Your guide to interning abroad in Amman, Jordan, Intern Abroad HQ

Intern Abroad HQ offers diverse internship opportunities in Amman, the capital city of Jordan. As a major tourist destination, medical, and business hub within the Middle East and North Africa region, internships in Amman offer access to exciting personal and professional development opportunities, along with rich cultural immersion. Intern in Jordan to enjoy Arabic language lessons, visit world famous archaeological sites, and enhance your professional horizons with exciting new networks and learnings.

Internships in the Jordan are available within the following fields:

Where are the internships in Jordan based?

Situated at the crossroads of the continents, Jordan has a fascinating history and shares a rich diversity of cultures. The country is increasingly introducing itself as an important business hub and destination for medical tourism, as Amman is one of the most visited Arab cities. Our internship programs in Jordan are based in and around its capital city of Amman, including nearby Madaba, Al Mafraq and Tafilah. From this central location, program participants enjoy access to a vast range of attractions, including the ancient Amman Citadel, the wonders of Petra, the healing waters of The Dead Sea, and much more!

Your guide to internships in Jordan with Intern Abroad HQ

When is the best time of the year to intern in Jordan?

Our internships in Amman, Jordan, begin twice a month, year-round. The Jordan work week runs from Sunday to Thursday, with Fridays and Saturdays available for free time over the weekend. Interns can pick their own start date and plan to arrive on the Friday, before Saturday orientations. The minimum duration requirement is just 4 weeks (and you can intern for up to 12 weeks, if you wish!)

Amman and its surrounding areas usually have a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. The summer season runs from late May through early October, with the hottest month being July. The cooler months usually run from early December through early March, and January tends to be the coldest month. If you are not accustomed to heat, you may consider joining the program during this time, instead of over the summer.

Internship experiences in Jordan, with Intern Abroad HQ

What are the highlights of this destination?

There are incredible tours and excursions available for travelers in Jordan. It’s wise to ensure that you budget and plan in advance, to take advantage of this trip of a lifetime. Not every excursion has a cost, as there is much you can simply enjoy through the wonderful cultural immersion and the rich history of the area. The Amman Citadel, located in the center of Amman, overlooks the modern metropolis and dates back more than 2,000 years to the Roman period. Other landmarks here include the Temple of Hercules, the Umayyad Palace, and the Jordan Archaeological Museum, plus the Roman Amphitheater. You can check out beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs, fun trendy cafés, unique shops, art galleries and more. The Umayyad Desert Castles are easily reachable as a day tour from Amman. The King Abdullah I Mosque’s iconic blue dome is visible throughout the city, which is also a “must see” in person.

When you apply for your internship in Jordan, you’re welcome to make a note of which tours and add-ons you’re interested in, so we can check availability and prices for you. For example, popular activities include:

  • The wonders of Petra, the Lost City of Jordan - one of the world’s most remarkable archaeological sites and Seventh Wonder of the World.
  • The healing waters of The Dead Sea, where people have been coming as a health resort for thousands of years.
  • The sacred mountain of Mount Nebo (on a clear day, look out at the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, and in the right conditions, even as far as Jerusalem. The Memorial Church of Moses also rests at the summit).
  • The stunning landscapes of Wadi Rum - the “valley of the Moon” - which you might be sure to recognize from countless movies.

Your guide to internships in Jordan with Intern Abroad HQ

Do I need to speak Arabic for this internship?

No, this is not a prerequisite. All our Jordan internships are conducted in English. However, you can expect that a language barrier can still be encountered to a certain extent. We encourage all interns to take advantage of the Arabic lessons we offer (for an additional cost), which can be taken in conjunction with the internship. Understanding the local customs in Jordan is an essential part of the experience. Showing awareness allows for mutual respect and a deeper connection with locals, all of which will enhance your internship experience.

Your guide to internships in Jordan with Intern Abroad HQ

What can be expected from the food and accommodation?

Interns in Jordan are hosted in various homestay accommodations, usually situated around the Amman city center. The central office of the local team and the designated internship placements are easily accessible from the city center. Living is basic yet comfortable, and all homestays have electricity and running water. Interns can expect to share a room and bathroom with other program participants of the same gender. Private room requests are allowed, but cannot be guaranteed. WiFi is also available in all of the homestays in Jordan.

Through this program, the accommodation hosts provide daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food and sharing is a large part of the Jordanian culture. It is not uncommon to overeat and is, in fact, a gesture of goodwill.

Jordanian cuisine is very diverse, since it has North African, European and Mediterranean influences. Staples of the diet usually include rice, potatoes, cauliflower, cucumber, yogurt, meat (such as lamb or chicken), olives, flatbread, herbs, and spices. Sweet baked pastries are also popular, such as baklava and kanafeh.

Breakfast and dinners tend to be smaller portions with mixed platters, including falafel, dips, bread, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables. Lunch is the bigger meal of the three, and can include a range of meats, breads, rice dishes, salads and vegetables. Tap water is not drinkable; however, bottled water is readily available to purchase.

Your guide to internships in Jordan with Intern Abroad HQ

How much spending money should I budget?

Your program fee for the Jordan internships includes your accommodation, meals and airport pick-up. A weekly budget of $60 per week should be sufficient for use of public transport, in addition to miscellaneous expenses, such as laundry, bottled water, snacks, etc.

Just keep in mind that - depending on your own spending habits and lifestyle choices - personal budgets can vary enormously. Local eateries are often more affordably priced than products and eateries targeted toward international tourists and it’s wise to research tourism activities in advance to get an idea of what you’d like to do and how much you need to earmark for this - especially if you want to travel further afield and pay for various tours and excursions. It is always wise to research tourism activities in advance to get an idea of what you’d like to do and how much you need to allocate to this.

Your guide to internships in Jordan with Intern Abroad HQ

What are top tips for having a successful internship?

Internships are focused on personal and professional development, so there is a degree of personal responsibility and independence that are important to keep in mind.

  • Expect that your first week on the internship will focus on building the foundations of what you are going to do/develop over the remainder of your stay. It is standard and common to gain an understanding of the company/organization you are going to intern for, before you “hit the ground running”.

  • Make sure to take it easy on your first week and take the time to acclimate. Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, use lots of sunscreen, and always make sure to maintain good communication, as you will have layers of support available.

  • Do your best to get acquainted with some of the local customs and traditions. For example, when meeting people for the first time, it is a sign of respect to stand up to say hello. It is also common for Arabs to greet each other by giving a small kiss on each cheek. Always be mindful of those praying in public spaces, don’t interrupt them or pass in front of them.

  • Come with an open mind and the willingness to experience a different lifestyle. If you expect everything to be the same as it is in your home-country, then you may be disappointed by differences, rather than ready to broaden your horizons.

​​I’m ready! How can I start planning my internship in Jordan?

Found your ideal opportunity? Don’t leave it to the last minute, start planning now! Submit your interest via our online application form (for free). We’ll review your application to confirm you’re a good match for your chosen internship program and that there is availability for the dates you’ve requested. We can then accept you into the program. Once you’re accepted, you can reserve your place - then let the adventure begin!