guts to step out of your comfort zone! Traveling to a new environment can be challenging. However, building confidence is just like exercising to build physical strength. It takes some effort, but the more you practice, the stronger you will become!

Cultural & Self-Awareness

Modern workplaces and communities are full of diversity – diverse languages, ideas, perspectives and cultures. Culturally intelligent people are highly valued, as they have the social expertise and self-awareness to comfortably get along with others and adapt well to unfamiliar situations.


Deciding to head overseas for an internship can be a bit daunting… but venturing out on your own can also be super empowering! Learning how to rely on your own capacities – whether it’s to navigate through a busy airport or to strike up new friendships – is a “must” for a resilient life and career.


Learning requires doing. If you want to demonstrate your ability to adapt, the best way to acquire the relevant skills is to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar context. Being exposed to different lifestyles, cuisine, languages and cultures can influence your ability to integrate and adapt, ensuring that you’re better prepared to take on future challenges and adventures – be they in the workplace or even further abroad.

Communication & Networking

It’s great to have an expansive network – but it’s no use without stellar communication skills as well. Perhaps this means that you develop second language skills abroad, or maybe you just become more understanding of perspectives and world-views that are different from your own.

Experiential learning outcomes

… BTW… it’s Fun!!

You probably don’t need to be convinced, but here’s your reminder – working to maximize your career doesn’t have to be a chore. Utilize the opportunity to have the experience of a lifetime! If you’re still not sure on how to get started, drop us a line. Otherwise, feel free to start dreaming (and planning!)… apply today and we’ll help you get on the right track!


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