Internships abroad in New Zealand, Intern Abroad HQ

Looking for a unique internship opportunity down-under? Gain relevant and practical international career experience in New Zealand! Intern Abroad HQ provides internships in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city and transport hub. Whether you’re keen to explore the attractions of the beautiful harbor city, or looking to take advantage of easy-access to other parts of the country, there are many reasons why New Zealand is the perfect destination for your internship abroad.

Internships in New Zealand are available within the following fields:

Interns can choose a minimum internship duration of 12 weeks, up to 24 weeks. Start dates are available year-round, so get planning today and let us take care of connecting you with a network of awesome host organizations!

What are the highlights of living in Auckland?

Auckland has been named the world’s most livable cities - it is rich in diversity, has a friendly culture, and there are always lots of things to see and do!

Known as the “city of sails”, Auckland has a spectacular waterfront, magnificent skyline, and access to more beaches than you’d imagine. It’s one of the few cities in the world with harbors overlooking different bodies of water, being situated between both the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Our great lifestyle is one of the main reasons people are drawn to New Zealand. The culture values a “work hard, play hard, great outdoors” lifestyle. Whether spending time at the beach or hiking for fresh air, joining a social sports team, or making the most of the dining, coffee, and entertainment culture, you’ll never run out of things to keep you busy.

Internships abroad in New Zealand, Intern Abroad HQ

When is the best time of the year to intern in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a perfect destination to intern year-round! Both the summers and winters are typically moderate. In Auckland, where the internship program is based, the summers are comfortable (from late December through late March) and the winters are cold and wet. The average daily high temperature throughout the summer is between 59°F and 75°F (15°C and 24°C). In the winter, it’s between 46°F and 60°F (8°C and 16°C).

Summer, or winter, rain or shine, you’ll be able to sample fresh local produce and world-class wine at one of many food and wine festivals or tasteful craft beer creations at beer events year round. Share the thrill of being in the audience of a major sport event or take part in a race yourself. Experience New Zealand’s native culture and thriving arts scene or enjoy an outdoor music festival set against a beautiful backdrop.

Internships abroad in New Zealand, Intern Abroad HQ

Do I need a visa for an internship in New Zealand?

All intern abroad participants are solely responsible for taking care of their own travel costs and logistics - including ensuring you meet and abide by a country’s entry requirements.

Passport holders of a visa waiver country or territory may visit New Zealand for up to 3 months (or up to 6 months, if you are a British citizen). Prospective interns can review the Immigration New Zealand website to check if they’re from a visa waiver country or territory, and coming to New Zealand for a short period. If eligible, it’s necessary to hold an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority). These must be obtained in advance of travel and can be obtained online, for a small fee.

The minimum duration requirement for internships in New Zealand is 12 weeks. If you wish to intern in New Zealand for any longer than 12 weeks, you will need to ensure you can first obtain an NZ Working Holiday Visa. You would need to independently apply for and obtain this, since Intern Abroad HQ does not become involved in any visa application processes.

Internships abroad in New Zealand, Intern Abroad HQ

In Auckland, internships are available within the fields of Business Administration, Environmental Science, Event Management & PR, Graphic Design, Marketing & Communications, Social Work, and Tourism & Hospitality.

New Zealand is famous for its spectacular natural beauty and so it is no surprise that interns who are passionate about environmental conservation are attracted to our Environmental Science internships.

Our Social Work internships are also quite popular, where students and young professionals gain scope to collaborate with a range of companies or NGOs. These may focus on special needs, disabilities, hospice, elderly care, youth centers, women’s wellness, etc. Bi-culturalism is a unique feature of New Zealand social work practice, so these experiences are great for enhancing cultural intelligence.

Of course, there are also numerous opportunities for interns wishing to focus on business, marketing, events, sales, tourism, hospitality and other industries. Applicants are welcome to state their preferences!

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How are internships in Auckland assigned?

Interns are always provided a placement - within the scope of their chosen field - following a customized process. There are a large number of potential host organizations and companies available throughout the city of Auckland. When matches are made for interns, we always consider a range of personal variables, such as:

  • Your chosen internship start date and duration
  • Your relevant skills, experiences, and studies and preferences
  • The most appropriate match possible, subject to availability

This matching process begins for all interns, once they have first confirmed their participation. At this stage, we require a copy of your resume and a cover letter to begin!

Internships abroad in New Zealand, Intern Abroad HQ

How much spending money is needed?

The internship Program Fee covers Auckland airport pickup and accommodation. You’ll need to budget personal spending money for meals, public transport, tourism activities, personal expenses, and return transport to the airport.

The accommodation includes kitchen facilities, so we recommend interns prepare their own meals and snacks. A recommended food budget of US$100 - US$150 should be sufficient for groceries but you’d need to budget more if you plan to eat out frequently. Buying coffees all the time will add up!

It’s wise to research tourism activities in advance to get an idea of what you’d like to do and how much you need to earmark for this – for example, a trip to Hobbiton or a weekend ski trip will cost more than a hike or relaxing on a beach.

Internships abroad in New Zealand, Intern Abroad HQ

How can interns spend their weekends in Auckland?

There is no shortage of attractions and natural landmarks to check out in Auckland, as well as ongoing arts, sporting, cultural and entertainment events.

  • Sports enthusiasts can surf, sail, swim, cycle, hike, and climb, while also finding lots of local sports games to watch in action. You’re always near a fantastic beach in Auckland.

  • The Auckland Civic Theatre and Auckland Town Hall often host events and performances to enjoy and the Aotea Square is typically home to various festivals throughout the year.

  • The city’s main venues for sporting events and concerts include Eden Park, Mt Smart Stadium, and the Spark Arena.

  • If you want to check out some cultural exhibits, you can visit Auckland War Memorial Museum, MOTAT, Auckland Art Gallery, and New Zealand Maritime Museum.

  • Get the best view of the city from the Sky Tower.

  • Visit the Rainbow’s End amusement park, for a fun weekend activity.

  • A little further afield, you can visit Waiheke Island. Scheduled ferry services operate from Downtown Auckland and the trip takes approximately 40 minutes (one way). Waiheke Island is known for its warm climate, scenic beaches, art galleries, and many wineries.

Internships abroad in New Zealand, Intern Abroad HQ

What should I do for transportation in Auckland?

Auckland is an accessible city - there is good infrastructure for roads, footpaths, cycling, parking and public transport. During your internship orientation, you’ll be introduced to the route you need to take to get to your placement. It’s possible to travel by train, bus or ferry throughout Auckland and its surroundings.

There are regular routes to most major attractions, as well as main shopping, dining and entertainment hubs. Information about transportation in the city is widely available and the internship accommodation is selected to ensure you’re close to public transportation routes, as well as other convenient sites.

What is the accommodation like for interns?

All interns are accommodated in student apartments within or near the city. The central location is ideal for commuting. Interns can expect to have their own private room and bedding is provided. The apartment can be co-inhabited with up to two other international students / interns, so the kitchen and living room are shared spaces. (The typical apartment size is three bedrooms, with a maximum of one guest per room).

If you want to participate in the program alongside friends, this is no problem - arrangements can be made to ensure you’re accommodated together.

Internships abroad in New Zealand, Intern Abroad HQ

What attributes are important for interns?

Interns in New Zealand are recommended to be open, curious, adaptable and have a positive mindset. Despite a laid back culture, professionalism, effort and initiative are still considered to be important values within the workplace. Politeness, punctuality, proactiveness and humility are highly regarded.

Come with a spirit of adventure and willingness to learn new things from others. The best way to make an impact is to ask yourself what specific skills and talents you can offer, and apply these here in New Zealand!

Internships abroad in New Zealand, Intern Abroad HQ

​​I’m ready! How can I start planning my internship in New Zealand?

Found your ideal opportunity yet? Check out our amazing range of internship opportunities offered out of Auckland, New Zealand!

Submit your interest via our online application form (for free). We’ll review your application to confirm you’re a good match for your chosen internship program and that there is availability for the dates you’ve requested. We can then accept you into the program.

Once you’re accepted, you can reserve your place by paying a deposit of $499 USD. This confirmation allows us to reserve your desired internship dates while we arrange your placement and customize your internship. Then let the adventure begin!