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Looking for the best internship programs? You can spend days, even months dissecting which internship options might be right for you. However, deciding what the ‘best’ is, can be a subjective exercise. That’s why we are here to provide you with all the information you need to pick the best intern abroad program for you.

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To get started, we need to establish what goes into the best internship programs:

Pre-departure support

When planning a trip abroad there are many elements that go into making it the best trip possible and at IAHQ we’ve built our pre-departure support to enable the best internship abroad possible. From ensuring you get your resume right, to helping provide the best options for affordable flights, we pride ourselves on being the most flexible and affordable in the market - so we are here to work with you on which internship program is right.

Once you’ve found an internship that meets your goals, and any study or graduation requirements, (and we’ve received your application and registration fee), you will be supported by a dedicated internships manager. This support includes guidance through the necessary steps to plan your trip, as well as access to discounted flights and insurance.

24/7 support abroad

By the time you’ve begun your internship, you would have already been supported by IAHQ’s dedicated internship manager. While we will remain contactable throughout your international internship, you will have full support from the local internship coordinator 24/7.

Settling in to a new working environment, country and culture can take some time, so our local internship coordinators are there to teach you the ropes, whether that means recommending the best places to go for lunch, assistance in grasping the language, or helping you to book tours and explore the area’s best kept secrets during the weekends.

Career readiness

What’s truly going to make the best internship abroad program? It’s the career readiness that you can gain from taking part in the program. IAHQ has built in a custom reflection framework that sits alongside your internship program to allow you to gain hands on experience, whilst also journaling to work through tasks related to your career development and key employability competencies.

This proactive approach is designed to build your confidence, resume, and prepare you for what lies ahead. Your IAHQ internship manager will work alongside you to ensure your career goals are front of mind and you leave with tangible takeaways.

Professional growth

All of this culminates to create a personal and professional growth experience that can only be gained through the best internship abroad programs. From the moment you apply with IAHQ, it is about setting a course for the best internship experience that will provide you with the necessary tools towards employability.


Best internship programs bali

What makes Bali the best intern abroad option is undoubtedly the mix of cultural immersion, it’s thriving tourist environment, and a heavy dose of picturesque surroundings. Internship placements vary, depending on your specific internship placement, but are typically based throughout the buzzing regions of Kuta, Ubud and Sunar.


A typical day in Bali starts at your accommodation, where you will be staying with other like minded interns. From here, you start your day by setting out to a local cafe or restaurant for breakfast which can cost around US$2-3 (depending on your preference). Bali has some of the best eateries going, including excellent vegetarian options, so there is no shortage of choice.

Once your belly is full, it’s time to set off on your internship placement. These are typically 20-30 minutes from your accommodation and a cab will cost you around US$2. At your internship placement you will be supported by your local supervisor who will instruct you in your internship duties. Work typically lasts between 4-6 hours depending on the demands of your placement.

Interns in Bali also have access to a specific mentor, who is associated with the local team. Your mentor will check in on you routinely and provide you with ongoing support and guidance to ensure that everything’s running smoothly.


Once your day is finished, you’re free to immerse yourself in everything Bali has to offer. Travel down to the beach, relax with friends, explore the many hindu temples, or treat yourself to more amazing Balinese food. In the evening you will travel back to the accommodation, where you will have time to plan for the next day or simply unwind. Bali can be as fast or as slow paced as you desire and that is a key reason why it’s one of the best intern abroad programs.



Best internship programs Costa Rica

The diversity of Costa Rica is a key driver in what makes it one of the best intern abroad programs. Whether you have a love of the beach, rainforest or just the beauty of nature on the whole, Costa Rica offers up some of the best ecosystem experiences possible. Placements are based in and around San Ramon, Palmares or Puntarenas.


During your internship in Costa Rica, you will be accommodated with a local family in homestay accommodation, which is nearby your internship placement. Breakfast will be served by your homestay family, which will set you right for the busy day ahead. Internship placements vary in transit time from your accommodation, with typical trips taking approximately 20 minutes.

Internship placements are supported by a local coordinator who will advise you on your daily tasks, which can vary between office-based work or more practical outdoor activities, depending on your exact internship. Each is tailored to a 4 - 6 hour day.

While Spanish language lessons are available for interns in Costa Rica, you’re encouraged to take them (if you wish) for a week or so before beginning your internship placement, so that you’re feeling geared up to practice and enhance your Spanish language skills once your internship program kicks off.


Filling your free time in Costa Rica isn’t hard, no matter your interests. Go white water rafting, chill out with some sloths, get a tan at the beach, or take on a cultural tour on a coffee farm. The amazing beauty of this country, along with the incomparable range of attractions and adventure tourism opportunities, are key reasons why Costa Rica has become one of the best intern abroad destinations.



Best internship programs Greece

What more can we say about Greece that you wouldn’t have already heard? You’ve probably already seen hundreds of Instagram stories from your friends spending their time on sun clad beaches, or setting sail over perfect turquoise waters to one of Greece’s many islands. Now is your opportunity to do not only that, but to also grow your career on one of the best intern abroad programs Greece has to offer.


During your internship placement you will be accommodated and working on the island of Samos, which is around a 50 minute flight from Athens. Here you will be housed with other like-minded interns, fostering a productive professional network for all. Breakfast is served at the main research base, which is situated just outside the small town and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pythagoreio.

Being out on the water is a big draw card for this internship and it provides you with a quality mix of book work and hands on experience over a full-time schedule, Monday through Friday. All of the internship placements in Greece are focused on environmental conservation and there is great scope to gain experience across various fields - whether assisting with terrestrial conservation, marine biology, environmental education, or the production of photography or other media.

If you’re proactive and bursting at the seams to get stuck in and express ideas for environmental research, then internships in Greece will be right for you.


When you’re not on placement, you can take the opportunity to relax on the island, enjoy the amazing eateries, explore the ancient history, or take sightseeing excursions with other interns.

With all this in mind, it’s no secret why Greece provides one of the best intern abroad programs.t’s all there waiting for you to discover - just ensure you lock your internship in quick, so you don’t miss out on securing prime positions over the summer!



Best internship programs Guatemala

Guatemala is a country boasting rich history, within a glowing ecosystem. Rainforests, volcanoes and ancient Mayan sites are just a few of the things you can experience amidst your volunteer placement. Throughout your internship experience you will likely be based in and around Santa Lucia Milpas Altas, just 15 minutes from Antigua. However, select placements are also available around the scenic community that surrounds Lake Atitlán.


Your accommodation during the internship program will host you comfortably with a local homestay, enabling you to gain a truly immersive local experience with a friendly Guatemalan family. Here, you will be served two meals per day. Typically breakfast and dinner, which will give your tastebuds a great introduction to local cuisine. Dependant on your exact internship, you can treat yourself for lunch at one of the many cafes and restaurants nearby.

Internship placements within Guatemala encompass the heart of the community, whether you’re working with microfinance companies to support indigenous entrepreneurship, or assisting in local physiotherapy clinics, schools, or medical campaigns. These internship placements offer a mix of hands-on practical experience, as well as cultural immersion that will broaden your horizons, strengthen your cultural intelligence, and enhance your Spanish language comprehension. Throughout, you will have full support of the local internship coordinator who will act as your go to resource.


When you’re not on your internship placement, the wonders of Guatemala await. Explore local markets, the wonders of Semuc Champey, climb Acatenango, or take a cruise on Lake Atitlan. You’ll certainly need a few weekends to squeeze in that perfect mix of interning and discovering everything Guatemala has to offer.



Best internship programs Ireland

What wouldn’t there be to celebrate if you were taking an internship in Ireland? The country is synonymous for Guinness beer and if you haven’t tried one before, set yourself some time to consume this hearty beverage. Based in the economic hub of Dublin, the internship placements are situated to ensure you’re never far from the liveliest opportunities that the city has to offer. You’ll grow in more ways than one during your internship from the city to the coast, Dublin will win you over with its lucky charm.


During your internship in Dublin you will be accommodated in homestay accommodation, situated within suburban areas. Your homestay provides a solid and comfortable base for taking meals. Breakfast and dinner are covered Monday through Friday, and lunches are also provided during the weekends. However, you’re free to get out and treat yourself to the local cuisine. You can’t go wrong with an Irish pub meal and you won’t want to miss the atmosphere when the bands start to play!

On the internship program you will be supported by the local coordinator who will be available to assist throughout with any questions about day-to-day logistics. Days on the internship placement are full-time, and your guided reflection work will complement the experience to help articulate your learning outcomes. .


Breweries, castles, music and breathtaking coastal views. That’s a snapshot of how you can be spending your weekends in Dublin. It goes without saying that you’d need to pay a visit to the famous Guinness brewery during your time in Ireland. But it’s not all beer, the Irish coastline is something out of a movie set. So grab your new intern friends and get ready for a great craic!



Best internship programs Italy

When in Rome you say? With nearly 3,000 years of global influence on art, architecture and modern culture, we can’t blame you for being in a daze around which historic site you will visit first. Luckily your internship will allow you to find your feet and have you trekking around like a local in no time. Internships are based in the center of Rome and won’t leave you disappointed.


Your authentic Italian experience starts with your homestay accommodation. Living with an Italian family they’ll have you immersed in the local cultural in no time. Picking up the local language is a must and your homestay family will be on hand to share some tips and help with any tricky Italian language homework. Your meals are served here for breakfast and dinner, leaving you free to try all the pasta and pizza you can handle for lunch throughout Rome.

With a broad range of business and environmental internships on offer in Rome, placements vary from inner city, through to suburban placements in the agricultural hubs just outside of Rome. With a minimum time commitment of 4 weeks or greater, you will truly feel a sense of career momentum during your working weeks.

All internships in Rome require interns to attend Italian language lessons for the introductory phase of their internship. The classroom experience is a real highlight, allowing you to make friends from all over the world, gain confidence within immersive Italian settings, and ensure you’re set to order a cappuccino a cornetto, just like a local.


Where to start with weekend activities! With options such as the Roman Forum, Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain at your doorstep, you won’t be short of historic sites to explore. The former Roman Empire truly is impressive. If you feel like you’ve managed to explore everything Rome has to offer, be sure to get across to the cities of Venice, Florence and Milan.



Best internship programs Japan

Best recognized for its contrast of neon cityscape and historic temples, Japan truly is a city of beautiful contrast and incredible feats of development. Business and education internships will have you placed in the city of Tokyo, which is actually comprised of 8 different wards. Despite the expanse of the city, everything is easily accessible via the Tokyo Metro, making it easy and user-friendly to get around and experience the many sides of Japanese culture. If we haven’t already mentioned, there is 1 vending machine per every 23 people.


In Tokyo your accommodation is a shared dormitory house, allowing you to be housed with other like-minded individuals. Typically, shared dormitory rooms accommodate between 4 - 8 guests (fellow international interns/students). Should you desire an accommodation upgrade, these are available and we can work with you on this during your internship onboarding stage.

For meals on the program, the city of Tokyo is truly your oyster. The city is famed for having the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world but you can also get delicious ramen and other amazing Japanese dishes affordably. You’re free to let your taste buds run wild for break, lunch and dinner. Take your pick of local restaurants or there’s always the vending machines…

Working on an internship in Japan will be an invigorating change for most, with the unique blend of customs and culture, it will truly prepare you to become a global citizen. Japanese standards of professionalism are unparalleled and their focus on quality is second to none. If you’re looking for an internship that will set your resume apart and take your professional development to the next level, look no further than Japan for the best intern abroad programs.


When you’re not on your internship placement, you can’t go past the cultural and historical attractions that are like no other. Exploring sites such as the Imperial Palace is usually at the top of most peoples list, but you can also take a trip out to the vast countryside, where many an oasis awaits - be it through hiking trips or relaxing in a tranquil Japanese garden. If you’ve come for the bright lights of the city, the shopping districts of Ginza, or the thrill of theme parks, then living in Tokyo during your internship abroad is a must-do.



Best internship programs Peru

When you hear of a trip to Peru, you may already be thinking about a hike to the world famous Machu Picchu (don’t worry, we can help you to arrange this), however there is a whole world of internships waiting for you. Based in the city of Cusco, you will instantly feel the warmth and history of the rich Inca culture, blended with the remnants of Spanish colonialism. With 12 World Heritage Sites in the region, your to do list will be brimming with activities.


Staying in local homestay accommodation with welcoming Cuzqueños will give you firsthand insight into the Peruvian way of life. You will be staying about 20 minutes walking distance from the central office (located just off the Plaza de Armas), so you will feel like a local getting around in no time. Depending on the time of year you travel, there is potential to be joined by other interns within your homestay. Three meals are served at the accommodation and consist of traditional Peruvian dishes. Don’t worry, if you’re up for trying some local delicacies, such as cuy, you will get the opportunity to taste things on your own terms.

Internship placements are spread throughout the city of Cusco. Urban based placements are predominantly for those on internships within the fields of Education and Healthcare. Rural based internships are typically limited to sustainable tourism placements. No matter your placement location, your internship schedule will comprise of roughly 4 - 6 hours a day, covering a mix of career focused initiatives.

If you’re planning on complementing your internship in Peru with Spanish language lessons, then you’re in luck. These language lessons are highly encouraged, to enhance your enjoyment and cultural integration. Spanish language lessons take place in the heart of the city and can be scheduled in conjunction with your internship placement - or even via Skype before you arrive - so what are you waiting for?


It goes without saying that you will need to book a tour to Machu Picchu in your spare time. Considered as a “royal” site, this historic citadel encapsulates a lot of the history in the area, not to mention the mystery and absolute beauty of it’s design, and truly deserves a full day to explore. Depending on your interests, there is a wide range of options for getting to Machu Picchu. Whether you want to grab a friend and take the train there one weekend (via stops through the Sacred Valley) or if you prefer to trek in and make a real adventure out of the excursion, advance bookings are always recommended. If you don’t want to stray too far, the city of Cusco has many hidden gems to discover among its historical cobblestone streets.



Best internship programs South Africa

We boast two of the best internships abroad in South Africa. Choose from either our internship program in Cape Town and our diverse Environmental internships, located in National Parks and Reserves, including Kruger National Park.


Interns are accommodated together in guest houses, or a nearby hostel, so it’s fun and social. The accommodation is based in the Observatory district of Cape Town (known locally as “Obs”), which is primarily a great student neighbourhood. From where the accommodation is located, it’s easy to access great cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets, all within walking distance. The heart of the city is not too far away, where the attractions of beaches and a modern city await.

Accommodation on our environmental internships is spread between various camps that are specific to your internship field. The settings have a true safari feel and allow you to be immersed in nature, while sharing the experience with other like minded individuals and the on-site professional staff, who offer ongoing guidance and environmental training.

Cape Town internship placements have a real community feel to them and you will be working with local businesses and organizations to enhance their efficiencies and your hands-on career experience. Our environmental internships are spread across Kruger National Park, the Dinokeng Game Reserve, near the urban centre of Gauteng, and Sodwana Bay in iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

Each placement is specific to your type of internship work and truly has you at the heart of the South African ecosystem. Whether you’re looking for a marine biology internship with scuba training, an experience to hone GIS specialization skills in real-world environments, or the chance to gain insight into reserve management challenges, these internships offer absolutely unique, once-in-a-lifetime type experiences.


South Africa has it all - whether you want the comfort and amenities of a modern city, a true African safari, friendly people, art and culture, winery tours, beaches or more, this is a destination that delivers. There’s something for everyone, which is exactly why South African internships offer some of the best intern abroad programs on the globe.



Best internship programs Spain

Internships in Spain are located in the port city of Valencia, situated on the southeastern coast of the country. The city is infamous for being dry year-round and, set alongside the Mediterranean Sea, you will definitely need to pack swimmers during the Summer months. A city renowned for its art, sciences, industry and culinary style, Valencia is a city where you can let your creativity run wild, explore your passions, and determine what career goals you’re driven to pursue.


During your internship in Spain, you will be accommodated in homestay accommodation, which typically have you based in and around the city center. Access around the city is a breeze - the city is as flat as a pancake and it rarely rains, so walking or renting a city bicycle is very pleasant, allowing you to take in all the fresh air and sights. Two meals a day are provided (breakfast and dinner). This frees you up during lunch time to taste your way around Valencia with your colleagues - you can’t go without taking a long, leisurely lunch (between 2 - 4 p.m.) and trying a famous paella dish.

Internship placements in Valencia are typically situated conveniently to both the city center and your accommodation.. On each placement you will be supported by an internship coordinator and the office of the local team is in the heart of Valencia, next to the high street shopping area, business district, and near the historical city center as well. It’s here where you can take Spanish language lessons to upskill your cultural intelligence, access silent spaces for study, meet other interns to plan weekend activities, or even catch an occasional yoga class.

The internship schedule varies, depending on your specific placement, but can be expected to take place Monday through Friday (full time). Outside of this, you will have the opportunity to work on your guided reflection framework to translate your hands-on experiences into universally transferable skill-sets, developing a tangible record of learning for your resume.


During your spare time you will be able to get out and enjoy the coastline, parks, state of the art museums and beautiful Spanish architecture, which spans the entire city. Be sure to take the time to learn the language while you’re at it - chances are, you won’t want to leave!



Best internship programs Tanzania

If you want to experience the beautiful contrasts of Tanzania, we offer two of the best internship programs available. One is located in Arusha, Tanzania and the other is located on the beautiful Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar. Tanzania is famous for its wilderness areas, big five game reserves and the tropical coastline. Each destination will provide you with its own unique experiences, professional and cultural insights - but if you can’t choose just one base for your internship, intern in both!


In Arusha you will be accommodated in a fully gated guest house, which is located 15 minutes from the city center. Here you will share a dormitory style room with other guests and enjoy comfortable amenities such as hot showers, Wi-Fi, satellite television, and included meals (accommodation upgrades are available within the guest house, if you’d like to plan a private bedroom in advance).

As an intern in Zanzibar, you will be accommodated in local homestay which offers a welcoming home away from home. Meals are included so that you can discover the diverse culinary traditions of Zanzibar - it’s not known as the Island of Spice for nothing!

Internship placements in Arusha and Zanzibar have the community at heart. Whether you’re focused on health related internship activities, which may encompass medical work, social work, psychology care, or other valuable services, you’ll be guided and supervised by professionally qualified local staff. Internships focused on other fields, such as education or cultural arts are equally community focused, as you assist to support activities which prioritize local goals for wellbeing.

Come prepared for a joyful hands-on experience, with the readiness to immerse yourself in an unforgettable culture and nation of unparalleled natural beauty and biodiversity. Internship placements will truly have a lasting impression on you, which are complemented and supported through your own guided weekly reflections..


Where to start with your weekend options! Go on a hike, take a safari, explore the colorful Maasai markets, or relax at a beach. Tanzania is a country that offers up something for everyone and is a refreshing change from your typical tourist spots.


So there you have it! The best internship options that Intern Abroad HQ has to offer. If you think you’ve fallen in love with one (or more) of these internships, let us play matchmaker and talk to one of our expert team members for personalized advice.

  1. Apply online first. The application process is non-obligatory and free.

  2. After applying, you’ll receive more details on how to confirm your internship placement. Note that all the internship fees can be reviewed online.

  3. To confirm, you need to register online so that we can lock in your placement. Our registration fee of US$299 enables us to plan your specific internship and provide you with ongoing pre-departure support.

  4. Once you’re registered, the countdown to your internship begins - you can book your flights and start dreaming about some international travel!


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