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Looking to gain a unique insight into the justice system in another country? Why not collaborate behind the scenes with lawyers, attorneys and judges around the world on one of our Law & Human Rights Support Remote Internships! Seeking to enhance his personal and professional development, Anthony joined a remote Human Rights & NGO Support internship. Read on to learn what made Anthony’s internship the right choice.

Hi Anthony! What made you choose this remote internship?

I am in a phase of self-exploration, torn between the idea of becoming an English teacher abroad, or delving into the complex field of International Development. As I navigate through this journey, I thought an internship experience would provide me with essential insight into what my future role might resemble, particularly if I decided to venture into the human rights and International Development sector. I chose this remote internship in particular because of its global reach and commitment to making a difference in human rights. The remote aspect allowed me to collaborate with a diverse team and gain insights into international perspectives on pressing issues without having to travel abroad.

Tell us more about your internship role. What did it involve?

During my remote internship I was able to engage in diverse tasks that have a significant impact on my host organizations short-term and long-term objectives. Some of my central responsibilities included translating projects from Italian and Spanish into English, maintaining the accuracy of the English version of my organization’s website and building a comprehensive database of grant and funding opportunities, to aid work with impoverished indigenous communities.

What cultural differences did your remote internship expose you to?

Even though I was interning remotely, I had the opportunity to observe and adapt to various cultural differences which I found to be a unique and positive aspect of my experience. One notable difference was the working style and more casual approach of my supervisors compared to what I was accustomed to. I had imagined a fast-paced and demanding environment, but to my pleasant surprise, it was much more relaxed. This offered a refreshing perspective on work dynamics as I learnt to embrace the flexibility and openness within my workplace. Overall, my experience was enriched by these cultural differences, and I felt well-prepared to continue navigating them as my internship progressed.

What impact did the internship have on your career goals?

My internship played a crucial role in shaping my path towards achieving my long-term goals. I learnt about the operations of an international non-governmental organization (NGO), their various roles, and the responsibilities tied to these roles. This knowledge was instrumental in helping me envision my place within the framework of human rights and International Development. My internship not only guided me toward my long-term goals but also provided me with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in them.

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What were some of your greatest accomplishments?

Through this internship, I honed my skills in translation, funding allocation, international communication and developed a deeper understanding of indigenous communities and issues impacting communities throughout the world. I believe these skills, coupled with my passion for helping others, will make me a valuable asset to any team committed to making a positive impact on human rights issues.

One of my proudest accomplishments during the internship was helping allocate funding and translating projects into English from Italian and Spanish, which truly helped the organization. This experience taught me the importance of cultural competence and empathy, such as effective communication across cultures and the significance of grassroots efforts in fostering real change.

Overall, this internship has not only broadened my horizons but also equipped me with practical skills and a heightened sense of responsibility in advocating for those who need it most. I am eager to bring these experiences to a new opportunity where I can continue contributing to meaningful change and you can too!

Do you have advice for others who are considering an internship?

I appreciate the lessons learned and suggest that others embrace change and uniqueness with an open mind, as these can provide valuable experiences and insights. Adaptability and a willingness to learn from every facet of your journey can be as important, if not more so, than any advance preparation.

Having completed your remote internship experience, what’s next for you?

I envision several long-term actions to continue personal and professional growth. Professionally, I plan to pursue advanced language certifications to enhance my translation skills, ensuring a more comprehensive contribution to future projects.

Engaging in further studies related to human rights and international development will deepen my theoretical understanding of the field. Networking with professionals in similar roles and actively seeking mentorship opportunities will provide invaluable insights and guidance.

Overall, my post-program trajectory involves a holistic approach, combining continuous education, networking, and practical experience to advance both personally and professionally in the realm of human rights and NGOs.

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