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Spain Internship

Intern Abroad HQ offers affordable internships in Valencia, Spain starting from just two weeks in duration. Internships in Spain are available in the fields of finance, engineering, education, communications, healthcare, education and more. Flexible internship start dates are available year-round, with internship programs starting on Mondays.

If you’re ready to discover Europe, make sure you start in Valencia! The city offers the largest historic centre in Spain, a gorgeous subtropical Mediterranean climate, an infamous gastronomic culture, a wealth of arts and architecture, plus beautiful beaches, parks, and walking trails. Internship placements and homestay accommodation are spread throughout Valencia’s main city center and historic district. The city’s various districts and attractions are easily accessible on foot, bicycle, or via the many affordable and user-friendly public transportation options.

Whether you remain based in Valencia for the duration of your internship, or travel further afield in your free time to see more of Spain, the opportunity is unbeatable when it comes to combining an exceptional cultural experience with an exciting internship in Europe!

At a glance...

    • Entry level programs from 2 weeks
    • Start dates every Monday
    • Intern fees from US$1,540
    • Reflective learning course
    • 24/7 in-country support
    • Homestay accommodation


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Marketing, Design & Communications
Marketing, Design & Communications internships Abroad

Valencia is home to Spain’s most extensive entrepreneur eco-systems, where various lab and co-working spaces are exciting hubs for young professionals. Marketing & Communications internship placements are available within both the private, NGO, tech, and startup sector.

Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
Eligibility Requirement: Undergraduate Degree (or currently enrolled) in a related field.
Associated career paths: Advertising/Promotions/Marketing Manager, Sales Representative, Film & Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Market Research Analyst, Photographer, Writer, Product Development Manager, Brand Manager, Media Coordinator, Public Relations Consultant, Technical Writer, Media Coordinator

Healthcare and Medical internships for students

Medical internships in Spain include placements at private and public hospitals. Interns can expect to assist with patient care and the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies. Tasks and responsibilities can include assisting/observing/shadowing with daily patient attendance, test evaluation and examinations, treatment establishment and follow up.

Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
Eligibility Requirement: Suitable for students at a pre-med school educational level. Physiotherapy placements are available for interns with relevant qualifications.
Associated career paths: Physician, Nurse, General Practitioner, Midwife, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Radiographer, Dentist, Dental Hygienist, Dietitian, Paramedic, Anaesthesiologist, Sonographer, Medical Scribe, Nutritionist

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Engineering Internships for college students

If you’ve been looking for a great engineering internship opportunity, then this may be right for you. Interns are assessed according to their qualifications and matched to an appropriate placement. Available sectors include civil engineering, renewable energy, digital manufacturing and more.

Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
Eligibility Requirement: Undergraduate Degree (or currently enrolled) in a relevant field related to civil, industrial, chemical, digital manufacturing, energy and computer engineering
Associated career paths: Industrial Engineer, Computer Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Process Engineer, Manufacturing Operations, Engineering Geologist, Energy Systems Engineer, Construction Manager, Civil Project Engineer, Hydrologist, Natural Sciences Manager, Environmental Engineering Technician

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Business Administration
Business Administration internships in Spain

Business Administration internship placements are offered within both the private and NGO sector. Diverse opportunities are spread across a number of industries, such as commerce, health, real estate, sports, tech, tourism, start-up companies, and more.

Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
Eligibility Requirement: Undergraduate Degree (or currently enrolled) in a related field
Associated career paths: Business Manager, Project Management, Accountant, Actuary, Business Development, Data Analyst, Supply Chain Management, Consultancy, Human Resources, Employee Relations, Training, Operations Management

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Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance internships in Spain

Accounting & Finance internships in Spain offer a broad scope of exciting placement opportunities, encompassing fields such as business, communications, real estate, taxes and labor consultancy. Interns collaborate with the financial department’s daily tasks, such as managing project operations and reporting on markets.

Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
Eligibility Requirement: Undergraduate Degree (or currently enrolled) in a related field
Associated career paths: Accountant, Financial Planner, Budget Analyst, Human Resources Management, Business Analysis, Operations Management, Attorney, Actuary, Investment Relations

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Sales & Trade
Sales and trade internships abroad

If you have an interest in international relations, business and communications, then these placements will provide insight into how your studies come to life within a professional arena. Interns can assist with adapting sales content for international markets, supporting international business departments and more.

Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
Eligibility Requirement: Undergraduate Degree (or currently enrolled) in a related field
Associated career paths: Business Development Manager, Public Relations Account Executive, Sales Representative, Supply Chain Manager, Media Planner, Trade Policy Adviser, International Trade Consultant, Marketing Manager

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Youth Development & Education
Youth Development & Education internships abroad

Education & Community Development internships offer a broad scope of placement opportunities that may be related to both private schools and NGOs.Private schools in Valencia offer bilingual Spanish and English education at both the pre-school and primary levels. Note that start dates are unavailable in July and August.

Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
Eligibility Requirement: Undergraduate Degree (or currently enrolled) in a related field
Associated career paths: Primary/Secondary Teacher, Early Years teacher, Education Administrator, English as a Foreign Language Teacher, Learning Mentor/Tutor, Special Education, Teaching Assistant, Careers Adviser, Child Psychologist, Counsellor, Family Support Worker, Play Therapist, Youth/Social Worker

All Intern Abroad HQ programs include a guided reflection course, which combines personal development with professional competency building. Interns receive weekly reflection modules to complete during their program, which foster the acquisition of essential soft skills for employability and a resilient career. Each reflective journaling task introduces a new topic, presents learning objectives, and provides specific prompts that inspire and guide the learning process.

Short-term internships provide an introductory experience, however longer participation is encouraged in order to take advantage of the reflective process (up to 12 weeks). Intern Abroad does not award grades for the completion of our internship programs, but interns can be supported to independently arrange academic credit through their home educational provider.

Programs begin every Monday and participants may choose to stay for a minimum of 2 weeks up to a maximum of 24 weeks. All participants fly into the Valencia Airport (VLC) in order to be picked up and taken to the accommodation, unless alternative arrangements for an overland arrival have been made. Note that interns are advised not to book their flights until they have first registered to confirm their participation. Orientation is given by our local hosts at their office and covers important details concerning introductions, support, culture, customs, safety, rules and expectations, things to see and do, and more.

All interns in Spain are hosted in various homestay accommodations. These are typically situated around the city centre, where it is easy to access both the central office of the local team (where Spanish language lessons also take place) and the designated internship placement.

If a commute is required (to either the internship placement or the central office) then the travel time is usually between 30 to 40 minutes, maximum. There are ample public transportation options to utilize (including mobile phone apps, which can be downloaded at the program orientation) such as buses, subway, trams, and taxis. The city is flat and the climate is typically very pleasant, so public bicycles are also available. Interns may also opt to simply walk during the daytime and enjoy the sights of the city!

In Valencia, the homestays are usually located within apartment buildings. Interns can expect to have their own bedroom but may be accommodated alongside 2 to 3 other students or interns. Bathrooms are shared. Living is comfortable and WiFi is provided in most of the home-stays, although it is not guaranteed. Laundry is included - usually it will be done once a week.

Internships in Spain include two meals per day, served at the homestay (daily breakfast and dinner). Do not be surprised if you’re not joined in a hearty breakfast by your host family, as locals do not typically have a heavy breakfast (coffee may suffice!) However, interns can expect breakfast to consist of items such as bread/pastries, spreads, fruit, and coffee (you may even try a delicious espresso, served with some condensed milk to sweeten it).

Lunch time in Valencia is typically taken later in the day, between 2 and 4pm. This time is in line with the concept of “la siesta”, allowing time to rest and enjoy “la comida” - preferably with some pleasant company and conversation. There are many excellent restaurants to choose from in Valencia and they typically offer special lunch menus in the afternoon, which are designed to provide an affordable set meal option (they could range anywhere between €5.00 and €12.00). One of the most famous dishes in Valencia is paella - a must try! The internship program fees do not include lunch, so interns will be free to determine how they wish to accommodate their midday meal - whether through dining out or packing their own snacks.

Like breakfast, dinners in Valencia are served at the internship homestay. Dinner time in Spain is typically served later in the evening, due to eating a late lunch. Typical dishes may include ingredients such as noodles or pasta, seafood, rice, and in-season salads/vegetables.

Please be sure to let us know of any specific dietary requirements that you have in advance (i.e. allergies and intolerances), so that we may ensure your hosts are aware and make recommendations to you accordingly.

Internship Period Program Fee (USD)
2 weeks $1540
3 weeks $1740
4 weeks $1940
5 weeks $2140
6 weeks $2340
8 weeks $2740
10 weeks $3140
12 weeks $3540
16 weeks $4340
20 weeks $5140
24 weeks $5940
  • To convert these prices to your local currency visit the XE currency converter.
  • All programs attract a Registration Fee of US$299 on top of the Program Fee (partially refundable until 60 days before your start date*). A 5% international banking fee is added at point of payment.
  • * Terms and Conditions do apply

What extra costs will I have?

  • Visa, flights, travel insurance (mandatory), vaccinations, criminal background check.
  • Transfer back to the airport at conclusion of the program.
  • Language lessons.
  • Souvenirs + tourism/leisure activities during free time.
  • Personal spending money to cover basic expenses such as drinks, snacks, laundry, and public transportation. Interns generally find US$120 per week to be sufficient.

Registration fee

What it covers
  • Dedicated intern support
  • Comprehensive internship guide
  • Reflection learning course
  • Pre-departure interview
  • Personal impact assessment
  • Flight and travel insurance deals

Program fee

What it covers
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Airport pick-up
  • Program orientation
  • Internship placement
  • Learning support service
  • Accommodation & meals

Spanish lessons

Fluency in Spanish is not a requirement for interns in Valencia, however basic Spanish skills are strongly recommended. We encourage all interns to take advantage of the opportunity to learn some beginner skills during their program, or develop their existing vocabulary, as this will enhance professional social, and cultural competencies. Affordable Spanish language lessons are offered directly through our local team in Valencia. Most lessons are 2 hours and can be arranged in coordination with the internship schedule. Spanish lessons can be arranged directly with the local team once registered for the program or at the orientation in-country (ask about online Skype lessons if you’d like to get a head start on your learning). Lessons are tailored to each individual’s current level of Spanish and classes run from Monday to Friday.

Lessons for 4 hours per week:

  • 1-4 weeks = €36 per week
  • 5-8 weeks = €28 per week
  • 8+ weeks = €22 per week

Lessons for 6 hours per week:

  • 1-4 weeks = €51 per week
  • 5-8 weeks = €39 per week
  • 8+ weeks = €33 per week

Lessons for 10 hours per week:

  • 1 week = €80 per week
  • 2-3 weeks = €70 per week
  • 3+ weeks = €55 per week

Lessons for 20 hours per week:

  • 1 week = €140 per week
  • 2-3 weeks = €120 per week
  • 4-6 weeks = €90 per week
  • 6+ weeks = €80 per week

Weekends and travel

Most internship placements in Valencia have a morning schedule and require a commitment of between 25-30 hours per week, Monday through Friday. Interns have the weekends free and there is no shortage of wonderful things to see and do in Valencia! Cultural activities, excursions and weekend trips are frequently organized by our local team in Valencia, who will communicate to interns in-country when fun plans are being made. Interns staying for longer durations, or who wish to travel before or after their internship program, can visit other regions of Spain (or even Europe). The local team will be happy to make travel and tourism recommendations. However, while you’re in Valencia, these are just a few examples of the attractions you won’t want to miss:

  • City of Arts and Sciences / Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias: This state-of-the-art science, cultural and architectural complex is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia and counts as one of the “12 Treasures of Spain”. It encompasses the Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe and Hemisfèric (for IMAX, 3D and other screenings).

  • L’Oceanogràfic: L’Oceanogràfic is an impressive aquarium, designed by the architect Félix Candela and the structural engineers Alberto Domingo and Carlos Lázaro. You’ll see 500 species in versions of the world’s main marine ecosystems.

  • Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia: If you love arts and theater, don’t miss an event at Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia - Valencia’s beautiful performing arts and cultural centre.

  • Mercado Central, Valencia: Strolling through this indoor public market will inundate you with colorful sights and interesting produce. It’s located in the city center across from the Llotja de la Seda (a Gothic-style civil building) and the church of the Juanes.

  • Plaza de la Virgen: This lively plaza is central to Valencia, where it is surrounded by iconic historic buildings and outdoor cafes. You’ll see the Apostle Doors of the Valencia Cathedral, the Miguelete tower, and Neptune relaxing in la Fuente del Turia. From the plaza, you can also enter the Barrio del Carmen at Calle Caballeros - this is a trendy part of the medieval Valencia Old Town, from where you can also check out the Gothic-style Torres de Serranos, part of the old city walls, which mark the entrance to the Old Quarter of Valencia.

Capital Madrid
Population 46.5 million
Languages Spanish (official), Catalan, Galician, Basque, Occitan (co-official languages)
Currency Spainn Rand (ZAR)
Time zone UTC+01:00

Weather and climate: Spain has a very varied climate, according to the geographical situation of different regions. Most of the country is considered to be within a Mediterranean zone, which is characterised by warm/hot and dry summers. However, areas with relatively high rainfall are considered to be oceanic climatic regions, rather than Mediterranean. The northern quarter of Spain, which is within the Atlantic region, falls within this oceanic climate category, where winter and summer temperatures are influenced by the ocean. The southeastern quarter of Spain has a semi-arid climate, where the dry season can extend beyond the typical summer season.

In Valencia, where the Intern Abroad HQ internship program is based, it is dry year round. The summers are warm, muggy, and mostly clear. The hot summer season runs from June through September, with an average daily high temperature above 81°F (27°C). The winter months, from November through March, are cold, windy, and partly cloudy. During this time, the average daily high temperature is below 65°F (18°C). The average low of the coldest day of the year (around early January) is 43°F (6°C).