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Get a unique look into the justice system in another country by working behind the scenes with lawyers, attorneys and judges around the world on this extraordinary virtual internship. Gain insight into legal and policy research, litigation, casework, evidence analysis and more.

Our remote internships are designed for students, graduates and young professionals who want to gain international law experience and develop their international relations portfolio.

With our flexible scheduling and remote placements, you’ll have the freedom to start your internship at any time with the flexibility of choosing your own working hours.

Explore our remote law and human rights support internships below and get started today!

Internships that make a differenceInternships that make a difference

Remote Internship Opportunities

Environmental Law Remote internships From Greece

Environmental Law  

Remote Internships out of Greece

Remote interns with a passion for environmental conservation have the unique opportunity to join a highly respected marine conservation NGO and work virtually alongside researchers on key protection issues, gaining exposure to real-world application of environmental law. Help to combat environmental crimes or develop environmental management and conservation strategies.

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Human Rights and Anti-Racism remote internships out of Israel

Human Rights & Anti-Racism  

Remote Internships out of Israel

Gain in-depth insight into the complexity of the political situation in Israel and Palestine, and assist with advocacy work for disadvantaged communities. Interns help local NGOs with political analysis and networking, and join communications and PR activities to raise awareness of discrimination issues.

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Human Rights & NGO Support Remote Internships out of Italy

Human Rights & NGO Support  

Remote Internships out of Italy

Virtual internships in NGOs provide the opportunity to learn about disadvantaged communities in Italy and how they are supported. Interns assist with education and fundraising for migrants, women and children. You can also conduct research that raises awareness of common issues for these communities and gain valuable advocacy experience.

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LGBT and Minority Rights Remote Internships out of Morocco

LGBT & Minority Rights  

Remote Internships out of Morocco

Contribute to the LGBT community and other minority support groups in Morocco. This online internship helps LGBT organizations by supporting abuse victims, raising awareness, contributing to social media campaigns and promoting human rights. Assist with online resources and websites to advocate for causes, inclusivity and support that makes a meaningful difference.

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Human rights internships in NGOs, Remote Internships out of Morocco

NGO Human Rights  

Remote Internships out of Morocco

This virtual human rights internship program gives you experience of working with NGOs in Morocco across a range of humanitarian issues. Interns support women's rights and assist migrants in disadvantaged communities, by helping with education, fundraising, contributing to websites that raise awareness, and by supporting local businesses.

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Refugee and Migrant Rights, Remote Internships out of Morocco

Refugee & Migrant Rights  

Remote Internships out of Morocco

Assist NGOs that provide education and support services to Moroccan migrants and refugees, many of whom have been intending to reach Europe through North Africa. Interns with a passion for human rights and international law will benefit from first-hand experience both understanding and assisting these minority-group communities.

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Human Rights Law Remote Internships out of South Africa

Human Rights Advocacy  

Remote Internships out of South Africa

Virtual internships in Human Rights Advocacy are based in a range of organizations supporting women, refugee groups and other disadvantaged communities. Interns help to research and produce resources that advance the causes of these communities within schools and to the wider public. Partner organizations aim to empower all people to understand and defend their human rights, creating accepting and inclusive societies.

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Legal Practice online internships out of Spain

Legal Practice  

Remote Internships out of Spain

Remote Legal Practice internships in Spain involve assisting local lawyers in all aspects of their legal work. Placements are available in a wide range of legal specialties, and internships are customized to suit your specific skills and interests. Interns support legal professionals in their daily work, gaining exposure to real-world application of the law in Spain.

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Remote Legal Advocacy & Education Internships out of Tanzania

Legal Advocacy & Rights Education  

Remote Internships out of Tanzania

Based with legal advocacy firms in Tanzania, interns gain real-world experience assisting a multi-functional team of lawyers that specialize in advocating for disadvantaged people and communities. Interns assist with trial preparation, providing legal advice and helping locals navigate their own legal issues.

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Remote Legal Support for Human Rights Advocacy internships out of Tanzania

Legal Support for Human Rights Advocacy  

Remote Internships out of Tanzania

This online law internship out of Tanzania helps NGOs to provide pro bono assistance to vulnerable people in human rights, discrimination, anti-corruption and gender equality issues. There is a wide range of specialization possible, including criminal law, civil law, marriage law, commercial law, labour & employment law, or inheritance law.

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All Intern Abroad HQ programs include a guided reflection course, which combines personal development with professional competency building. Interns receive weekly reflection modules to complete during their program, which foster the acquisition of essential soft skills for employability and a resilient career. Each reflective journaling task introduces a new topic, presents learning objectives, and provides specific prompts that inspire and guide the learning process.

Intern Abroad HQ does not award grades for the completion of our internship programs, but interns can be supported to independently arrange academic credit through their home educational provider. Upon completion of the internship duration and reflection course, interns receive a portfolio as documentation of their experience. This includes a certificate of internship completion, alongside a summary of the internship goals, skill development, highlights, and a compilation of the reflection work.