Our Intern Abroad HQ team wants to make it easy to organize your internship program and travel experience. We’ve curated a list of trusted, affordable providers that you may access below for excellent service.

Discounted Flights with StudentUniverse

If you’re planning to intern abroad and already have a destination in mind, or have at least narrowed down your top picks, understanding the cost of your flights will help you finalize your budget and make a decision about your internship. With years of extensive travel experience behind us, Intern Abroad HQ makes booking flights easy and affordable for our interns.

We’ve partnered with one of the world’s leading travel booking sites, StudentUniverse, to offer discounted flights to Intern Abroad HQ interns traveling to any of our destinations.

With 20+ years of experience, StudentUniverse works with more than 200 global airlines, including Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Qatar Airways and more to give you exclusive flight discounts that can’t be found anywhere else.

Having booked countless travel itineraries, StudentUniverse can help you book affordable flights for your internship abroad in an easy, convenient and budget friendly way!

StudentUniverse flights at a glance:
  • World leading site for booking internship flights
  • Affordable fares at discounted prices for Intern Abroad HQ interns
  • Only partners with trusted, reliable, safe and quality airlines
  • We organize the logistics behind your airport pick-up
  • Personalized advice from a real travel expert
When to book your flights

You can request a flight quote once you’ve applied for your chosen intern abroad program and paid your deposit to confirm your place. It is important you are registered (have paid your internship deposit) before paying for your flights, so you have your dates and location confirmed.

Travel Insurance

Most of your time abroad as an intern will go smoothly, but sometimes luck just isn’t on your side and things go wrong. That’s why travel insurance is compulsory for all Intern Abroad HQ interns, to ensure that you’re in a position to receive assistance and overcome any unexpected setbacks or inconveniences.

To point you in the right direction, we’ve secured a partnership with World Nomads, as they offer a number of different Travel Insurance options. They’re a flexible provider, recommended by Lonely Planet, and they’re perfect for independent travelers. One of the reasons we’ve partnered with World Nomads is the cover they offer and Worldwide 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team. Depending on the plan and any upgrades you choose, you may be covered for things such as emergency medical treatment and repatriation, trip cancellations for specific events or if your personal belongings are damaged or stolen.

It is especially important that your travel insurance includes cover for COVID-19, just in case you become infected at home before you travel or while interning abroad, or you’re forced to change your plans due to any COVID-19 restrictions. World Nomads does not have an endemic or pandemic exclusion for policies purchased by U.S. residents, which means that you may make claims arising from the COVID-19 for the benefits specified in your policy.

If you already have travel insurance cover through your health insurance or another provider, please check it includes everything you need for your international internship experience. You can obtain a free no-obligation quote from World Nomads by filling in your details below, or scroll down to learn more about the right kind of insurance to purchase for your international internship trip.

What you need to know about travel insurance

What do I need to be covered for?

You need to be covered in case of:

  • Medical emergencies while traveling
  • Lost or damaged luggage
  • Travel disruptions, such as flight cancellations
  • Stolen passport and other important travel documents
  • Other unforeseen events

If any of these events happen to you it can really tarnish your time abroad. Having the right insurance helps to limit the impact and helps you get on with your adventure. Just ask anyone who’s ever had a mishap abroad - good travel insurance can be a life saver.

The golden rule of insurance is everything depends on your own circumstances. Travel insurance isn’t made to cover everything and all travel insurance plans will have limits, conditions and exclusions. Reading the fine print isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it is important you know your own policy.

World Nomads offers a range of plans which may be suitable for your international internship. Each World Nomads plan is different depending on your country of residence and the options you choose. Many of their policies offer the flexibility to buy a policy while traveling or extend cover online if you’re traveling before or after your international internship. Their policies have been designed specifically for people travelling abroad (or domestically if you’re from the US) but the policy that suits you will depend on a range of factors including your medical history, internship destination, type of internship experience, and more.

Learn more about the different travel insurance options from World Nomads here.

What’s the difference between my health insurance and travel insurance?

Will your existing health insurance policy cover you if you need medical treatment abroad? The answer is most likely “no” because most health insurance policies do not apply once you’re outside of your home country. This is the main difference between health insurance and travel insurance, and this is why we insist you have adequate travel insurance.

The best way to be sure is to check your current health policy for more information. If you’re in any doubt, contact your insurance provider and ask them directly. For more information about the difference between travel insurance and health insurance, check out this guide from World Nomads.

As always, make sure you seek a policy that is right for your personal circumstances and travel plans.

Will I be covered for COVID-19?

With COVID-19 infections still active throughout the world, we recommend purchasing travel insurance that includes cover for COVID-19 alongside other essential cover for normal internship abroad activities.

Unlike many other companies, Intern Abroad HQ’s travel insurance partner, World Nomads, does not exclude claims related to epidemics or pandemics for policies purchased by U.S. residents.

This means that U.S residents who choose World Nomads for their travel insurance cover may make claims arising from COVID-19, according to the benefits outlined in your policy. These benefits include emergency medical and trip interruption coverage for you personally or a travel companion who contracts the COVID-19 or goes under quarantine when traveling.

If you unexpectedly catch COVID-19 at home before you leave for your trip, you may also be eligible for trip cancellation coverage, which represents compensation for any pre-paid non-refundable travel expenses such as flights, hotels, and excursions. Click here to review exactly what is covered by World Nomads’ policies in relation to Covid-19.

You can obtain a travel insurance quote from World Nomads for your Intern Abroad HQ trip by clicking here.

Coverage for non-U.S. residents varies and can be checked by clicking here.

How do I get travel insurance?

  1. To start, get a travel insurance quote from World Nomads here or complete and submit the form below.

  2. Once you’ve entered your details, you’ll see the plans you’re eligible for.

  3. Read through the plans and select the option that’s right for you.

  4. Add any optional cover (where available), especially if you want cover for certain activities or valuable items. For example, interns choosing Marine Biology & Reef Conservation at Sodwana Bay must check their policy to specifically ensure that any potential dive related ailments are covered, along with associated medical costs and emergency evacuation procedures. Most travel insurance companies offer dive related cover although it may be at an extra cost.

  5. Don’t just choose the cheapest policy available. If you end up really needing cover for something, you don’t want to be ineligible because you were trying to save a couple of dollars.

Please note, World Nomads may not provide travel insurance for participants over the age of 64. It also doesn’t offer travel insurance for people living in some parts of the world. If that’s you, please click here to look at other travel insurance options.

Global Travel Academy

To up-skill before your internship program (and add extra “oomph” to your resume!) check out the Global Travel Academy. Intern Abroad HQ recommends their affordable online courses, which are all expertly designed to help you travel abroad safely and responsibly. The Certificate in Travel Health & Safety covers topics that are crucial to your pre-departure preparation and health/safety at your destination. For example, you can expect to receive best practice guidance on:

  • Travel and medical preparations
  • Traveling and transit
  • Staying healthy abroad and mental health
  • What to do in an emergency


TEFL Course

If you’re focused on developing your skill-set as an educator, or simply interested in diversifying your talents, we recommend an interactive Online TEFL Certification Course. Whether you utilize the certification to teach English in your own country or to others abroad, the training offers tools and techniques over a 100-hour program. Ensuring that you’re prepared and confident to teach, mentor, or provide classroom assistance will not only benefit you, but will also positively impact on the learning environment of your students. Upon completion, you’ll have earned experience in planning, designing, and adapting diverse language activities and materials.

What you need to know:

  • Intern Abroad HQ has secured a discounted rate for individuals of US$399.
  • No previous teaching experience or training is required.
  • You can start at any time and work through the online course at your own pace.
  • You don’t have to be registered for an internship program to do the course.
  • You don’t have to be a native English speaker, but your fluency of the English language must be at a native-speaker level.
  • There is no practical teaching component – the course is focused on developing skills that will help you adapt to different teaching and learning environments.
  • You can sign up for the Online TEFL Certification Course anytime and you’ll only pay the discounted Intern Abroad HQ rate.