Enhancing my cultural awareness on a Medical Internship in Spain, with Intern Abroad HQ.

With a strong interest in expanding her understanding of healthcare and the medical field abroad, before beginning medical school in the US, Cari decided to take a leap of faith and participate in an internship in Spain. Read on to learn how her internship contributed to her becoming a more well-rounded individual.

Why did you choose to do a Medical internship in Spain?

I wanted to participate in a health internship and gain some hands-on experience applicable to my current field of study. I plan to apply to medical school in the upcoming cycle to eventually become a practicing physician. I have learnt a lot about the medical field through my internship, and the specific applications within reproductive medicine which will help me achieve this goal!

How did this internship help you to develop, personally and professionally?

The internship experience helped me to grow in a lot of ways; it prepared me for a career in medicine through some experience in the field, as well as preparing me to become a well-rounded and competent medical professional. Having experience in the field in another country is truly invaluable, as it helped me to be able to assess the medical system more fairly and to be better equipped to handle a diverse range of patients. I learned about the paperwork aspect of medicine, and became more in-tune to approaches taken when working with patients.

Enhancing my cultural awareness on a Medical Internship in Spain, Intern Abroad HQ

How did your international internship provide more exposure to multiculturalism?

Multiculturalism was very evident in my internship placement. Although I interned at a clinic that primarily served patients in and around Spain, it also served Italian patients from afar. Several of the doctors and scientists at the clinic were Spanish or Italian, and the doctor that I interned with directly served several patients that lived in Italy. It was really neat to be in a clinic that served many different distinct cultural groups. I received a lot of support as the only American there, without being able to speak much Spanish. Despite the language barrier, I was met with a lot of kindness and understanding when it came to helping me engage in an effective learning environment. I spent some of my time in the laboratory attached to the clinic, where very few people spoke English. Despite this we were all able to work together so that I could continue to understand and learn.

Do you feel that this experience empowered you to become more successful within your field?

Yes! Through this internship, I feel empowered as a woman in STEM, and as an individual. I feel confident that I am able to tackle a task head-on and learn to overcome any challenges that I am met with. My favorite thing about interning and living abroad was meeting people from all over the world. I learned to really appreciate other cultures and to coexist with people from everywhere. It taught me a lot about myself as well.

Enhancing my cultural awareness on a Medical Internship in Spain, Intern Abroad HQ

What advice would you give to someone else who wants to do a Medical internship in Spain?

The best advice that I could give someone is to be patient. The changes that you experience when traveling to a new country, trying to adjust to the cultural customs and language is incredibly challenging. The best advice is to have reasonable expectations going into the internship. Make sure to realize that there will be challenges, and that it is okay to experience difficulties in adjusting.

What’s next for you, after having completed your internship?

I am starting a career at Pfizer and applying to medical school. I want to really work on myself personally. I’ve put so much time and energy into developing academically and professionally that I never really left time to figure out what I wanted personally. I think this experience has taught me the value in that and encourages me to prioritize that more than I have in the past.

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