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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Remote Clinical Psychology interns assist in a private clinic or hospital setting gaining practical exposure to child and adult mental health, learning difficulties, emotional disturbances, substance abuse, geriatrics, and health psychology. Clinical Psychology interns will be placed under the supervision of a clinical psychiatrist and a specialist in drug rehabilitation.

Internship Highlights:
  • Learn from an experienced and renowned clinical psychologist working in hospital settings or private practice
  • Experience the needs of a wide range of clients with very specific challenges, and how best to address them
  • Gain international experience while interning remotely from home without having to travel
Type of host organizations:
  • Private psychology centres, hospitals, NGOs
Gain academic or course credit
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Available year-round, start when you like
Intern part-time or full-time from anywhere
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Suitable for English language speakers
Eligibility requirements and Associated career paths
Eligibility requirement

Interns should be current students of psychology (or a related field). For example, at least enrolled in the first year of study in psychology, medicine, education, social work, etc.

Language requirements

This internship is conducted in English.

Associated career paths

Clinical Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Health Psychologist, Occupational Therapy, Learning Mentor/Tutor, Special Educational, Family Support Worker, Youth/Social Worker

Internship details

Remote Clinical Psychology interns assist in a private clinic or hospital setting gaining practical exposure to child and adult mental health, learning difficulties, emotional disturbances, substance abuse, geriatrics, and health psychology. Interns are guided and instructed by a highly established and experienced Clinical Psychologist.

This is a remote internship you can undertake virtually from home. Click here to view in-country Psychology internships, if you would prefer to intern abroad.

Clinical Psychology Remote Internships out of India

As a virtual Clinical Psychology intern, you will be provided with theoretical tasks and case studies to work on and discuss with your supervisor. The opportunity to focus on case studies may (subject to availability) be catered to fit a specific field of interest (e.g. addiction issues or other clinical psychology topics). Interns are provided scope to learn about diagnosis, disorders, and how various therapy methods may be proposed. The aim is also to integrate Indian cultural perspectives into the analysis of case studies.

Note that this remote internship can sometimes include live sessions with clients/professionals, to cover various highlighted areas of Clinical Psychology, training and mentoring programs. However, the ability to attend and observe any online counseling sessions always requires consent from the clients/patients. If consent is not granted, then a live session cannot be attended. However, remote interns may be provided access to recorded sessions, which patients have previously permitted for this educational purpose. Based on these recordings and case studies, your internship supervisor will practice diagnosis and intervention with you. You might also be offered mock sessions.

Remote interns will be asked to develop reports from any observations and have scope to suggest possible solutions to the problems observed. The supervisor usually provides such assignments at least weekly, unless alternative arrangements are agreed between the intern and supervisor.

Although remote internships have an element of flexibility (in that you will have some activities you’re able to complete in your own time) you’ll also need to ensure that your own time-zone can accommodate any live sessions, taking place in Indian business hours. If your time-zone and availability will be incompatible, you’re welcome to reach out to us to discuss alternative host-countries for your remote internship needs.

Clinical Psychology interns will be placed under the supervision of a clinical psychiatrist and a specialist in drug rehabilitation. His areas of experitise include general psychiatry, persons with suicide attempts, alcohol and drug addiction, and adolescent mental health.

Relevant supervisors hold the following degrees:

  1. MA in Clinical Psychology, PGDM in Career Development, Group Psychological Tests, Contemporary Psychotherapies, Psychopathology, Personality Psychology, Micro Counseling & Counseling techniques.
  2. PhD in Human Development and Family Studies, M.A. in Human Development and Family Counseling, Diploma in Counseling, Diploma in Criminal Psychology and MBA.

If you have academic requirements which stipulate the type of qualification your internship supervisor must have, please let us know in advance.

In all cases, interns should expect that the initial phase of their remote internship will focus on gaining some introductory knowledge. You may start by gaining an understanding or overview of what you can build upon, develop, learn, and contribute. Ensure that you ask questions and provide feedback during the introductory period, so that your supervisor understands how you’re progressing. This will help them to better understand important details, such as how quickly you learn, what you find challenging, what you find interesting, etc.

Understand and expect that individual internship experiences vary. Therefore, if you’re at a more introductory level, you should reasonably expect a more introductory internship. Likewise, if you’re interning for a shorter duration, you will have a different experience from someone who is interning for a longer duration. Placement preferences are considered but always subject to availability.

Career Benefits

Clinical Psychology interns learn from a qualified and experienced supervisor, and can be involved in:
  • Various assessments related to neurosis and psychosis and its application in child and adult mental health.

  • Observation of counselling to patients (if the patients consent).

  • Pre session research on the speaker and their organization.

  • Report writing.

  • Project work on topics provided by your Supervisor.

Professional development opportunities:
  • Develop your counselling skills

  • Recognize specific disorders and propose therapeutic interventions

  • Use case studies to understand the specific needs of patients

  • Work with supervisor to provide online diagnosis and counseling

  • Develop greater understanding of psychological theories

  • Gain practical skills and boost your employability, with guidance from Intern Abroad HQ’s Experiential Learning Curriculum to support your learning and cultural intelligence.

What recent interns said about their experience

Xinran Zhou
August 2023

The internship experience was a treasure trove of learning as it offered a profound and multifaceted experience that was deeply enriching both personally and professionally. It was a journey of discovery and empowerment. I was exposed to various counselling techniques, conversation styles, client issues and got a better understanding of concepts which enriched my personal growth and significantly empowered me to approach my career with more confidence to be successful in the field of psychology and counselling.

Elaine de Guzman
June 2023

The experience taught me how to be resilient, develop a positive mindset, and get out of my comfort zone. I now feel more empowered to have a growth mindset, know my strengths, develop them, but also learn from mistakes and be persistent in reaching my goals. Professionally, I am empowered to connect with others and interact with them in positive ways, connect and participate with professional organizations, and continue updating and developing my career.

Elaine de Guzman
June 2023

My participation in the remote internship helped me to put my best foot forward because I knew that I would be facing people from different cultures, and I was anxious about doing well in my internship. The experience taught me how to be resilient, develop a positive mindset, and go out of my comfort zone. It also helped me realize that I can overcome challenges and limitations that may hinder me from achieving my goal once I set my mind to it. People provided their support to me, and this made a lot of difference too.

Rin Tiyur
June 2023

My remote Clinical Psychology internship provided me invaluable exposure to diverse psychological practices and perspectives. I had the opportunity to engage in real-world sessions with individuals facing various psychological challenges. This hands-on experience allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge I had gained in my academic studies to actual clinical scenarios. I learned how cultural norms, traditions, contextual factors and social structures can impact a person's mental health and treatment-seeking behaviour. My mentor's guidance and expertise expanded my clinical skills, provided insights into the ethical considerations and best practices. Her mentorship has had a lasting impact. In summary, the internship allowed me to bridge the gap between theory and practice, gain cultural competence, and benefit from the guidance of an experienced mentor. I am grateful for the knowledge and skills I have gained.

Diego D'Incal
August 2022

I feel ready to enter the field of psychology after participating in this internship. I have gained so much insight into the process of counseling interviews and these are universal skills that I can apply in my future work. I was also able to expand my cultural intelligence as I met new people and learnt from experts with international experience. The most memorable moment was a career counseling session I was allowed to attend. There were remote interns from different parts of the world and it was a very multicultural environment. I attended so many theme-specific presentation sessions (from career counseling to psychotherapeutic interventions) by experts and this was very beneficial, as I gained new knowledge and interesting insights, which exceeded my expectations.

Samantha Borenstein
August 2022

This internship role exposed me to a wide range of mental health care professions and research topics that allow me to determine areas of potential interest for career opportunities. I shadowed an Indian clinical psychologist through her different sessions, counseling meetings, and appointments. I also attended talks as well as training sessions with different professionals in mental health related careers. I wrote reports about all of these meetings, asked questions to the professionals I met, and pursued relevant further research that I submitted to my advisor. I expanded my knowledge of cultural differences (and similarities), and investigated how profoundly the mental health of people in both India and the US was negatively impacted by COVID-19 as well as the lockdowns and the impact of those lockdowns. My most significant learning points were that improving someone’s life in a small way (even just offering a listening ear) can greatly affect the course of their life in a positive way and empowering them to improve their mental health and their situation in life.


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