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What’s the biggest advantage of an online internship? Recent psychology intern, Xinran, wanted to bridge the gap between psychological theory and its practical applications, to gain a firsthand understanding of real-world processes. Through a remote Clinical Psychology internship (hosted out of India) Xinran was able to learn new techniques, enhance her cultural experience, and strengthen her learning curve, to prepare for a career in clinical psychology. Read on to learn more about her experience!

Hi Xinran! What can you tell us about your remote internship placement?

My online Clinical Psychology internship was focused on guiding individuals in psychological states and career planning. Unlike my initial expectation of a hectic schedule packed with back-to-back counseling sessions and heavy workloads, this internship provided a refreshing diversity of activities and a flexible schedule.

My days during the internship program varied from engaging in psychotherapy and career counseling, to in-depth discussions on specific counseling techniques. Each day, my host organization presented a varied agenda, spanning topics from career counseling and psychotherapy, to detailed discussions on specific counseling techniques. I attended live sessions, reviewed the recordings for interesting topics, and created customer-centric analysis reports.

I participated in weekly meetings to review materials, attended consultation sessions, and produced comprehensive customer-centric analysis reports. These reports provided the consultants with additional insights and perspectives to strengthen their practice. Overall, such abundant practice contributed significantly to my empowerment in the field.

What were the benefits of doing this internship online?

The internship experience was a treasure trove of learning as it offered a profound and multifaceted experience that was deeply enriching both personally and professionally. It was a journey of discovery and empowerment.

I was exposed to various counseling techniques, conversation styles, client issues and got a better understanding of concepts. Occasionally, psychologists from outside the organization were invited to conduct online discussions. This provided insight into current hot topics, offering diverse perspectives from different educational backgrounds and research areas.

I learned the importance of understanding cultural nuances, improved my ability to frame questions amidst professional jargon, and understood the significance of proactive learning and engagement in discussions to deepen my understanding and expertise. This newfound knowledge and experience have enriched my personal growth and empowered me to approach my career with more confidence to be successful in the field of psychology and counseling.

I found that the biggest advantage of doing an online internship was the flexibility! I was able to start tasks at times that suited my schedule, thanks to the remote nature of the internship. This flexibility allowed me to excel in an environment that adapted to my personal needs.

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Were there any challenges that you had to overcome?

The primary challenge I faced stemmed from time zone differences. Often, sessions were scheduled either immediately after my lectures or during my meal times. Initially, I struggled to manage these overlaps. However, I managed this by preemptively checking the timing for upcoming sessions and adjusting my meals accordingly. If one of the remote internship sessions coincided with a lecture, I allocated a separate slot to catch up on what I missed.

My approach to time management during the online internship was to prioritize active participation in live sessions, ensuring I attended at least one live session weekly. In addition, I aimed to review four recorded sessions every week, which informed my reports. This method allowed me to effectively allocate time to tasks I found most crucial and deliver high-quality output. Another strategy that I used was to break down tasks assigned to me so as to make things more manageable and to prevent myself from getting overwhelmed.

Was the online internship able to deliver a sense of cultural immersion?

Yes, I found that multiculturalism was genuinely embraced within my internship placement. One of the most enlightening experiences was the post-session discussions between counselors and students. These conversations revealed the rich tapestry of interpretations that come from our diverse cultural backgrounds. Listening to fellow students demonstrate their thought of the cases from their unique cultural lenses was very enriching. The multicultural insights deepened our understanding and highlighted the potential for innovative treatments and research within this field.

What are your future plans from here?

My remote Clinical Psychology internship laid a strong foundation for my future personal and professional progression. Moving forward, I aim to continue engaging deeply in the research field psychology and to pursue further education and seek research experiences that align with my career goals. My long-term vision is to contribute meaningfully to the field, drawing upon the rich experiences and insights gained during the internship.

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