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10 reasons to intern abroad

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to intern abroad? An international internship doesn’t have to require a long-term commitment - there are many affordable international opportunities that offer awesome global experience, from just two weeks. Students and young professionals who have completed an overseas internship often credit the experience as being an exciting, eye-opening, and meaningful step within their career journey. Need more reasons? Check out the top 10 reasons to intern abroad!

1. Travel to see the world

Whether you’re looking to schedule an internship over a winter break, during the summer, or even over a gap year, opportunities that are available year-round enable you to plan travel dates that work well for you. International internships offer an opportunity to explore the world and build your social circle, while accessing affordable student-friendly fees for travel and 24/7 support.

Travel to see the world during an internship abroad

2. Gain career insight and explore your passions

Not sure what your next step is? Want to explore a field of study to decide where you’d like to specialize? Have a passion you’d like to learn more about, to understand how it translates into a career? Whether it’s for 2 weeks or 24 weeks, internships offer eye-opening experience, the chance to learn from professionals in your field, and practical exposure to a daily workforce that brings to life classroom learning.

Gain career insight and explore your passions during an international internship

3. Boost your resume with professional experience

If interning abroad heightens your resolve, confidence and motivation to work within a specific field or industry, then it can also increase your employability. Building your resume with professional experience communicates to a potential employer that you have an understanding of a workplace and have stretched your talents outside of an academic setting. Within job interviews, you’ll be able to discuss what you learned from the internship and what skills you have to offer. Apart from strengthening your resume, you’ll also lock in valuable references who can be called upon to vouch for your professional conduct and competencies.

Boost your resume with professional experience during an internship overseas

4. Focus on personal development and employability

Adding hands-on experience to your resume is a great first step – but there are benefits to interning abroad which go beyond just looking good on paper. It can be daunting to hit the road and intern overseas, so a lot of character-building goes into completing an overseas internship. This includes the confidence to step out of your comfort zone, the independence it takes to venture abroad, adaptability to find yourself a home-away-from-home, and the cross-cultural communication skills it takes to build deeper awareness and engagement.

Focus on personal development and employability during an internship overseas

5. Challenge yourself to learn a new language

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Wrapping your mind and your tongue around a new dialect is great brain-gym but it also opens doors into new worlds, career possibilities, and networks. There’s no better way to kick start your second language skills than by investing in a culturally immersive environment. Combine the immersive experience with language lessons and you’ll be well on the way to locking in a valuable new skill!

Challenge yourself to learn a new language during an international internship

6. Enhance your cultural intelligence

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, cultural intelligence is one of the most indispensable employability skills. Professionals with the ability and motivation to embrace unfamiliar environments, cultures, perspectives and lifestyles have a distinct advantage in the workforce. The adaptability gained through living in another country not only broadens your perspectives, it furthers your ability to operate as a capable world citizen.

Enhance your cultural intelligence during an internship abroad

7. Make new friends and grow your global network

Whether you’re connecting with locals or getting to know other international students who are spending time abroad, you’ll be able to meet like-minded peers from all over the world. With weekends free during an internship abroad, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the sights and tourism activities with other people. Even if you start off traveling solo, you’ll be in the best possible position to collect wonderful new friends along the way!

Make new friends and grow your global network during an internship abroad

8. Push your boundaries and explore learning outside the classroom

Internships allow for experiential learning to occur, which means that you’re learning through doing. Like Confucius said, “I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.” If you think an internship abroad means you’ll be making coffee and doing mundane photocopying, then think again! Experiential learning outside the classroom is deigned to put your personal and professional development first, so that you can build practical skills that will equip you for a resilient career, over the course of your professional lifetime.

Push your boundaries and explore learning outside the classroom during an international internship

9. Receive academic credit

It’s common for students to use an international internship as a platform for obtaining course credit. Some degrees or study programs even require internship hours to be completed, as part of the curriculum. Although the policies for obtaining course credit can vary between different academic institutions, advisors can advise students to outline what credits may be earned through an international internship and how they may be achieved.

Receive academic credit during an internship overseas

10. Have the experience of a lifetime!

Internship experiences provide more than just a resume boost. Life abroad is filled with adventures that help you to discover a wider world, fresh perspectives, unique lifestyles, and greater understanding for a more enriched life and career. The experience represents an investment that’s deeply rewarding, as you’ll contribute to meaningful programs while working toward your own goals. You may have the experience of a lifetime, but you’ll also be inspired to face future adventures and challenges, that await on the horizon.

Intern abroad to have the experience of a lifetime

Ready to make it happen?

Intern Abroad HQ has developed affordable internship opportunities around the world which offer superior services, support, and experiential learning. Our guide on how to intern abroad explains everything you need to know for a modern and relevant internship experience. We also break down how to prepare, plan and budget for a fantastic overseas internship experience.

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